THE SANTA BARBARA SMOKEHOUSE Smoked salmon The Santa Barbara Smokehouse is one of the few smokehouses left in the world that still smokes salmon in a traditional open-fire smokehouse. Unlike most modern-day smokers who use woodchips to produce smoke, we burn real aged oak logs. Our emphasis is on tradition and craft, rather than mass production. We follow time honored techniques and secret family recipes that allow us to acquire a level of quality and taste paralleled by none. At the Santa Barbara Smokehouse, we purchase what we consider a perfect balance of sustainably farmed, and wild salmon. CAMBRIDGE HOUSE PRIVATE RESERVE® ROPE HUNG Sustainable fresh Atlantic salmon is hung by rope in our traditional brick smoking kiln that is smoked up to 36 hours and naturally air dried with no electrics whatsoever. Sliced ultra thin, reminiscent of hand slicing, and interleaved between each slice. CAMBRIDGE HOUSE® Cambridge House® by The Santa Barbara Smokehouse® uses only the highest quality Atlantic salmon. Fresh fillets are hand-cured with our proprietary blend of Pacific sea salt and brown sugar and artfully smoked in our open-fire smoker. Specially selected woods and herbs give each product its distinctive, signature flavor. These fine, smoked salmon delicacies are all natural and ready to eat, with no artificial preservatives. 56 SMOKED FISH KEY: = SUSTAINABLE = LOCAL = USA

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