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Rover Education Rover Education Limited is a long established and reliable educational resources supplier. We have been operating successfully for over 10 years now supplying primary schools, nurseries, pre-schools, childminders and parents, universities throughout the world with educational equipment and furniture, teaching resources and inspirational learning materials. Moreover, we specialize in Laboratory equipment for all sciences and we also offer bespoke solutions for both IT hardware and software for use in classrooms and other learning environments. We have fulfilled large government contracts and orders in a number of countries including Western Europe, Australia, South America, China, Hong Kong, Russia and Eastern Europe. Currently we are situated in Hong Kong. We suggest turnkey solutions for governments and private institutions looking to upgrade their facilities with full project management on complete upgrades including teacher training and laboratory upgrading. From start to finish, we can manage all your sourcing and manufacturing needs. Our services include the next: -Configuring and customizing our products and equipment according to the needs of our customers -Sourcing products, components, materials, semi-finished products and turnkey projects - Manufacturing - Turnkey solutions - Shipping and delivery Rover Education takes its responsibility to society very seriously. When choosing materials, the way the products have been made is taken into account. We hope that by leveraging our own strengths and resources in-country, we will raise awareness of the importance of corporate philanthropy, and encourage society to participate in and contribute to the development of social responsibility in modern society. All the Rover Education products are tested in accordance with European Legislation: EN 71-1: Safety of toys, mechanical and physical properties EN 71-2: Flammability EN 71-3: Migration of certain elements EN 71-9: Organic chemical compounds With extensive experience, Rover Education has the expertise to secure the best value for your organization. This catalogue is a showcase of our products. For a full list of our products please email us at sales@rover-education.com.

Early Years Sensory Touch and Guess puzzle box Covered with a bright lacquer box of plywood (36 × 30 × 16 cm) with holes for hands provides ample opportunities for the organization of games for tactile recognition and description of words of objects that are hidden in the box. Matching Textures Board A good wooden tactile toy for children from 3 to 6 years. Encourages the recognition of textures, the identification of textures by name and tactile coincidence. The goal of the game is to combine the two textures with a simple sense of touch and tactile sensations. Ten different surfaces (soft, smooth, rough ..) the child should touch, identify and associate them and find the second pair. Spring and Autumn Tree Leaves Puzzle A puzzle from the Spring / Autumn series is an educational toy. The puzzle is made in the original form (tree trunk and 2 set of leaves) made of eco-friendly wood. Of these, you can collect and clearly show how the color of the leaves changes: in spring and in autumn.The toy helps develop color perception, spatial thinking, logic and fine motor skills. Moon Balancing Game Children hands-on game, train the child's hand-eye coordination, the children in the process of completion of the game can recognize the size, color, and need to consider the object with the reasonable and the overall aesthetic. Remove all the spare parts, the moon will be on the table or surface level, large and small cylindrical or in the moon, the moon will swing around to the building blocks stacked on both sides to control the balance. Size: 19.6 cm X15.2 cm X 8cm Match the Bear Game Match the bear requires kids to match the right color and size of the bears in each given sequence. It is a teaching game to help kids to learn color and size combinations. The set comes with many cards with different and fun math activities to help learn about counting. Packed in a wooden box size 24x20x7 cm. Rainbow Geometric Set 50pcs This large geometric shapes set out of transparent plastic is great for playing on the light table or panel or individual play.

Wooden Color Building Blocks 24 pcs set. Building blocks with acrylic on, 24pcs Set is a vivid, exciting way for children to play and learn with blocks! There are 6 shapes by 4 color, These smooth hardwood blocks feature transparent windows of strong acrylic in beautiful red, yellow, blue and green. Looking through the colored panes transforms a child's world as the principals of light and color are discovered. These wooden blocks add fun, beauty and new dimensions together. This product helps with the development of hand-eye coordination, visual perception and can be used with a light panel or light table. DIY chalkboard city blocks A simple and original idea for children's educational toys. It stimulates the creative process and imagination of the child when he builds his city. This set consists of blocks made from a classroom slate of very good quality and with a set of chalks for drawing. Age of child 3+ Product Size:31*22*4.7cm Material: the NZ pine wood, MDF,plywood,10pcschalks RCP001Rainbow Building Blocks The color stripes attract any kid’s attention and fire up their imagination while making great and unique structures! A little about the material: The material used is all Baltic Birch Plywood, which is a light and high quality wood that comes from sustainable forest industry (FSC certificate). We use all natural color pigments and coloring techniques, which allow the pigment to go through the entire thickness of plywood sheets. Wooden Sensory Building Blocks 16 pcs set The sensory building blocks set contains 16 pcs Set is a vivid, exciting way for children to 4 shapes in 4 color and with 4 different materials. These smooth hardwood blocks feature transparent windows of strong acrylic in beautiful red, yellow, blue and green with different materials inside beads, liquid, sand and acrylic. Looking through the colored panes transforms a child's world as the principals of light and color are discovered. These wooden blocks add fun, beauty and new dimensions together. This product helps with the development of hand-eye coordination, visual perception and can be used with a light panel or light table. Insect and Farm Stamp Puzzle This educational toy will help organize exciting activities, with children on acquaintance. They are with the surrounding world of animals and insects. With the help of these exercises, children are stimulated by the development of speech, visual perception, logical thinking, attention and the formation of fine motor skills of the hands. The set includes a board with colored inserts, a set for stamps. Age of child 2+ Product Size:30*22*2.7cm Material:bass plywood Colours and Numbers Wooden Maze. Developing toy magnetic labyrinth. The magnetic labyrinth in the game form trains the dexterity and accuracy of the movements of the hands, stimulates mental development and logical abilities, prepares the child's hand for writing. Also, during the game in the labyrinth, the child develops attention, perseverance and spatial thinking. The playing field is covered with organic glass, under the glass are metal balls, they need to be moved with a magnetic stick. Age of child 3+ Product Size:29.5*25.5*2cm Material:bass plywood+MDF

Early Years Sensory Sensory Ooze Timer Children will be fascinated by the ooze factor and adults can drift away as the pink, blue, red or green jelly undulates through the sensory tube. Teaching Sand Hourglass Available in 3 sizes and different colors, 1,3,5,10, 15 and 30 mins set time Large: 154 x 136mm x 300mm H Medium: 84 x 74 x 160 mm H Sand Activity Center Material Plywood Size 100x64x81.7 cm Two Color Sensory Liquid Timer Three-minute timer watches time with colored oil droplets making their way down a Z-shaped ramp Shape Recognition Board 3 pcs Set. This set teaches children size, shape and color recognition. Each puzzle features one of the following shapes in 3 different sizes: circle and square, triangle. Material Plywood Size 33x12x2.8 cm Game Entrance Material Plywood Size 63x34x139.6 cm Mobile Truck Sales Store Material Plywood. Size 90x39x136 cm Plywood Stackable Small Chair Height 25 and 29 cm Denim Seat Pocket Material Denim. Size 38*25.4 cm

Plywood Round Table Size 76x45 cm Plywood Linking Chair Little ones will love helping you make a learning circle with the bentwood linking chairs. together and pull apart,chairs transform quickly from single seats to benches to amphitheater-style rows when it’s time for show-and-tell. Height 29 Mobile Wooden Drying Rack Material Plywood Size 72.5x62x126 cm Safe and easy to link Mobile Arts and Craft Cart Material Plywood Size 100x64x81.7 cm Flexible LEGO Block Tape and Mat Makes it possible to build around corners, horizontal and vertical surfaces. The lego compatible building tape or mats is made out of eco friendly silicone, which complies to all the mandatory safety regulations in Europe, USA and Russia. The tape comes with M3 tape attached to it, glue used in our tape makes it reusable, you can tape it, pull it off, wash it and the adhesive will stick after several times of washing. Cut it, glue it and play with it. The ways to connect your original lego sets with different kind of wooden or plastic toys are simply endless. Size: 1M/3,2ft. Cuttable, flexible and washable. Compatible with most toy building blocks. Build on vertical, horizontal and curved surfaces. Sticks on most surfaces

Early Years Sensory RL002 Colour Liquid Tiles A wonderful visual and tactile light up experience, that really does encourage you to move around and explore the surfaces. Two Sizes available 50x50 cm and 30x30 cm. Age 3+ RT003 Double-side Tactile Star Two-way tactile module develops tactile skills, interactive activities, and is designed to sound stimulation. Panel houses a variety of spinning objects. The panel can be placed on the floor or on a table. Wooden body. Age 3+ Size H38 W61 P25 cm RT008 Tactile cells (6 cells) Tactile cells are designed to develop the skills to identify and research through touch. One tactile cell is a wooden box with a hole for the hands. Around the hole enclosing black fabric that hides the contents of the cell. Age 3+ Size of each box L25 W15 H15 cm time. Age 3+ Size L70 W70 H47 cm RT007 Tactile Path (7 units) Wooden tactile modules and on the surface of each module there are different tactile materials and coatings: 1. Metallic surface 2. Carpet “Artificial Turf” 3. Carpet with soft bristle 4. Carpet with hard bristle 5. Small stones 6. Soft rubber surface 7. Hard rubber surface Age 3+ Size of each module L50 W30 H3 cm RT012 Tactile-Developing complex Pyramid Tactile-developing complex "Pyramid" can be used both in sensory and in game rooms. RT005 Acoustic Wall Tactile Panel Acoustic panel develops This multifunctional complex is designed to stimulate tactile sensations and develop fine motor skills. Thanks to its form, "Pyramid" is perfect for playing several children at the same time. Age 3+ Size L70 W70 H47 cm tactile, visual and acoustic experience. On the surface of the panel placed a variety of musical instruments (tambourine, xylophone, bells), as well as educational toys and tactile elements of different shapes and colors. Angles panels are made of different textured materials: metal plating with knurled surface, carpet with hard bristles, carpet with a soft bristle brush. Touching the panel, the child discovers new sensations and met with a variety of sounds. Age 3+ Size H120 W100 cm

Domino Wall Panel This product is a wooden base made of high-quality multi-layer birch plywood and twelve colorful wooden dominoes. The panel is attached to the wall. Age 3+ Size L72 W10 H12 cm Color Circles Tactile-Developing Panel. The panel is square base with two remote holders for dowels on which there are 17 different colored discs. Due to the fact that the holes in the disks are not concentric during rotation creates an interesting visual effect. Age 3+ Size L40 W40 cm Wall Decorative-Developing Panel Tree. The tree is made of high-quality multi-layer birch plywood. Due to the fact that the trunk of a tree crown and consists of several elements, creates a volume effect. On the trunk and the lower part of milled grooves in a labyrinth that allows you to move the movable elements (bugs and flowers). Age 3+ Size H180 W89 P4 cm Locks Tactile-Developing Panel Set bolts, hooks, latches and locks. To open one of the doors, open the one or the other lock or latch. Age 1+ Size L40 W40 cm Music Instrument Panel The panel is designed to sound stimulation. Body panels made of wood. On the body panels are fastened musical instruments: xylophone - 1 pc., Psaltery - 1 pc., Tambourine - 1 pc., Horn - 1 pc., Maracas - 2 pcs., Toy Emperor - 1 pc., Wooden figures of different species - 10 pcs. Age 3+ Size L100 W50 Large Round Tactile Panel Tactile disk is designed for tactile stimulation, the development of fine motor skills. Combines tactile, gaming and educational elements. Fingering on the various textures and objects on the surface of rotating disk, the child discovers the world of new sensations. Focused on preschool and primary school age. Age 3+ Size D95 cm Table Tube Maze Housing labyrinth made of wood. The main body of fixed plastic tube with holes, in which the balls fall (supplied with labyrinth - 4 pcs.). Balls roll down the transparent plastic tube. Age 3+ Size H73 W31 P44 Dry Shower Dry show is a wooden base, the center of which is set acrylic mirror. Around the base of multi-colored ribbons attached. Age 3+ Size H150 L40 W40 cm Brush Tactile-Developing Panel. The panel consists of five brushes of different stiffness and configurations, as well as a hard polymer coating "Fishbone". Age 1+ Size L40 W40 cm

Early Years Sensory Wall Decorative-Developing Panel Pond. The pond is made of high-quality multi-layer birch plywood. This product milled grooves in the form of mazes that allow you to move the movable elements (frogs). Age 3+ Size L98 W72 cm Play Food Vegetables. Build vocabulary while reinforcing healthy eating habits Invites early dramatic play with familiar produce light weight and high quality Includes Small cucumbers,red peppers, corn, onions carrots and eggplants. Set of 144 pieces Colour Counting Hands A set of 72pcs in 6 different colours and counting to 5 Sensory Fruit Squeeze Balls Kid-Safe, Non-Toxic Membrane, Phthalate Free and Colourful Sensory Fruit Squeeze Balls. Age 3+ Light Up Colour Fidget Squeeze Ball Kid-Safe, Non-Toxic Membrane, Phthalate Free and Colourful Fidget Ball. Age 3+ Sun, Earth and Moon Model This model of the Earth,Sun and Moon demonstrates the basic relationships of rotation, night and day, seasons and phases of moon. Helps the kids to Learn about full moon, half moon and quarter moon and all other moon phases. Human Organ PVC Puzzle Human organ demonstration puzzle helps to illustrate the right place for all the organs of the body. Material PVC.

RMT001 Miracle Table. Unique design allows you to easily change the units (countertops) and takes up less space in the room. Versatile design of interchangeable tabletops creates a number of uses in one product: the sand drawing table for playing with sand, water, kinetic sand with changeable background color (red, yellow, blue, green) as well as the mosaic table with a puzzle of colored balls (red , blue , green and yellow ) and an transparent easel to paint the surrounding world with LED illumination. Durability - all work surfaces are made from high quality plywood. Universal packaging reduces logistics costs. Additional materials - sand (white, color), acrylic tray and kinetic sand. Size W70 L63 H63 cm RR003 Interactive Sand Drawing with built in buttons Table is designed for relaxation, tactile and visual stimulation, the development of imagination, play therapy. The housing section is made of beech wood. In the bottom of the table mounted LED lights, you can project from within different lighting effects, complementary patterns in the sand. The backlight is separated from the outer part of the transparent partition of Plexiglas. In a side table mounted control button illumination. Table legs - metal. Size W70 L63 H63 cm RMT002 Color Light Up Panel The color changing light panel is slim and portable, can be used on any flat surface available. It is a great tool for children to explore light, colors,shapes and textures. Size A2 10 ROP002 Ocean Wave Projector The latest Remote Control Ocean Theme Projector Waves Light an upgraded mini projector that can project colorful lights on the smooth ceiling or walls to create a romantic, relaxing and delightful atmosphere. Provides a feeling of lying on the beach late at night, watching the waves come in. The projector light can read TF card or can be connected to 3.5MM audio interface devices like cell phone, PC, notebook and MP3. It’s easy to use and available to use anytime. The Ocean Wave Projector comes with a built in high power speaker. L12.6 W 12.6 H 10.5 cm RMF001 Magic Forest Light Up Set An interesting LED light nature set that does not require any cables for charging. The set comes with a separate charging station and easily removable batteries. This allows the items to be used without any danger of cables and so is perfect for any kindergarten or nursery school. The set includes a tree trunk, 2 pebbles and owl lights each with an extra battery and a charging station to charge 4 batteries simultaneously. RGS001 Light Up Geometry Set An amazing LED light geometric set thatdoes not require any cables for charging. The set comes with a separate charging station and easily removable batteries. This allows the items to be used without any danger of cables and so is perfect for any kindergarten or nursery school. The set includes a pyramid, cube, sphere and ovoid lights each with an extra battery and a charging station to charge 4 batteries simultaneously. LED and Fiber Optics Products

LED and Fiber Optics Products RF001 - 04 Interactive Light Engine with Fiber Optic Bundle The fiber bundle contains from 100,150 or 200 fibers lateral glow at locations evenly distributed over the length of the fibers. The length of each fiber - 2 meters. The fibers are collected in a common cable, the end of which is connected to an interactive light source. Fiber Optic cable is perfectly safe when tactile contact, not afraid of water and frost. Length 200 cm RF005 Fibreoptic curtain (150 fibers) with interactive light source. The product comprises a lateral illumination fiber at locations evenly distributed over the length of the fibers. The fibers are collected in a common cable, which end is to be connected to an interactive light source. Fiber Optic cable is perfectly safe when tactile contact, not afraid of water and frost. The wooden and metal strip with wall mount allows you to distribute the fibers along the length of strips, forming a shimmering curtain. Height 200cm IRV001 Interactive bubble tube and Interactive Bubble Wall with remote control Visually stimulating interactive bubble tubes made from non-breakable acrylic glass comes with a remote control to change between 11 light settings of the built in RGB LED lights. Standard and customized sizes are available. Can be packaged with a padded wooden podium and 2 acrylic mirrors to provide a full sensory corner to any room. H200 W80 D22 RB001 Interactive Dry pool with built-in buttons The pool consists of four sides and collapsible soft ground. The boards are connected to each other by means of connecting brackets, after which is established between them soft ground. Illumination is carried out by means of RGB LEDs, which are mounted in the box located at the bottom. At the top of each side there is mounted buttons for controlling the light function of the pool. The pool can be filled with transparent and color balls. Size L217 W217 H66 cm RD017 Luminous Pillow Pillow with built in light with remote control. This brand new remote control LED light up pillow is a super soft, plush white man-made cotton material with colour changing light effects. RD012 LED Cube Can be used with its evocative play of colors for illumination. Children can also sit on the dice but or use it as a base for great buildings. Because it is water-repellent, it can also be used outdoors. A remote control 10 colors, a color change program and different brightness levels can be selected. Size L39 W39 H39

RD003 Interactive Panel Spinning Wheel Is a screen on which a radially placed multicolored lights, lighting up in a different order depending on the intensity of the sound perceived by the internal microphone and the included mode. RF024 Panel "Colored figure-8" Panel is a dark screen in a metal frame. In screen woven strands of fiber optics in the form of geometric shapes of different colors. Light source (LED) and power supply built-in. Using the remote control mode is set to switch the backlight geometric shapes, their sequence variation and duration of light emission. RF025 Fiberoptic Tunel The tunnel is a soft foam product fitted by PVC. Inside the product is sheathed in black cloth, in which the threads are woven fiber optics. Size L120 W92 H80 cm L120 W92 H80 12 RO001 Magic Toy Octopus Size and materials of our Octopus allow you to use it as an ordinary toy, which will attract any child’s attention. The streamlined shape, made of soft translucent silicone, built inside colorful LED lights that change color and pattern depending on the sounds around - built-in microphone reacts to claps, words, and volume. Equipped with a Fiber Optic bundle of filaments, which the child can play with and watch the change in color, and thereby experience a pleasant tactile and visual sensation which helps to relax. RF011 Panel Starry Sky Designed for visual stimulation, relaxation and for interior decoration. On the shimmering starry sky appear and disappear mysteriously image of a spiral galaxy and globular clusters. The panel is a black canvas, framed durable metal frame. In fabric woven fiber optics strands - to create the illusion of the sky. Light source (LED) and power supply built-in. Size L70 W70 cm RF026 Magical Toy Jelly Fish Fiber Optic Toy Jelly Fish can go on the floor where kids can explore the light strands with their hands and feet. Size can be 40 and 80 cm diameter.

Early Years Math Transparent Color 10 Blocks 65 pieces set Transparent Square Counting tiles set of 65 pieces Wild Animal, Farm Animal,S ea Creatures, Dinosaurs or Vehicles Set Counter. Our different animal and vehicle counters will great for unlimited sorting and counting activities for kids of different ages. A fun addition to any classroom Square and Round Counting Tiles Set. A set of 400pcs 2.5 cm 4 color square and 1000pcs 2cm 6 color round counters great for all kinds of mathematical games 13 Color Folding Geometric Figures Set. Math Manipulative Toy. 10 cm 10 shapes, 3D expansion Geo solids Set contain triangular prism, cube, pentangular prism, hexagonal prism, cylinder, triangular pyramid, square pyramid, hexagonal pyramid and pentagonal pyramid Demonstration Measuing 1 Liter Cube Our Measuring cube has a two-sided printing scale and comes with a cover Number Discovery Balance Toy This balance toy is shows the number relationships to children and helps them understadn addition, subtraction and number comparison. Numbered Fraction Tiles Each set of transparent plastic fraction squares includes 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, 1/6, 1/8, 1/10 and 1/12, and a whole Place Value Train Decimals Place Value Train Demo size 28pcs Trains (Decimal) Place Value Train (Thousands) Place Value Train (Thousands ) Student size 37pcs, Orange 8.1*3CM, purple10.8*3CM, green 13.5*3cm, bule 16*3cm

Counting Links 500PCS Shape links 3 shape 4 color triangle, square, round blue, green, purple and orange Hand and Feet Movement Set red, yellow, 24 pieces Multicolored floor stickers for active play - palms, footsteps and arrows of different directions. Floor stickers are well suited for creating a sensory path. The sensory pathway will help children in the development of the musculoskeletal system and coordination of movements. Changeable Cloth Body Socks It is an interactive suit in the form of a body sock, made of elastic breathable lycra of bright colors, with a zipper for easy use. The body sock can be worn both as a child and as an adult. The suit is suitable for repeated use. The body sock is a fun activity. And the main feature of using a costume is sensory integration and understanding the position of the body in space. Material Lycra fabric 14 Turtle Beanbags and Piggy Beanbags A set of tactile figures in the form of piggy and turtles with numbers on their backs and bright colors. The set is perfectly suited for the development of coordination and attention in the study of numbers and colors. Size 11 cm Fruit Salad Beanbags 12 pcs Set A set of tactile pouches, bright colors with an image of fruit and numbers. This set can be used to study the score and color, as well as to develop tactile perception and attention in young children. Size Diameter 9,5cm Kids Cushion A set of floor cushions is made of a soft bright colored PVC. Convenient and practical in use. Pillows are suitable for playing in the room or outside for group sessions. Size D 32cm

Physical Education and Outdoor Play Large Inflatable Dice Large inflatable cubes are suitable for active recreation and playing children both indoors and outdoors and even in the pool. They are made of durable PVC bright colors (red, blue, orange and so on) and white dots for counting. These cubes are good for sports competitions for children 3+ Learning Balancing Beam Balancing beam made of solid plywood with numbers and color segments. A balancing board is an excellent tool for the development of stability and balance in a child, and numbers and color segments count and measure his steps. Size 227x29x11 cm Soft Ring Game A set of classic rings for active play. Classic rings on the rod, made of soft plastic, bright colors. will help the child Deformation Cloth 6pcs Pack Students can explore the world of creating space and form by stretching, twisting, bending, twisting and tying their cloths. These stretch tapes are a fun and exciting way to encourage creativity and physical activity. Sensory Stepping Stones 6 pcs pack A great set for active games of children both indoors and outdoors. Walking along these pebbles produces coordination of movements, improves posture, massage action improves the condition of the feet and stimulates tactile sensations. The stones are made of colorful bright PVC for children 3+. Sensory Balancing Disc Multifunctional simulator for the development of coordination, endurance and training of various muscle groups. Designed for conducting classes: - better coordination - develops a balance - has a massage effect on the feet Helps to relax and relieve fatigue. The balancing disc is suitable for both children and adults. The disc is made of durable PVC with bright colors. Has a valve for individual pressure regulation.

Sensory Balancing Beam 20 pcs Set The path is intended for carrying out physical exercises aimed: -to develop coordination of movement and a sense of balance .-to form a correct posture and gait in the child: - on the development of spatial orientation. - on stimulation and development of tactile sensations of children's legs. The balancing track can be used for sports group games with children both indoors and outdoors (kindergarten and home), and as an element of the developing environment for sensory rooms. A track can take any form. A set of bright, colored, light and modern material is made. Eco-friendly and safe for children 2+ Outdoor Chalkboard Cart and Boards Everyone knows chalk boards in the classrooms of the school. But we offer you a new type of modern chalkboard for young children for playing outdoors. The board can be attached to any wall in the garden in the yard, or be two-sidedly standing in the center of the garden on a stable base. The board is made of a solid wooden frame and a chalky surface, waterproof and shockproof. The street chalk boards can be of several types: elongated vertical fastening, extended board with lines for writing the alphabet, portable chalk board on a portable chalk board on a wooden base. 16 RSH001 Sensory HUB The quickest, coolest, most innovative and cost effective portable sensory room on the market. Portable and lightweight. Fits easily into boot of a car. Roll down door, for enhanced play opportunities. Pops up in 40 seconds. Relaxing and calming environment. Sensory lighting create a unique space, colour selective and adjustable. 5 Interchangeable themes to change the environment for relaxation and play. Encourages role play and imaginative thinking

17 Montessori materials, especially practical life exercises, enable the child to engage in the same real activities as the adult. All children desire a sense of belonging and usefulness within the family. They wish to emulate what their parents are doing - whether it’s prepar-ing food, setting the table, washing dishes, sweeping, polishing, raking leaves, washing the car, or any of the many activities they see the adults performing. The Montessori classroom provides opportunities on a daily basis for the child to acquire the skills necessary to empower him to be a contributing member of the household. Unlike most toys, the Montessori materials help bring structure and order to the child’s mind. The young child is trying to “make sense” of the world around him. He is exposed on a daily basis to so many new stimuli that we as adults often take for granted: new sights, sounds, smells colours, and textures to name but a few. Montessori believed that we must engage the child’s senses through concrete experiences with materials that will help him discriminate different qualities and concepts. Age 3+ Box with Bins Colored Discs on 3 Colored Dowels Sound box with bell

Four Blue Balls On Small Pegs Balance exercise Lock Board 18 The Tracker Braiding Board Imbucare board with Kint ball Infant Toddler Dressing Frame: 3 Buttons Infant Toddler Dressing Frame: Large Zipper Baby ladder

Lacing game Geometric Solids with Stands, Base with box Brown Stairs 19 Color Resemblance Sorting Task Constructive Triangles With 5 Boxes Lock Box Touch Exercise Shape Puzzle Cylinder Ladder

Circular Fraction Board Binomial Cube Bells set R 20 Development of Sunflower Development of Man Development of Woman Development of Butterfly Solar Core Puzzle Solar System

Мobile Teaching Complex Educarts models The Educart is a cost-effective mobile teaching complex and convenient storage system which provides an integrated approach to teaching natural sciences with the use of modern technolоgy. This mobile system will transform any room into a science lab. It includes almost everything that can be seen in any traditional school laboratory. The cart is fitted with sets of trays for laboratory equipment to conduct laboratory experiments, a built in All In One computer, autonomous system of water supply with Faucet and sink, NFC reader, digital laboratory sensors and document camera. 21 It has unique Software SADCO 123 that allows teachers to make their work more easy and comfortable. It includes a classroom management function, content for full courses of Science lessons and it is compatible with any existing equipment that can be found in schools now, like laptops, tablets, projectors and interactive whiteboards. Our Educart will make science lessons more interesting, engaging and modern! Apart from this, we also manufacture IT, robotics and 3D printer storage solutions, including Carts for 3D printing and modeling, laptops and tablets. Our Educart mobile teaching complexes are a great tool to be used in schools and can be filled with equipment to suit any school grade from primary to high school. Our equipment covers all standards of curriculum around the world including K-12 and STEM.


SADCO123 Мobile Teaching Complex EduCart Detailed Description: 23 and scratch resistant. One of the side has a heavy duty handle for easy manoeuvring and with the help of our high quality wheels the cart can be easily pushed through uneven grounds. The customer can choose a custom colour scheme on request. The autonomous water system consists of an acid resistant polypropylene sink with a ed to the built in electric pump. Two polypropylene tanks are provided to make for water and waste reservoir. EduCart comes with full built in Touch Screen computer with and easy accessible side panel to connect other devices. For security purposed both the screen and side panel are fully lockable. The EduCart comes with our classroom management and science teaching software SADCO123. The software has an easy intuitive interface for the teachers and students to use. It contains over 200 science theory interactive posters and 300 experiment guides together with student questionnaires that are ready to print with a click of a button.

The EduCart has a variety of science kits for Physics, Chemistry and Biology that can be also purchase separately. The kits include all the equipment that is needed to conduct experiments according to most science curriculums. All kits come with our science and classroom management SADCO 123 Software. contact us for more details. A sample list of experiments that can be done with the cart and SADCO123: PHYSICS MECHANICS: -Measurement acceleration due to gravity using a mathematical pendulum -Measuring the hardness of the spring dynamometer laboratory -Study of the dependence of sliding friction force normal pressure -Study of body motion under a constant force -Study of the law of conservation of mechanical energy OPTICS: -Measurement of refractive index of glass -Measurement of the wavelength of light -Observation of the phenomenon of dispersion of light ELECTRICITY AND ELECTROMAGNETISM: -Determination of the electron charge -Determination of the resistance of the conductor by means of the ammeter and voltmeter THERMODYNAMICS: -Determination of the density of a solid substance -Measurement of body weight on the balance scales CHEMISTRY: -Structure of inorganic substance -Structure of the atom -Combustion of hydrocarbons and detection products of their combustion BIOLOGY: -The internal structure of the frog -The structure of animal cells -External structure of an insect -Mitosis in the cells of onion roots 24

Мobile Teaching Complex 25

CHEMISTRY NO. Experiments 1 Set of educa onal and laboratory equipment for demonstra on experiments teacher, experiments under the program in chemistry. Specifica ons The set consists of 106 atoms, molecules (plas c beads in different colors: white 35, red 14, black 30, Green 4, Blue 15, 4 gray, yellow 4), flexible connectors in three different sizes - 80 pcs.The model allows to create different types of compounds in the process of studying organic and inorganic chemistry. " plas c beads of different colors); - Long flexible connectors - 20 units; - Medium flexible connectors - 30 pcs.; - Small connec ng pieces - 30 pcs. PROVIDES A SET OF LABORATORY WORK IN CHEMISTRY AND CONSISTS OF : 2 laboratory equipment experiments teacher, experiments under the program in Chemistry 50 ml conical flask; number of -2 units. Erlenmeyer flasks: - 50 ml, accuracy - ± 0,12. The bulb is made of heatand chemical-resistant glass in accordance with generally accepted standards. Vi l 2 corresponds to the accuracy class 2 26 Rubber stopper for conical flask; number of -2 units. Laboratory glass beaker with 400 ml; number -1 pc. Laboratory glass beaker of 250 ml; number -1 pc. Laboratory glass beaker 100 ml; number of -2 units. Laboratory glass beaker of 150 ml; number -1 pc. funnel; number -1 pc. Made of heat-and chemical-resistant glass. Volume of 400 ml. Made of heat-and chemical-resistant glass. Volume of 250 ml. Made of heat-and chemical-resistant glass. Volume of 100 ml. Made of heat-and chemical-resistant glass. Volume of 150 ml. The diameter is 60 mm, mad e o f chemically-resistan t glas s tha t i s resistant to acids, alkalis. 2 1 1 2 1 1 Qty (1 set) Ref. Pic 1 Round bo om flasks with 50 ml; number of -2 units. Capacity - 50 ml for hea ng fluids. Made of thermal and chemically resistant glass. 2 Measuring cylinders glass 250 ml; number -1 pc. Made of heat-and chemical-resistant glass. The volume is 250 ml. 1 Test tubes 14h150; quan ty: 10 pcs, Cylindrical tube with a detailed chemical edge is used for carrying out various chemical and biological work Test tubes 16h150; quan ty: 10 pcs, Cylindrical tube with a detailed chemical edge is used for carrying out various chemical and biological work. Tube is made from thermo and chemically resistant glass. Test tubes 21h180; quan ty: 10 pcs, Cylindrical tube with a detailed chemical edge is used for carrying out various chemical and biological work. Tube is made from thermo and chemically resistant glass. 10 10 10

Мobile Teaching Complex 27


Мobile Teaching Complex BIOLOGY Experiments Specifica ons Specifica ons Microscope teacher; quan ty: 1 piece, The housing and the movable parts are made of metal. The microscope has an internal light source opera ng on ba eries as well as ba ery life. Microscope equipped with a revolving drum to quickly change lenses. Illumina on slide regulated backlight having individual switch. The microscope has the ability to coarse and fine adjustment of the sample stage and three interchangeable lenses and eyepieces with rota ng interchangeable lenses 10x. 29 Set of slides; quan ty: 50 pieces boxed, glass size 25h7 mm. Edge glass - sanded. Tolerances for dimensions are ± 1 mm. Not parallel to the work surface slides is 0.03 mm. Not Surface flatness slides is 0.1 mm over a length of 100 mm. Slides are made of a colorless transparent silica glass. Refrac ve index at 20 ° C - is 1,51 ± 0,01. The coefficient of dispersion of 60 ± 2. Slides chemically resistant to acids and alkalis. The slides do not contain bubbles, stones, scratches and streaks. Number 50 pcs. Thickness of the glass is 0.15. Glasses have a square shape. Coverslips Set cover glass; quan ty: 100 pieces microscop e mad e o f silicat e glass . Coverslip s Microscop e wrappe d i n pape r and packed in plas c containers of 25 units. with an a achment of silica gel desiccant. Dimensions cover glasses 18x18 mm up. Tolerances for dimensions are ± 1 mm. Not parallel to the work surface slides 0.03 mm. Coverslips are chemically stable and do not contain bubbles, stones, scratches and streaks. Quan ty 100 pcs. Sets educa onal and laboratory equipment for demonstra on teacher experiments experiments provided exemplary program in biology. magnifier scalpel; quan ty: 2 pcs. Dissec ng knife; quan ty: 1 piece, Dissec ng needle; quan ty: 2 pieces tweezers; quan ty: 2 pieces tubes; quan ty: 2 pcs. SET MICROPREPARATIONS MICROSCOPE :: 1 SET CONSISTING OF : epithelial, connec ve, nervous and muscular ssue; quan ty: 5 pcs, epithelium of human skin; quan ty: 5 pcs, bacterial cells (cocci, bacilli, spirilla); quan ty: 5 pcs, mitosis in cells of onion rootlets; quan ty: 5 pcs, plant and animal cells; quan ty: 5 pcs, human blood and blood frog; quan ty: 5 pcs, Spirogyra; quan ty: 5 pcs, longitudinal sec on of the stem of corn; quan ty: 5 pcs, structure of the root; quan ty: 5 pcs, hydra; quan ty: 5 pcs, ciliate-shoes; quan ty: 5 pcs, Wet prepara on frog made of steel, length 100 mm. magnifying glass in the plas c frame with a handle 100 mm diameter glass. 100 QTY THE KIT IS INTENDED FOR DEMONSTRATION EXPERIMENTS AND EXPERIMENTS IN BIOLOGY AND CONSISTS OF: Ref. Picture 1 50 1 2 1 2 2 2 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 1 Skeletons: rabbit, frog, bird Skeletons: rabbit 1


Мobile Teaching Complex Experiments Specifica ons Key (switch) - for opening and closing an electrical circuit; Quan ty: 1 pc. Quan ty (1 set) Ref. Picture The kit is intended for demonstra on experiments and physics experiments, sec on "Electricity and electromagne sm" and consists of: 1 Bulb voltage 3.5 V and 6.3 V; 1 31 Resistors of different resistance (12 ohms and 6 ohms), quan ty: 1 piece, Resistor, measuring range: 5Ω,10Ω,15Ω,200Ω,470Ω,1K,2K,10K,50K, 100K. Size:205x127mm 1 Bulb holder Bulb holder 1 Ba ery holder Ba ery holder 1 Magnet set (stripe - couple arcuate), quan ty: 1 piece, 1 Wirewound variable resistor of 10 ohms 1 Motor (electric motor) DC; 1 Set of educa onal and laboratory equipment for demonstra on experiments teacher, experiments under the program in Physics Forums "Electricity and electromagne sm." On a cylindrical coil of wire frame with insula ng connector pins of conduc ve wire; Quan ty - 2 pcs.; 2 Connec ng wires, supply at both ends of plugs and sockets; Quan ty - 8 pcs. 8


Мobile Teaching Complex 33


Charging Carts Charging and storage carts and docking stations are an integral part that is needed for any modern school to house and charge the growing number of tablets and laptops that are being used in all education organisations. Main features of our charging carts: - Sleek design housing up to 60 devices - Solid structure and 3 point locking mechanism - Easy slide-out shelves - Charge and Sync solution - Hassle Free cable management - Power management system 35 The Station allows up to 6-12 Tablet/Ipad be charged and synchronised simulateniousy. Simply insert the device into a slot to commence the charging, synchronsing can also be done when a PC or MAC is connected using a sync cable.

3D Printing Solutions 3D printing is an important part of the modern curriculum as it promotes hands-on education, encourages creativity and develops problem-solving skills. We have a variety of products will help the students to learn in depth about 3D modelling and printing. -Built-in 4G TF storage card, WiFi, USD and USB stick connection -Support direct print of sketches via mobile APP -Patented extruder structure with lower risk of extruder jams -Ultra-quite operation design, suitable for quite working environment -Improved movement control: Guarantees high printing resolution and a better operation 36 Rover 3D Focus with protective glass Engraver for handling finished products Rover Grinder Set RoverScan 3D Scanner 3D Printer plastic multi-colored ABS Universal machine for plastic, wood and metal (6 in 1) 3D Printing Solutions

Science Equipment - Biology 37


Science Equipment - Biology 39

40 Biology Mounted Specimens

Biology Mounted Specimens Science Equipment - Biology 41


Science Equipment - Biology Biology Immersed Specimens 43

R R R R R R R R R R R R R 44 R R R R R R R

Science Equipment - Biology Biology Bone Specimens R R R R R R R R 45 R R R R R R R R R R R R R

R R R R R 46 R R R R R R R R R

Science Equipment - Biology Biology Models R R R R R R 47 R R R R R R R R


Science Equipment - Physics Electricity 49

R R R R 50

Science Equipment - Physics Electricity R R R R R 51 R R R


Science Equipment - Physics Electricity 53


Science Equipment - Physics Magnetism 55


Science Equipment - Chemistry Structure & bonding 57

R R R R R R 58 R R R R R R

Teaching tools Geometry model R R R R R 59 R R R R R R


Teaching tools Geographic model/earth science 61

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