Canadian commercial artist Lisa Audit is known for her beautiful watercolors of flowers, birds, and other natural scenes which adorn a variety of home products. Here she shares how she has found professional success through a combination of talent and luck and reveals her dreams for the future. Have you always been interested in art? Art has always been instinctive and very easy for me. When people asked me, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I would say, “I am going to be a painter.” They would look at me like, “OK, good luck!” I studied graphic arts in college in Sherbrooke, Quebec. In a graphic arts course, you learn about illustration, photography, and other skills but I was strongest in illustration. interview with: LISA AUDIT written by: LAUREN KIM Lisa Audit York Wallcoverings How did you start working as an artist? My aunt gave me a clipping from a newspaper for a job at a wallpaper company. I got the job and learned how to create wallpaper patterns. A designer from a New York company came to visit to sell wallpaper designs, and I said I’d like to work for them on the side making wallpaper images. They also had clients in the bedding industry. I would work weekdays at the wallpaper company and weekends for the New York company. Thanks to my aunt, I am where I am today. 42 | GOOD TO BE HOME Sophie Grenier Photographe York Wallcoverings goodtobehomemag.com | 43

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