What Makes Us Different For more than 100 years, Seattle Fish Co. has been dedicated to serving those who serve others. It all began back in 1918, when our founder, Mose Iacino, first saw the opportunity to bring fresh seafood to landlocked Colorado. Hand-selected fresh fish from the Seattle markets was carefully packed in sawdust and ice, then shipped to Denver by railcar - replenishing the ice at each stop along the way. Then, from Union Station, he tirelessly pushed a cart around downtown, brining sought-after fish and oysters to Denver chefs, markets and restaurants. The core values that Mose instilled in his budding company back then still drive us today. They are what we stand for, what we believe in – and they’re reflected every day in the work we do, the people we employ, and the businesses we serve. Quality and customer service are paramount – we take pride in every product we offer, and partner closely with you to anticipate your needs and help deliver exceptional experiences to your customers daily. family first and company second. Every day our diverse, engaged and high-performing staff work together toward common goals. They learn from one another, and treat each other with respect. The people we draw to us are people who believe – in themselves, in our customers, and in our work. We’re passionate about giving back. We believe it’s our responsibility - through outreach, fundraising and volunteering with nonprofits – to make a positive and lasting impact on the community we love and that has supported us since day one. What underpins all these values – and really sets us apart – is our holistic dedication to sustainability. Since its inception, Seattle Fish Co. has devoted itself to sustainable, big-picture best practices – from responsible sourcing to 24/7 handling, to reducing waste and energy use at every opportunity, and striving to educate and inform our employees, our customers and the public on why we do what we do. We are a SEATTLE FISH COMPANY SEAFOOD SEATTLEFISH.COM • 303-329-9595

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