30 years of Shiloh Christian Football – Decade 1 1989-1998 The maiden football season for the 1-A West 1989 Saints football team set the standard by which all future teams would follow. The team set the state record for most victories in a season by a first-year program by winning 4 games and began a long tradition of setting state records. These young men exhibited great character and established Shiloh as an up and coming football program. With humble beginnings, the team wore borrowed jerseys and pads and practiced at Tyson Complex on a baseball field. They played in the outfield, and after the team scored a touchdown, the parents would run out and hold up a portable PVC pipe goal post for the field goal. In their third season, they earned their first conference championship. In 1991, the Saints went 10-2 capturing the first playoff tory ever. Shiloh built their own stadium in 1994, naming it “The Field of Champions.” They won their first game there (18-6) versus long-time rival, Greenland. For the next 10 years, the Saints had an 83% winning record at home. They won their next conference championship in 1995, going undefeated in the regular season and ending the season with a 12-1 record. This was the farthest any team had advanced in Shiloh’s history. Tori Bradley set a record with 1,875 rushing yards and Shane Williams was the state’s all-time leader in touchdown catches during this monumental season. In 1996, a young Gus Malzahn was named the new head coach and the team transitioned from a 14 5TH GRADE MUSICAL 12 SHILOH FOOTBALL

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