BLUE OCEAN MARICULTURE Hawaiian Kanpachi Hawaiian Kanpachi is produced by Blue Ocean Mariculture, a small, family-owned operation with longstanding roots in Hawaii. Having the best sustainable and environmentally responsible practices in mariculture is a top priority for us. All of our production begins with fertilized eggs from brood fish caught by local fishermen in Hawaii, which means we’re not putting pressure on wild fish populations. The eggs are grown in our hatchery, then transferred to our state-of-the-art floating netpens in the open ocean. Having deep waters and strong currents off the coast means that our pens are located in high-energy waters just offshore, Blue Ocean Mariculture is America’s only off shore, open ocean aquaculture operation Superior, natural, traceable genetics: we operate our own broodstock program and every fish we rear originates from a wild Kanpachi brood fish, harvested sustainably each fall off the coast of Kona When young, the distinctive bands centered over the eyes look similar to the Japanese symbol for the number 8 (“pachi”), giving the fish its name “kan pachi” or “center eight”. Product: • Hawaiian Kanpachi is the premier member of the Amberjack family, also known as Yellow Fin or Kingfish • Soft, translucent pink meat color • Mild, clean flavor with little after taste • Firm, crisp texture • Excellent cooked/center of the plate: should be cooked medium well, it’s a very forgiving fish for the chef. Oil content makes it hard to overcook 34 FINFISH KEY: = SUSTAINABLE = LOCAL = USA

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