HEMME BROTHERS Cows milk In 2016, we opened the doors of Hemme Brothers Creamery to make handcrafted cheese. But each day on our farm in Sweet Springs, Missouri, we do much more than that. First, we grow flavorful grass, hay and grains. Then we feed them to our dairy cows, who produce milk that is high in protein and butterfat. Finally, we use old-world techniques to turn that milk into a variety of products our family is proud to serve. From our family farm to your family table: GERMAN QUARK A fresh, tangy and wonderfully creamy spreadable table cheese. Our award-winning Quark makes the perfect partner for any cracker and excellent addition to your next picnic or cocktail party. CURDS Our squeaky-fresh curds come in a wide variety of flavors like Jalapeño Habanero, Applewood Smoked, our award-winning Garlic Dill and more. SMOKED CHEDDAR There may not be a cheese category at the American Royal, but our buttery cheddar is smoked with the same fruitwood that BBQ pros use for their ribs and brisket. AGED CHEDDAR Our Brother’s Keeper and Brother’s Keeper Reserve aged cheddars are made to stand out on any cheese plate. Taste hints of melted butter and toasted nuts, plus a little crystalline crunch that is the unique result of our traditional aging process. SEE INDEX IN BACK OF CATALOG FOR FULL PRODUCT LISTING SEATTLEFISH.COM • 303-329-9595 CHEESE 71

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