It’s hard for an artist to define their own style. I would say it’s delicate and romantic because I am known for my flowers. go into the next medium. I’ve done acrylics, oils, and pen-and-ink. In addition, I love pastels, which is not the “in” thing, though. It’s an interesting medium. It looks like chalk, and your fingers get messy and dirty. In the 1980s, peach and mint, and pink and gray, were popular colors. They are back in now but have been tweaked somewhat. Everything comes back but with a new vibe. What do you enjoy most about painting? I love the connection I have with nature and the ocean—themes I enjoy painting. Before COVID, I used to go to Costa Rica for two months every winter, and I’d bring my paint brushes, paper, and computer and work from there with the birds. I live in the city now, but I am looking to go back to the country. I need to be in the country and hear the birds. For more info, visit lisaauditart.com 46 | GOOD TO BE HOME Sophie Grenier Photographe goodtobehomemag.com | 47 Sophie Grenier Photographe Lisa Audit

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