MILLER POULTRY Humanely raised chicken Miller Poultry is a small, family-owned company located in Northern Indiana. At our farm, we put great care into humanely raising hormone and antibiotic free chicken, cared for in smaller flocks by Amish families from the local community. The birds are raised inside naturally ventilated, curtain-sided houses and are free to roam on open floors. They are fed an allvegetable, drug free diet and are hormone and antibiotic free. Miller Poultry Chicken is always fresh and never frozen, especially tender, and has no artificial colors. It is all packed and weighed by hand, ensuring that no chicken ever leaves the farm without first meeting Miller’s strict quality standards. Our goal is to provide a perfect product in a perfect package in perfect condition every single time. We are driven to do the absolute best we can for you and encourage your comments to help us achieve our goal. Quick Miller Chicken Facts: • All-natural • Fresh, never frozen • No added hormones or antibiotics • No artificial colors • State of the art processing, still hand packed and weighed "When we decided to source chicken for Chook, it came down to my relationship with Seattle Fish and the trust that has been built over time. Seattle puts careful thought and consideration into the seafood they have been sourcing forever, so why wouldn’t they do the same thing with chicken?” —Alex Seidel, Fruition, Mercantile Dining & Provisions SEE INDEX IN BACK OF CATALOG FOR FULL PRODUCT LISTING SEATTLEFISH.COM • 303-329-9595 MEAT 83

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