RIVERENCE Idaho red trout Riverence is a spring water steelhead producer based in Twin Falls, Idaho. The farms began with a lifelong fisherman’s desire to decrease the pressure on wild salmon & trout. Today, we raise our native trout species in their native waters, hatched from our own high pedigree, fully traceable eggs. With 8 farm locations along the Snake River in Idaho’s Magic Valley, our fish swim in pure spring water from the Rocky Mountains — the perfect environment for Riverence steelhead to thrive in. They are fed a premium steelhead diet, sourced as locally as possible, from certified ingredient sources. We then harvest our steelhead at trout sizes, and hand-trim each fish into pinbonefree, pre-portioned whole fillets within 1 hour of coming out of the water. The result is a treasure of our American heritage, provided with care to discerning chefs. Riverence spring water steelhead are as fresh and clean as you can get. Our steelhead have a mild taste that chefs are raving about. James Beard Award-winning chef, Andrew Zimmern, recently tweeted: “I am eager to tell you that Riverence was the best farmed trout I’ve ever tasted. Indistinguishable from the best of the wild trout I’ve ever had. Superb texture and flavor.” Incredible taste, and much more… • No genetic engineering, growth hormones, or preventative antibiotics • No bycatch, escapes, or microplastics • 62x less mercury than the FDA’s permissible specification • High in Omega-3’s, rich in Astaxanthin • High-grade, certified feed ingredients • Fresh, hand-trimmed fillets ready to cook, 4-6 oz, 6-8 oz, and 8-10 oz. • We also sell Riverence hot-smoked steelhead fillets, smoked trout dips, and jerky products. SEE INDEX IN BACK OF CATALOG FOR FULL PRODUCT LISTING SEATTLEFISH.COM • 303-329-9595 FINFISH 27

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