MARINELLI SHELLFISH CO. Oysters Marinelli Shellfish is a marketing and distribution company specializing in farm raised oysters, mussels, and clams. Established in 1982, we now hold an interest in a shellfish hatchery, operate from three regionally distinct offices, and provide some of the world’s finest, sustainably farmed shellfish to some of the world’s finest eateries and distributors. Our Seattle facility serves as our operational headquarters and ships to nearly every corner of the continental United States, in addition to many destinations within SE Asia. As the office at the source of most of our product line, we have taken advantage of the bounty that the region has to offer and can provide live, fresh, and frozen seafood of all types from the Pacific Northwest • Employee owned • Distribution offices in Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles • National and international distribution network NISBET OYSTER CO., INC. Oysters Nisbet Oyster Co., Inc. is a privately held Washington State seafood farm and processing company located on the Willapa Bay, trading under the Goose Point Oysters brand since 1975. As a vertically integrated oyster hatchery, farm and processor, we’re very fortunate to sustainably grow and harvest our own oysters year-round. We produce and process hand-shucked oyster meat, live and frozen in-shell Goose Point™ oysters, BlueSeals™, our naturally pre-shucked High Pressure Pasteurization oysters, Oyster Shooters™, and Steamers in 5™ clams. Our pristine growing waters, SQF certified and inspected processing facility, and novel processes mean that all our products achieve the highest levels of safety and quality. 42 SHELLFISH & MORE KEY: = SUSTAINABLE = LOCAL = USA

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