MING HONG INTERNATIONAL Asian products Tokyo Nori USA is a specialist supplier of Sushi Grade seafood and Asian Fusion cuisine products. By focusing on top of the line products, quality assurance and consistent improvement, we have become a leading importer, manufacturer and wholesaler in the U.S. It was not long ago that a sushi chef’s daily routine included waking up at 5 a.m. to visit the local fish market for fresh fish, while fresh sashimi was a treat reserved for coastal cities. Thanks to the advances in IQF freezing technology, fresh catch can now be flash-frozen fresh out of the ocean, and delivered to locations thousands of miles away while maintaining its exquisite flavor. Our sushi grade frozen fish meets the requirements of top sushi chefs in texture, color and food safety. We offer a full line of sushi grade seafood products. • Expert selected • Advanced IQF freezing technology • HACCP Certified PACIFIC PARADISE FOODS, INC. Tempura Shrimp Pacific Paradise Foods, Inc. was established in 2005 and became a leading importer of Asian-inspired products. • Sustainable products • Reliable inventories Tempura Shrimp, one of our most popular products, is the perfect appetizer for any cuisine. • Chef-ready to save time and labor • Crisp & crunchy finish • Pre-fried and oven ready 60 ASIAN KEY: = SUSTAINABLE = LOCAL = USA

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