FRUITION FARMS DAIRY & CREAMERY Colorado sheep's milk cheese In November of 2009, we ventured out to New York’s Hudson Valley to attend the Dairy Sheep Association of North America’s annual symposium. Regardless of having zero experience in raising sheep or making cheese, we returned with the desire to create Colorado’s first Artisanal Sheep Dairy and Creamery. In September 2010, less than a year later, we welcomed our flock of 40 milking ewes and one ram and cheese making began three days later. The adventure has only continued from there. On Christmas Eve of 2010, our first lambing season unexpectedly began. Since then, Fruition Farms Dairy & Creamery has grown to include three distinct sheep’s milk cheeses, all of which highlight a different characteristic of the wonderfully rich milk from which they are made. Through all the challenges, failures, and the success of receiving our first cheese award, we have been fueled to continue on our path of learning and the development of our craft. In May of 2009, Alex Seidel purchased a 10-acre farm just south of Denver in Larkspur, Colorado. Seidel’s vision was to create a learning center with a sustainable relationship between farm and restaurant. In November 2009, the vision began to grow. Former Fruition Restaurant Sous Chef, Jimmy Warren, joined the “Farm” which helped to solidify the foundation and direction that has taught many in the community and local restaurants the fundamentals of farming produce, animal husbandry, and the creation of artisanal products. RICOTTA It has a fluffy, large, soft curd that will have you thinking of spring lambs and pasture grass when you taste it. Our favorite ways to pair our ricotta (that is, when we aren’t just taking a spoon to it) is with a little housemade jam, stone fruits or honey on the sweet side. With savory pairings, it is excellent in pasta or on freshly baked breads like focaccia. CACIO PECORA Cacio Pecora’s make has evolved into the use of a 100 gallon make tank and 600 square feet of temperature and humidity-controlled caves where it ages in ideal conditions for up to 18 months. Don’t you love it when chef’s play? This two-day brined, raw milk cheese has a lot of goodness going on with nutty, floral and grassy notes. It has a beautiful, smooth natural rind and is fantastic in risotto, pasta, eggs and fondue. We also like it over salads and potatoes or encrusted onto poultry and meat. SHEPHERD’S HALO Each day, a portion of the morning’s milk was taken to enrich a cup of coffee, bowl of cereal or simply enjoyed on its own. The so-called “Shepherd’s Share” is what was used to make our Shepherd’s Halo cheese. We make it by adding a special recipe of cultures and some rennet to the whole sheep’s milk after gently pasteurizing. The Halo wheels get a light 4-hour brining and are aged for 21 days. The resulting texture is angelic. Its bloomy white rind envelopes a silky, buttery halo of a cream line and a firm, creamy paste center. It is both salty and sweet with mild acidity. Don’t think this graceful cheese withers against sturdy pairings. It goes beautifully with chutneys or preserves and is both wine and beer friendly. For the full texture experience, enjoy this one on your cheese plate with nuts and crackers for a bit of contrasting crunch. We love it spread on a crusty baguette with nice ham. SEE INDEX IN BACK OF CATALOG FOR FULL PRODUCT LISTING SEATTLEFISH.COM • 303-329-9595 CHEESE 73

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