REDCAMPER PICNIC SUPPLY Colorado gourmet preserves RedCamper Picnic Supply, based in Denver, Colorado, has been making preserves and mostardas for discriminating food affectionados for 15+ years. Every jar we make is filled with the freshest fruit and a perfect spice & spirit pairing. Starting from raw fruits and spices, we hand chop, zest, juice and grind ingredients in small-batch handcrafted tradition. Locality in ingredients, fair trade spices, sustainability and naturally grown fruits are our baseline. We work directly with local farms for many of our flavors and consider our suppliers true partners in creating a superior taste. We love summer here at RedCamper Picnic Supply. We do everything we can to bottle up every ray of sunshine for year round consumption. Our line of Deliciousness, a premier cheese accompaniment, is a result of over a decade of home preserving, a county fair blue ribbon, and a lifetime of appreciation for small farms and roadside picnics. • Inspired flavors • Versatile usage • Focused on superior quality Saucier than a traditional jam, Deliciousness is the perfect cheese pairing preserve but don’t stop there. Pour it on your pancakes, glaze your meat or veggies, culture up your yogurt, juice up your ice cream or, shake up a cocktail. Or, eat it with a spoon straight out of the jar. We won’t judge. 92 GOURMET PROVISIONS KEY: = SUSTAINABLE = LOCAL = USA

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