Stone Coated Steel Roof Tiles

Welcome to the world of Terrabella, an innovative stone coated steel roofing system engineered for aesthetics and protection from the elements for years to come.

Terrabella practices new world technology while embracing old world design.

Terrabella Verona Verona Tile offers the timeless style and architectural detail of clay tile without the excessive weight.

Terrabella Classic Terrabella Classic has a traditional low profile tile appearance, complimented by barrel cap accessories.

Terrabella Shingle The 7” exposure of the Terrabella Shingle offers the character of wood shingles, but won’t split, rot or burn, providing a long-lasting roofing solution.

Terrabella Shake The Terrabella Shake is designed to revive the rustic aesthetics of the traditional cedar shake.

Terrabella Shingle Znap Terrabella Shingle Znap offers a 7” exposure with a rustic appearance, along with an easy application and concealed fastening system.

Terrabella Shake Znap Terrabella Shake Znap has the natural warmth of a cedar shake roof with the lasting qualities of steel, and our easy to install Znap concealed fastening system.

Terrabella Stone Coated Steel Tiles the Best Choice for your roofing project. ‣ Terrabella Tiles are manufactured using only North American Steel. ‣ Steel is the most recycled material today. ‣ 80 tons of steel are recycled in North America each year. Terrabella offers a complete range of stone coated accessories for all our tile profiles, to ensure a perfectly integrated installation. Terrabella Features and Benefits • Backed by a 50 Year Limited Warranty. • The Warranty is easily transferable. • The highest hail impact rating for roofing; UL2218 Class 4. • The Warranty includes coverage in the event of damage caused by hail. • Reduced hail insurance costs in most regions, check with your local provider. • Warranty covers wind up-lift, tested up to 120 mph, or 193 km/h wind velocity. • Class A fire rating, UL790. • Lightweight (117-140 lbs/square), no need for truss re-enforcement. • The system provides shear strength offering added security for earthquake prone regions. • Will not crack, break, burn, split or rot. Terrabella Layers of Protection UV Protection Clear Coat Ceramic Coated Stone Chips Patented Resin UV Resistant Primer Acrylic Zinc AZ-50 Galvalume Coating 26 Gauge Base Steel AZ-50 Galvalume Coating Primer Acrylic Coat • Noise reduction; the stone coating significantly reduces the sound of heavy rainfall. • Thermal barrier maintains an airspace between the deck and roof tiles; keeping the attic cooler in summer and warmer in winter. • Walkable.

Terrabella and the Alucom Family of Companies . . . www.alucom.com Industry trusted since 1997 transforming steel, aluminum and glass, and supplying construction related products to North America, Central America, South America, Africa, and Europe. Backed by the latest in technology and a 50 year limited warranty, Terrabella roofs are innovative, and beautifully designed for any architectural style. Monarch Roofing Centres Distributors of Terrabella Roof Products throughout Alberta. www.monarchcentres.com

Visit our Website: Monarch Roofing Centres www.monarchcentres.com 5 Locations in Alberta www.terrabellaroof.com Administration Office: 2145 NW 115th Ave Miami FL 33172 info@terrabellaroof.com Tel: 305-414-2705 Calgary 10340 - 50th Street SE, Calgary, Alberta T2C 3E4 Contact: Rob MacCannell Tel: 403-444-3000 Email: rob.maccannell@monarchcentres.com Edmonton 4850 - 97th Street, Edmonton, Alberta T6E 5S1 Contact: Curtis Northrop Tel: 780-469-1600 Email: curtis.northrop@monarchcentres.com Acheson 11234 255 Street, Acheson, Alberta T7X 6C9 Contact: Gord Langley Tel: 780-960-8520 Email: gord.langley@monarchcentres.com Red Deer 13 Belich Crescent, Red Deer, Alberta T4S 2K5 Contact: Kevin Hamilton Tel: 403-341-5900 Email: kevin@monarchcentres.com Lethbridge 715 - 5 Avenue N, Lethbridge, Alberta T1H 0M3 Contact: Kam Ohlhausen Tel: 403-380-6516 Email: kam.ohlhausen@monarchcentres.com

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