Introducing Seattle Fish Co.Products You may already know and love our Seattle Fish Co. branded scallops, or the tangy cocktail sauce we released in collaboration with The Real Dill. What if we told you we have an entirely new line of products so delicious, and so highquality, we’re willing to literally put our name on them? We’re excited to introduce you to our growing Seattle Fish Co. label line. Over the next several years we’ll be expanding our private label offerings, adding items like gourmet smoked salmon spreads and southwest shrimp empanadas. These items are made in partnership with our vendors, and use fresh, highquality ingredients. Above all, we’re confident they will deliver a consistent, delicious experience every time you prepare and feed them to your customers or your family. Read on to find out more about the new products we will start releasing beginning in June 2019. seattlefish.com | @seattlefishco | 303-329-9595

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