BONEWERKS Demi glace sauces and sous vide entrées Culinary perfection. Every chef knows it’s in the details. A true epicurean experience might take hours or days to prepare. Bonewerks offers a smart alternative to the arduous process of making reduced stock foundations for your sauce recipes. They have created a line of premium glace, demi-glace and fully prepared, ovenseared sous vide entrées. The classical preparation of Bonewerks’ products means you’ll save time without sacrificing the excellence of your signature creations. Bonewerks’ chefs work 24/6, using only the finest ingredients and open kettles for every preparation. Simmering, skimming, reducing— they do all of this to create consistent quality foundations. They have removed the most time-consuming step, so you can focus your efforts on perfecting signature sauces and entrées. DEMI GLACE DE VEAU CLASSIC Prepared with fresh roasted veal bones, fresh mire poix and herbs. It is simmered, reduced, thickened and seasoned. This economical, ready-to-serve veal demi glace sauce is gluten free and dairy free, and it can be turned into a signature small sauce by simply adding an ingredient such as horseradish, mushrooms or peppercorns. Gluten-free. DEMI GLACE DE POULET CLASSIC Fresh, roasted chicken bones with our mire poix and herbs. Simmered, reduced, thickened, and seasoned. This gluten-free, dairy-free and great for all chicken and poultry applications. This chicken demi glace sauce is ready to use as is or as an ingredient in your recipes. Gluten-free. 94 GOURMET PROVISIONS KEY: = SUSTAINABLE = LOCAL = USA

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