COLAVITA FOODSERVICE USA Olive oil A long time ago in the quaint hilltop village of Sant’Elia a Pianisi, located in the Molise region of Italy, two small family businesses were born. One family operated a stone mill for crushing homegrown olives used to produce fine extra virgin olive oil. The other family gathered the durum wheat harvest, milled the wheat into semolina grain and ultimately produced fresh pasta for the local market. Over time, both families became experts at their trade, passing their knowledge to the next generation, who in turn did the same. The two families had much in common not only in perfecting time-honored production methods, but also in name. They were both Colavita families. Today, the Colavita Olive Oil and Colavita Pasta companies are still family-owned and operating in the same town of their ancestors. Giovanni Colavita, current CEO of Colavita USA and the son of Leonardo Colavita, has continued the traditions of the trusted family brand, maintaining Colavita as one of the few family owned international brands in the olive oil sector. Alongside their Italy locations, the Colavita family proudly operates out of their USA headquarters in Edison, NJ and Dixon, CA. Our olives are harvested at the point of maturity and pressed immediately afterward. We are constantly testing all our products, guaranteeing that only the best ends up on your table. 88 GOURMET PROVISIONS KEY: = SUSTAINABLE = LOCAL = USA

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