AMERIPURE OYSTER COMPANY Oysters AmeriPure was founded in South Louisiana in 1995. Our oysters are harvested in the clean Gulf waters of Louisiana and Texas. Known for our pasteurized oysters that makes enjoying oysters both safe and delicious year round, we use an all-natural, patented water bath process to clean the oyster and remove potentially harmful Vibrio bacteria. The oyster shells are never opened, so we preserve the sweet-salty flavor and natural juices until the oysters are hand-shucked. We also offer Louisiana Fats—unprocessed, plump, juicy raw oysters straight from the Gulf. Harvested for quality, the Louisiana Fats are held to the highest standard. • Fresh AmeriPure pasteurized oysters in-shell and shucked meats, available year-round • 100% yield with a superior shelf life • Wild-caught live oysters in mini-sack (35 lb.) and box (40 lb.) BLUE STAR FOODS CORP. Crabmeat Blue Star Foods sells premium quality, responsibly sourced crab meat. Our crab meat is better because we only use fresh live crabs that are expertly cooked. We sell our premium quality crab meat in both cans as well as our patented pouches. Blue Star Foods proudly works to improve oceans & fishing communities. • Premium quality • Responsibly sourced • Wild caught and ready to eat • Hand picked 36 SHELLFISH & MORE KEY: = SUSTAINABLE = LOCAL = USA

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