A LETTER FROM THE CEO: Over the past century, Seattle Fish Company has expanded our dedication to health, environment, community and quality. We have been guided by an overarching principle and purpose: we sustainably feed people. This phrase - we sustainably feed people - is much more than a tagline. It imparts strength and clarity as we look to the future. It helps define how Seattle Fish Company will conduct ourselves, who we will be, and how we will operate. It allows us to make informed decisions on the people we hire, the product we carry and the partnerships we form. It means that we’re continually improving the way we source, ship and deliver our products. Reducing our carbon footprint by combining routes, increasing our use of recyclable materials, decreasing our energy and water usage and partnering with vendors who take the time to make, grow and harvest food the right way. After all, if we do not operate in this way - we’re not really acting sustainably, are we? It’s our goal to be more than your purveyor. We hope to be your partner - one you can come to with questions, concerns and ideas. Above all, we hope to be someone you trust. When you feed your customers and your family, we want you to feel good about what they’re eating because not only does it taste delicious, but it was consciously selected and sourced because it met our high standards. Our deep roots and strong relationships in the communities we serve mean the world to us, and we look forward to - with your help - continuing to sustainably feed people for generations to come. Thank you for your continued partnership. Sincerely, James Iacino CEO, Seattle Fish Company

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