ROCKING W CHEESE Colorado cow's milk cheese We are a family owned 6-generation Colorado family that makes Artisanal or Farmstead cheeses. Our cheese is handmade in small quantities, these cheeses are made with fresh high-quality milk from the on-site dairy herd. The Webb family operates the dairy, farm and cheese factory in Olathe, Colorado. As a "Grade A" producer and processor of milk, we proudly assure you that all production and processing steps are performed with food safety and quality in mind. JALAPEÑO JACK Using fresh Artisan milk from our own dairy cows to make Monterey Jack cheese, our Jalapeño Jack is a mild to moderate "heat”, made from green jalapeños, our tempering being done in the cooking process. This cheese has a savory bite and is quite complimentary from cut cheese to grilled cheese sandwiches. SUNSET CHEDDAR Our signature cheese is a combination of our mild white and mild yellow cheddars together, making this cheese look like a western Colorado sunset. 76 CHEESE KEY: = SUSTAINABLE = LOCAL = USA

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