A NOTE FROM Reginald W. Coopwood, MD When I’m in my office at Regional One Health, I can hear the helicopters coming in, landing on the roof to bring patients to our trauma center. Every time, I think about not only the patient, but the terrified loved ones who were ripped out of a normal day and dropped into a nightmare. But I also think about how those helicopters are racing those patients to expert medical care, and to doctors and nurses with compassion and skill. They’re racing them toward hope. It’s the same hope a family feels when a premature baby who would otherwise be too fragile to survive is cared for in our NICU, the same hope a burn victim experiences when they walk into the healing cocoon of our hyperbaric oxygen chamber, the same hope a couple holds onto when our high-risk pregnancy team describes an innovative surgery that could save their unborn baby. It’s a hope that keeps people going during the toughest times of their lives. And it’s a hope that you, our generous donors, help to provide. As I listen to those helicopters, I also think about what would happen if there weren’t men and women atop a rooftop in downtown Memphis waiting to provide a second chance at life. Without Regional One Health, thousands of families would be forever broken rather than welcoming home survivors. Tens of thousands of parents would be mourning lost babies rather than raising their children. Countless burn victims would be living with devastating wounds rather than returning to fulfilling lives. Mothers would be saying goodbye to babies they never got to know rather than cradling precious newborns in their arms. Regional One Health improves lives, and our impact extends far beyond Shelby County or even the sixstate region our specialized services reach. That is because our impact is not limited to the individual. We have trained over half the doctors in Tennessee and continue to build the next generation of physicians. We are advocating for innovation to improve health care for everyone. We are enhancing care for patients with the most complex needs to ease the personal and societal burden of frequent emergency room visits and extended hospital stays. Donors like you support our ability to effect positive change, both in individual lives and in the overall field of health care. Because of you, we can continue to bring in the best minds and give them the resources they need to do the toughest, most impactful work of their careers. And because of you, when I sit at my desk and hear those helicopters come in, I can know that they’re heading exactly where they need to go – to a place of calm amid chaos, a port in the storm, a team prepared to help when people are thrust from normal to nightmare. To hope. Reginald W. Coopwood, MD President and CEO Regional One Health regionalonehealth.org/foundation/change-a-life-donate-today/ 1

2 Regional One Health Foundation

A NOTE FROM Dr. Jan Young When Regional One Health leaders approached us in 2016 about supporting a new model of care for our city’s most vulnerable residents, we listened. At the Assisi Foundation of Memphis, our mission is effective philanthropy, guided by a special legacy of service for the public good. “Our moral imperative is to never forget to serve those who live in the shadows: the poor, the sick; the handicapped, the abandoned.” Their aspirational promise was that the ONE Health initiative would address more than health, meeting patients where they are and helping with housing, food, employment and more. Recognizing the challenge organizations face to coordinate resources more effectively, their plan to have skilled social workers and clinicians work with community partners was not only compelling but in alignment with the goals of the Foundation. In 2017, the Assisi Foundation Board approved a three-year grant to support ONE Health to initiate the strategy to address not only the presenting health issue but the additional complexities of managing contributing social determinants. With ONE Health, Regional One Health built a model of whole-person care initially focused on “super-utilizers” – patients who make the most emergency department visits and inpatient hospital stays. The original vision for ONE Health has come to fruition and is making a transformative, life-changing impact on numerous people throughout our community. To date, more than 200 patients have enrolled in ONE Health and worked with the complex care team to create their health and social management plans. The early results are impressive. ONE Health has over 60 “graduates,” stable patients who are now able to live more independently. Regional One Health is seeing significant drops in emergency visits and inpatient admissions among ONE Health patients, as well as big improvements in common health indicators like blood pressure and blood sugar screenings. The ONE Health team delivered on the promise. The Assisi Foundation joins others nationally to acknowledge the noteworthy and exceptional efforts of Regional One Health Foundation and the ONE Health team in creating systems to ensure the long-term health and wellbeing of our community. With the combined support of generous donors like you, Regional One Health will continue to build a brighter, healthier future for all Memphians. Dr. Jan Young Executive Director The Assisi Foundation of Memphis, Inc. regionalonehealth.org/foundation/change-a-life-donate-today/ 3

Your Dollars at Work 6 Impact Report 8 Making Memphis Healthier One Relationship at a Time 10 What is the Future of Health Care? 16 A Legacy of Life 20 Normal Life, Typical Boys 4 Regional One Health Foundation 24 BOARD OF DIRECTORS Bob Moore, Chairman Michael Hess, Vice-Chair Scott Franklin, Secretary Tim Clay, Treasurer Alison Barton Chris Bird Trey Carter Eric Epperson Lavelle Fitch Jodie Gilmore Helen Gronauer Steve Guinn Lee Harper Lisa Jehl R.E. Linkous Michael Nichols Henry Nixon, Jr. Frank Quinn Jenny Robertson Paulo Teixeira STAFF Tammie Ritchey Senior Vice President Chief Development Officer Sheilla Brown Development Associate Mary Catherine Burke Director of Events Patrick Byrne Director of Development Rachel Alkire Development Officer, Major Gifts Jevonte C. Porter Development Officer, Annual Giving Marsha Evans Foundation Operations Manager CONTRIBUTORS Kelly Josephsen, Jason Wommack GIVE 901.545.6006 regionalonehealth.org/foundation/ change-a-life-donate-today/

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Your Dollars At Work The support of our donors helps Regional One Health provide world-class medical treatment to our community. In fiscal year 2019, the Regional One Health Foundation was able to grant more than $3 million to various needs thanks to your generosity. Here is a snapshot of how these gifts improved services and patient care in departments throughout the system: Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU): 45 NICView Cameras for our NICU babies. These small cameras attach to bassinettes and beds, allowing parents to view their baby securely from their phone anytime, anywhere. As our NICU celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2018, its graduates joined Regional One Health doctors and nurses to reflect on a legacy of giving over 45,000 critically ill babies a second chance at life. Your donations have been crucial to supporting not only these fragile infants, but the entire family. Read more on page 20. Critical Care Waiting Room: 38 sleep recliners Inpatient Rehab: Bladder scanner, 14 sleep recliners, 2 sleeper sofas Subacute Care Unit: Hoyer lift, bladder scanner, 6 sleep recliners, the “It’s Never 2 Late” technology, which helps patients and families use computers regardless of physical and intellectual abilities Burn: Accuvein, 5 lidco monitors The Foundation helps ensure the Firefighters Burn Center has the latest technology and training. For Samir Alniswan, who spent six months at the burn center and endured over 40 surgeries, it was the difference between life and death. Read more on page 28. Perioperative Services: Lithotripsy system, new tracking cabinet, new ultrasound General Intensive Care Unit (GICU): Portable ultrasound machine, bladder scanner, 5 CRRT machines, which provide a form of dialysis in which the patient’s blood is removed and filtered 6 Regional One Health Foundation

Women’s Services: 5 birthing beds Regional One Health’s High-Risk Obstetrics practice is the only one of its kind in the region, and your donations help our team care for both mothers and babies. For Gail and Jeff Duncan, that meant what felt at times like a science fiction movie has resulted in a life full of the normal joys of parenthood. Read more on page 24. Trauma Stepdown Unit: 10 new Stryker chairs, bladder scanner Trauma Intensive Care Unit (TICU): 2 bladder scanners, 2 Swan boxes, which provide more intuitive, meaningful monitoring of blood pressure and heart function in critical patients ONE Health: More than $779,000 Our donors help ONE Health care for patients’ medical and social needs. Data shows ONE Health is succeeding, but it is the stories of patients like Alaenor and Shanyn that truly highlight just what a blessing our complex care team is for vulnerable Memphians. Read more on page 10. Environmental Services: New Clorox UV Light System Ambulatory Women’s Services: 2 new ultrasound machines Center for Innovation: More than $186,000 At the Center for Innovation, the Foundation supports work that can make health care better not only within our own walls, but across the globe. The innovators at Cast21 and SweetBio are at the forefront of that effort thanks to the access they’ve received at Regional One Health. Read more on page 16. Pharmacy: The Foundation has paid more than $200,000 in co-pays for our most vulnerable patients this year. This includes patients in our Adult Special Care Center, Sickle Cell, primary care sites and many infusion patients. Trauma: Creation of a debriefing room Our Elvis Presley Trauma Center is the only Level-1 Trauma Center in a 150-mile radius, so grants from the Foundation have literally helped save lives across the Mid-South. Haley McCommon is grateful to count herself among them after a terrifying ATV accident took her from carefree 19-year-old to fighting for her life. Read more on page 32. regionalonehealth.org/foundation/change-a-life-donate-today/ 7

FY2019 Financial Report (July 1, 2018-June 30, 2019) FY2019 DOLLARS GRANTED TO REGIONAL ONE HEALTH $1,441,924.00 Other technology and equipment purchases / training / staff support $30,000.00 (0.9%) $30,600.00 (0.9%) Breast Cancer Screenings $33,000.00 (1%) Nursing Professional Development Diabetes Staff Position $47,841.00 (1.5%) Equipment for Emergency Department $65,825.00 Equipment for Burn Center $102,025.00 High-Risk OB Birthing beds and other necessities 2015-2019 Total Contributions to Regional One Health Foundation FY2015 FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 $1,255,747.30 $1,319,771.00 $1,757,911.23 $2,683,689.24 $2,249,124.71 8 Regional One Health Foundation $3,243,638.99 FY2019 DOLLARS GRANTED to Regional One Health 9.9% 2% 3.1% 5.7% 6.3% $322,459.00 $204,175.00 Trauma Center: new technology, equipment; training for nurses $186,391.66 Center for Innovation NICU: NicView 2 Camera System, new beds, care monitors 44.5% 24% $779,398.33 ONE Health (Population Health Strategy) 1% 1.5% 0.9% 0.9%

FY2019 TOTAL CONTRIBUTIONS: $2,249,124.71 ONE Night Gala 35.3% 25.6% FY2019 CONTRIBUTIONS to Regional One Health Foundation 2.4% 4.7% 9.4% 22.1% $793,924.00 $575,892.10 $497,500.00 Community Donations Grants FY2019 CONTRIBUTIONS by Source 42.4% $952,734.00 Corporations $779,589.00 Individuals FY2019 DONORS by Source 94.3% 1,936 Total Donors 1,825 Individuals 105 Corporations 6 Foundations/Estates regionalonehealth.org/foundation/change-a-life-donate-today/ 9 5.4% 0.3% 34.7% $386,394.00 Foundations/Estates 17.2% Other 5.8% $130,407.71 $210,722.54 $105,701.21 $53,380.40 Employee Donations ONE Round Elvis Presley License Plate and Store Sales

ONE Health Nurse Case Manager Antoinette Flowers, BSN, RN (left) works closely with patients like Shanyn (right) to address medical and social needs. “They take care of everything...medications, internal medicine appointments, specialist appointments, transportation – I mean everything!” Shanyn says.

Making Memphis Healthier One Relationship at a Time With the Regional One Health Foundation’s support, ONE Health is addressing complex needs to lift up our city’s most vulnerable residents. By The Reverend Alaenor Faye London “I got a blessing,” said the soft-spoken voice coming from the woman with the big personality. This was her first response to my question, “How did you come into contact with the ONE Health team at Regional One Health?” When I met Shanyn for the first time, I didn’t know she had celebrated six months sober about 72 hours before our meeting. I also didn’t know she was only eight days away from moving into stable housing after walking away from 25 years of active addiction and, as she put it, “a man who wasn’t very nice to me.” As Shanyn spoke to me about her shame and how she found herself losing significant relationships with family, friends and even her faith because of feelings of “unworthiness,” I began to understand something about her. She is the blessing of which she thought herself unworthy. Shanyn told me that after seeking detox and short-term intensive outpatient therapy, she became violently ill and was rushed to the Regional One Health Emergency Department. regionalonehealth.org/foundation/change-a-life-donate-today/ 11

After an inpatient stay, Shanyn asked a family member to pick up her medications, but he could not afford them because she has no health insurance. When he asked if there was anyone he could talk to about the cost of the medications, the pharmacy contacted Megan Williams, manager of ONE Health, who promptly fixed the problem. Williams was able to offer coverage for the cost of the medications because Shanyn qualified for the ONE Health program. Williams then introduced Shanyn to a social worker, Renesa Clemons, who could help her deal with ongoing issues. This moment of intervention, Shanyn tells me, is what she means when she says, “I got a blessing.” I contend that, while this was indeed a blessing, it was just one of many. As we spoke, Shanyn described a profound loneliness that nearly strangled her as she plodded through each day. Her body language showed shame as she downplayed her sobriety by saying “these six little months,” but brightened up when she began to recall her first session with her ONE Health social worker. “During our first meeting, Renesa pulled out flashcards with different needs on them and asked me to put them in order of importance to me. That was I’m not ashamed anymore. I even went back to my old church and they were happy to see me! SHANYN, ONE HEALTH PATIENT 12 Regional One Health Foundation

so smart! I’ve never had that done. And once that was done, she got to work,” Shanyn said. “And you know they really work as a team. Renesa has never once told me ‘no,’ because if she can’t do it, she will get help from one of the other ladies and they will work it out together.” For nearly an hour, Shanyn and I – both 45, both women of faith, both having struggled with addiction and family trauma, both having felt invisible except for our mistakes, both having nearly died as a result of attempts to self-medicate and both having received truly patient-centered care for the first time when we met as patients of the ONE Health team – cried tears of joy and relief as we realized that by simply surveying how we perceive our needs and helping us fulfill as many of those as possible, ONE Health might literally have saved our lives. At that moment, sitting together sharing our experience, I realized how her life story blessed me. The ONE Health team helps patients navigate what can be an exhausting maze of medical and social services necessary to create and maintain healthy lives. Shanyn might have said it best: “They take care of everything... medications, internal medicine appointments, specialist appointments, transportation – I mean everything!” They do it with a humility that allows them to partner with other community organizations to fully meet the needs of their clients whose life situations and needs are the most complex. The ONE Health team has an indepth understanding of how health is impacted by external factors and how mitigating or eliminating those factors creates space for a healthier life. ONE Health team members Megan Williams (left) and Susan Cooper (right), help complex care patients like Shanyn (center) make fewer trips to the emergency room and avoid inpatient hospital stays. regionalonehealth.org/foundation/change-a-life-donate-today/ 13

ONE Health is all about building positive relationships, and Shanyn said Renesa Clemons, LCSW, impressed her immediately by taking the time to talk to her about prioritizing her needs. As a person who entered this program over a year ago because of physical health issues and has dealt with my addiction, I can say with full-throated authority that the relationship-building approach is so much more effective than the shaming and blaming approach of most healthcare agencies. ONE Health is making sure they hear the voices of their patients while attempting to craft the best care possible for people who find themselves in difficult situations. We are people. We deserve good healthcare like everyone else. For us, good healthcare may mean digging a little deeper to find the root cause of the drivers of utilization. I find myself holding on more each day because I know Megan, Renesa and my therapist at Alliance Healthcare Services are pulling for me. This is because of the relationship we have built together. This relationship-building approach also finds its expression in Shanyn’s life, partially through the nonjudgmental model of complex care. “I’m not ashamed anymore. I even went back to my old church and they were happy to see me!” she said. My true calling is to reduce stigma around illness and recognize it is harmful to the health of the individual and the community. As a minister who lives with alcoholism and several other severe mental and physical health diagnoses, I am grateful every day for these professionals who make their work just personal enough to be useful. My favorite example of this is the joy – the genuine joy – they express when one of their patients gets housed, finds a job, finishes their GED or celebrates a sobriety birthday. As Shanyn and I cried together, we both agreed this treatment model deserves more attention. The Reverend Alaenor Faye London is currently a ONE Health patient. She is an advocate for health care and the founder and primary contributor at The Whole Human: A Movement from the Margins. 14 Regional One Health Foundation

AVOIDED AVOIDED NUMBERS BY THE 224 PATIENTS APRIL 2018 – JUNE 2019 35 65 OF 224 HAVE GRADUATED, DEEMED TO HAVE ACHIEVED “SELF-SUFFICIENCY” HOMELESS ENROLLEES ARE NOW IN STABLE HOUSING 18 $7,486,023 452 AVOIDED IN TOTAL COSTS RIDES VIA UBER, TAXI OR SPECIALTY TRANSPORT VEHICLE PROVIDED TO 124 ENROLLEES TO CLINIC VISITS PUTTING CARE AT THE CENTER 2019 Regional One Health cohosted Putting Care at the Center 2019, the annual conference of the National Center for Complex Health and Social Needs – a recognition of the success of ONE Health. The conference, held November 13-15 at the Peabody Memphis, brought together 700 national leaders to outline the next steps in the emerging field of complex care so they can achieve better outcomes for patients with complex needs. “We firmly believe every Memphian deserves great health,” said Regional One Health Senior Vice President Susan Cooper. “The issues complex patients face can’t all be solved by a health system, so we are building real, meaningful partnerships and embracing new partnerships for the future development of this program and the improved health of our patients.” regionalonehealth.org/foundation/change-a-life-donate-today/ 15 306 75.4 INPATIENT ADMISSIONS REDUCTION 2,664 78.6 INPATIENT DAYS REDUCTION AVOIDED 1,339 68.8 REDUCTION 60 EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT VISITS QUALIFIED PATIENTS SECURED INSURANCE BENEFITS RESULTING IN $2.28M NEW REIMBURSEMENTS TO REGIONAL ONE HEALTH

Alejandra Alvarez, Director of the Center of Innovation; and Ashley Moy, CEO of Cast21, embrace disruptive thinking as a way to improve health care for patients everywhere. 16 Regional One Health Foundation

What is the Future of Health Care? Regional One Health doctors and patients are helping answer that question thanks to the Center for Innovation. Regional One Health’s Center for Innovation opened in 2016 based on the idea that thinking outside the box is uniquely important in health care, where finding a better way can improve how doctors care for their patients and reveal new ways to provide hope and healing. It was a bold move for a health care system to make, but it is thriving thanks to support from senior leadership and the Regional One Health Foundation. “It’s outside the norms to give access to innovators,” said Alejandra Alvarez, Center for Innovation Director. “Health care is typically a closed environment. But we believe care is not just about what’s good for Regional One Health, it’s about what’s good for the industry.” It’s a philosophy that is proving attractive to entrepreneurs. The center’s spirit of discovery first caught the attention of Cast21, a company that had created a new orthotic to heal bone fractures without the inconvenience of a traditional cast. Their sleek webbed sleeve — which is breathable, waterproof and lightweight — had earned certification as an FDA Class I medical device. The time had come to test and refine it. Cast21 CEO Ashley Moy said the Center for Innovation stepped up to the plate. Over the past year, Regional One Health has given her company a chance to not only see real doctors and patients use the orthotic but to also learn about everything from how hospitals vet and purchase products to how they train their staff to use them. regionalonehealth.org/foundation/change-a-life-donate-today/ 17

The team at Cast21 is testing an orthotic device that they hope will heal fractures without the hassle of a traditional cast. “Feedback is extremely valuable to us,” Moy explained. “We’ve already made changes in light of what they’ve said.” Moy and VP of Engineering Veronica Hogg started by training surgeons to apply and remove the product, a simple process that takes only 10-15 minutes and leaves the patient with an effective — and cool-looking — protective device in a color of their choosing. When the surgeons raised questions, such as how to apply the sleeve on a trauma patient who is lying flat rather than sitting, Moy and Hogg found answers. Soon enough, the device was ready to be used on patients, who were also encouraged to provide feedback. We believe care is not just about what’s good for Regional One Health, it’s about what’s good for the industry. Marijo Cox welcomed that opportunity after she broke her wrist in a car accident. Marijo was initially fitted with a splint from her fingers to over her elbow: “It was big and cumbersome,” she said, remembering how much she had been dreading being stuck in it for weeks. Then she was offered the Cast21 device. “The doctor brought it in and told me it’s much more comfortable, it’s lighter, you can shower in it, and asked me if I’d be interested. I took one look at the big cast I was wearing and one look at the one in his hand and I said, ‘Yes, please!’” Marijo said her experience was excellent, and the only problem was minor irritation around her fingers. Based on her feedback, the Cast21 team again jumped into action, making changes to enhance patient comfort. As they get closer to taking their product to market, Moy said they are in a better position thanks to the access they received at Regional One Health. 18 Regional One Health Foundation

Cast21's product is breathable, lightweight and can even get wet. Regional One Health patients who have tried it give it positive reviews. The Cast21 team trained Regional One Health surgeons on how to apply their device on patients. As Cast21 moves forward, so too does the Center for Innovation. Alvarez recently announced a partnership with SweetBio, which bioengineered a new material using Manuka honey and created a wound care device with the potential to combine the effectiveness of an advanced dressing with the convenience of a traditional dressing. At Regional One Health, they’ll test the product on the management of wounds such as ulcers, surgical sites and more. Kayla Rodriguez Graff, SweetBio cofounder and CEO, calls it the next phase of her company’s story — and one that wouldn’t happen without the Center for Innovation. Alvarez is equally excited, noting it’s another step toward the center’s ultimate goal of creating an environment where Regional One Health takes the lead in turning Memphis into a hub for creating the health care of the future: “We want to build an ecosystem in Memphis that attracts innovators to improve health care and help the city grow. We’re successful if they’re successful.” What they do: Utilize Manuka honey to bioengineer medical devices for healing wounds such as abrasions, ulcers, trauma injuries and surgical sites sweetbi Products: Apis, an FDA-approved resorbable membrane in which honey improves healing Headquarters: CommuniTech Research Park, Memphis Founded: 2015 by sister and brother Kayla Rodriguez-Graff and Isaac Rodriguez Key achievements: Springboard Enterprises Health Innovation Hub 2019 alum, ZeroTo510 and LaunchTN graduate, finalist in Steve Case’s 2018 Rise of the Rest tour, featured in Forbes magazine and on 60 Minutes Learn more: sweetbio.com

A Legacy Of Life Dr. Sheldon B. Korones founded the Regional One Health neonatal intensive care unit in 1968 to give every baby a chance at quality care and a healthy life. Fifty years ago, when a baby was born too early in Memphis, the odds of survival were based heavily on his or her zip code. The city’s infant mortality rate was alarmingly high, especially in its poorer neighborhoods. It took a man on a mission to change that for the better. Dr. Sheldon B. Korones believed no baby should suffer or die simply because their family could not afford quality health care. In 1968, appalled by the disparity in care for the city’s rich and poor, he gave up a lucrative private practice to open a NICU at Memphis’ public hospital. The legacy he built through countless hours of personal effort and sheer force of will continues at the facility that now bears his name, Regional One Health’s Sheldon B. Korones Newborn Center. And it is a legacy that is felt in homes throughout the Mid-South. It is there every time Amanda Bass watches son Owen run around like the healthy toddler he is, in every hug Angela Sims gives daughter Nori Grace, in every family dinner the Actons sit down to together, in thousands of MidSouth families that are complete thanks to expert NICU care. Many of those families joined Regional One Health last year at an event to celebrate the newborn center’s half-century mark. regionalonehealth.org/foundation/change-a-life-donate-today/ 21

It is one of the hardest yet one of the most supported and loved journeys we have been through. AMANDA BASS MOTHER OF NICU GRADUATE Now under the leadership of Medical Director Ajay Tatati, MD, it has treated over 45,000 premature and critically-ill babies using the revolutionary interdisciplinary approach Dr. Korones spearheaded 50 years ago when neonatology was still a fledgling medical specialty. Expert doctors and nurses are joined by specially trained social workers to provide medical care and help families cope with challenges of caring for a premature or critically-ill infant. For the Bass family, the anniversary was a chance to celebrate 18-monthold Owen with the men and women who saved his life. “We thanked them and we hugged them and told them how much we appreciated their love and care for our child when we couldn’t do it,” Amanda said. Amanda was hospitalized at Regional One Health during her entire high-risk pregnancy and was in intensive care after giving birth, and she knows it was harrowing for her husband. But doctors and nurses walked at his side every step of the way: “It is one of the hardest yet one of the most supported and loved journeys we have been through,” she said. Angela Sims marked the 50th while watching Nori Grace have a butterfly painted on her face. Angela Sims was terrified the first time she saw her daughter connected to tubes and machines in the NICU – but the support she received helped her get past her fears and help Nori Grace thrive. 22 Regional One Health Foundation Angela admitted she at first had a hard time visiting Nori Grace in the NICU. She was terrified by her daughter’s tiny size and all the machines she was connected to. But that fear eased its grip, nudged aside by support from doctors and nurses. “You all took away the nervousness that I had,” Angela said. “You made me feel so supported during that difficult time in my life.”

The Acton family also spoke of support as they joined the celebration. Cameron Acton wasn’t your typical NICU baby. Born 10 days late, he was bigger than his fellow patients but no less vulnerable. After a healthy pregnancy, Travis and Andrea Acton had felt ready to welcome their third child. “We thought as experienced parents, that we had everything – that we were prepared,” Travis said. “But things changed so fast.” Cameron was born by emergency C-section, and doctors and nurses rushed to save both mom and baby. “For my husband, he had to see Cameron come out not responsive and see what I was going through and the panic everyone was under,” Andrea said. But just half a year later, “We have our child here and I have my wife here thanks to Regional One Health; thanks to the newborn center. It’s special to me,” Travis said. Just as it is to more and more Mid-South families every day. Thanks to the support from our caring donors, the team at the newborn center continues to advance medical treatment through innovation, new technology, training, and compassion, giving life to fragile infants and to Dr. Korones’ legacy of ensuring every child is given a fighting chance. Born 10 days past full-term, Cameron Acton wasn’t your typical tiny NICU baby – but when a harrowing delivery left him in need of lifesaving care, the Sheldon B. Korones Newborn Center team provided the compassion and care he needed. regionalonehealth.org/foundation/change-a-life-donate-today/ 23

Garrett and Gunner Duncan are typical little boys who love doing karate, riding bikes and playing outdoors – but their start in life was anything but ordinary, and their parents are grateful to Regional One Health’s Maternal Fetal Medicine team for making it happen.

Normal Life, Typical Boys There was a time when life was anything but. Gail and Jeff Duncan cherish day-to-day moments with twins Garrett and Gunner knowing that it took high-tech science to get them there. Gail Duncan remembers the procedure that saved her babies as something out of a sci-fi movie, with a parade of doctors in white lab coats and a laser aimed at her from across the room. While the lead-up felt otherworldly, the ending to the story is entirely and beautifully human: two precious babies who are now busy, healthy little boys. Regional One Health’s highly-specialized Maternal Fetal Medicine program, the region’s only one of its kind, helped give Gail and husband Jeff that happy outcome. “It was an incredible experience. I truly believe we were meant to be in Memphis and to come across their group,” she said. “They’re fantastic. I can’t say enough about them.” Gail and Jeff were moving to Memphis from Manchester, Tennessee, when she learned she was expecting identical twins, meaning she’d need close monitoring. Research led her to Giancarlo Mari, MD, FACOG, medical director of Regional One Health’s High-Risk Obstetrics Program. “At my first appointment, they did a very thorough ultrasound,” said Gail, who was 21 weeks along at the time. “I remember very clearly that after the lady did the ultrasound, she kind of disappeared for a little while. Dr. Mari came in and started looking. I knew something was up.” regionalonehealth.org/foundation/change-a-life-donate-today/ 25

When Gail Duncan learned she was expecting identical twins and would need close monitoring, her research led her to Dr. Giancarlo Mari and the Maternal Fetal Medicine practice at Regional One Health. It was Twin-Twin Transfusion Syndrome, a rare condition where blood flows unevenly between twins sharing a placenta. Without treatment, Gail’s twins had a 10 percent chance of survival. “Dr. Mari started telling me the options, including a laser procedure he said was the absolute best option. This was Wednesday, and he told me, ‘I can get you in Friday.’” Gail scheduled the procedure, a Laser Ablation Placental Anastomoses, in which doctors use a camera to guide a laser through a mother’s stomach and uterus into the placenta. They laser abnormal connections, being careful not to disrupt healthy connections that benefit the babies. The carefully choreographed operation followed years of preparation. Gail was one of Regional One Health’s first maternal fetal medicine patients to undergo the twin to twin transfusion procedure. This service was made possible years earlier when the health care system worked with Dr. Mari on assembling highly-specialized equipment funded by Regional One Health Foundation donors. They added Mauro Schenone, MD, and Pedro Argoti, MD to the team, and began preparing to treat patients. They created strict standards, stating procedures must be the only way to prevent miscarriage or death, and stipulated that all surgeries be done at Regional One Health, where there are resources to protect both baby and mother. 26 Regional One Health Foundation Gunner and Garrett were born healthy at 35 weeks thanks to a high-tech procedure at Regional One Health.

Then, they trained tirelessly. “We worked very hard to prove we were ready,” Dr. Schenone said. “We wouldn’t take a patient until after many simulations where the team showed we were ready to go from assembly to checking equipment to lasering a placenta.” Their diligence paid off for Gail, whose procedure went perfectly. “I knew things would be OK when Dr. Mari asked me if we’d picked out names,” she said. Finally, at 35 weeks, Garrett and Gunner decided the time had come. Today, they are healthy, active, normal little boys. Garrett takes being born two minutes before Gunner to heart. He’s more likely to take the lead, and loves to color and listen to books. Gunner is more active physically, with a big imagination and sense of humor. Both boys love karate, and they’ll start kindergarten next year. “They’re just typical boys. They love to play outside and run and ride bikes,” Gail said. She’s grateful to Regional One Health for giving them that chance. “I don’t want to think about what would have happened if we hadn’t found Regional One Health – one or both of them may not have survived,” she said. “I truly felt like they were rooting for us. They wanted the boys to be healthy, and they wanted to do everything they possibly could to get them there.” That’s what drives the Maternal Fetal Medicine team, the only one in the region that treats Twin-Twin Transfusion Syndrome and other rare lifethreatening conditions. “It’s a very unique program,” Dr. Schenone said. “There are 10-20 centers in the whole country, and we’re one of them. In this area of the map, we’re it. The stakes are high, and babies are referred typically with a very somber prognosis. Our days aren’t always sunny, but those cases where you help a baby survive, it keeps you going. It’s a beautiful experience.” Today, the Duncans are a happy family of four. “They’re just typical boys,” Gail says of Gunner and Garrett. regionalonehealth.org/foundation/change-a-life-donate-today/ 27

Samir Alniswan spent six months at the Firefighters Burn Center and endured over 40 surgeries to repair injuries to his chest, abdomen, face, arms, and legs. 28 Regional One Health Foundation

The Heart Of a Lion Samir Alniswan’s courage, will to survive and the expert care he received at the Firefighters Burn Center helped him return home to continue his rehabilitation. On the day he is discharged from Regional One Health’s Firefighters Burn Center, Samir Alniswan wears a black shirt emblazoned with the face of a lion. It’s an image that conjures up many meanings: Power. Strength. Courage. After suffering devastating burns, Samir needed all of those things to survive. He also needed the unique medical expertise and state-of-the-art technology that the compassionate Burn Center team have developed with support from the Regional One Health Foundation. “If I had gone to any other hospital, I don’t think I would have made it. They’ve got amazing doctors,” Samir said. “I tell people, ‘This is the hospital to go to: don’t give up, because they’ll save you.’ They did surgery after surgery to save my leg. They went above and beyond.” Burn specialist Ram Velamuri, MD and William Hickerson, MD, the center’s medical director, were among the first to treat Samir, who had injuries to his chest, abdomen, face, arms, and legs. “He had extremely deep burns to 60 percent of his body,” Dr. Velamuri said. “The burns to his legs, especially the left leg, extended all the way to the bone.” regionalonehealth.org/foundation/change-a-life-donate-today/ 29

Dr. Hickerson gave me a hug and told me, ‘I’ll save your husband because you’re like my daughter. I promise you, just give me time.’ And he did. It’s an amazing hospital. AMY ALINSWAN The soft tissue and ligament structure of Samir’s legs were destroyed, leading to significant loss of mobility. Four fingers on his right hand were amputated, and deep burns limited movement in his wrists. Over six months, Samir had more than 40 surgeries along with kidney dialysis, blood thinners, a ventilator, antibiotics, and treatment for abnormal heart rhythm. But after all that, Samir was able to not only survive but to also return to his own home. His success is due to an interdisciplinary approach at Regional One Health that includes doctors and nurses in intensive care and burn, rehab therapists, pharmacists, nutritionists, and social workers. They come together to treat the most severely burned patients from Tennessee, Arkansas, southern Missouri, Mississippi and Kentucky at the Firefighters Burn Center, the only facility of its kind in a 400-mile radius verified by the American Burn Association. 30 Regional One Health Foundation

“We use techniques that are different and unique, and we give the patient hope,” Dr. Velamuri said. “We focus not only on life but function. It’s not just about the care we provide while they’re in the hospital, it’s about seeing them leave functioning as close to possible as they were before they were injured.” Dr. Ram Velamuri said the burn center’s interdisciplinary approach helps patients like Samir conquer their injuries. “We use techniques that are different and unique, and we give the patient hope,” he said. “It’s not just about the care we provide while they’re in the hospital, it’s about seeing them leave functioning as close to possible as they were before they were injured.” For Samir’s wife Amy, that approach was a blessing, starting from day one. “Dr. Hickerson gave me a hug and told me, ‘I’ll save your husband because you’re like my daughter. I promise you, just give me time.’ And he did. It’s an amazing hospital.” It continued with Samir’s physical therapy, as Sandra Fletchall, OTR/L, CHT, MPA, FAOTA, burn rehabilitation manager, helped rebuild his strength and give him new ways to get dressed, brush his teeth, eat, get in and out of rooms and cars. “People think, ‘I can’t do it the way I used to, so I can’t do it at all,’” Fletchall said. “But it doesn’t mean it’s the end, it just means it’s different, and we have to figure out the way to move forward and the best technique for them to do it.” Fletchall said it’s amazing that Samir not only survived and kept his legs but, “He’s not going into a nursing home. He’s going home.” And as that joyful occasion arrived and Samir said goodbye to a burn center team that had come to feel like family, he knew exactly what he was most excited to get home to. He has a cat who he rescued as a kitten. Samir found the tiny animal wandering in a busy street, its life perched precariously in the hands of the drivers speeding by. He waded into the fray, scooped up the trembling animal and carried him to safety. He’s cared for him ever since, helping him grow from a fragile kitten to thriving cat. Samir named him Simba. In Swahili, it means Lion. Burn Rehabilitation Manager Sandra Fletchall gives patients a new way to be independent after serious injuries: “People think, ‘I can’t do it the way I used to, so I can’t do it at all.’ But it doesn’t mean it’s the end, it just means it’s different, and we have to figure out the way to move forward and the best technique for them to do it.” regionalonehealth.org/foundation/change-a-life-donate-today/ 31

Haley McCommon’s injuries included a lacerated liver and spleen, torn diaphragm, punctured lung, broken collarbone, broken ribs and multiple compression fractures in her spine.

Nightmare Accident, Lifesaving Dream Team Following a rollover ATV accident, Haley McCommon met a group of doctors and nurses who not only saved her life, they inspired her future. Life can change in an instant. One minute, you’re a carefree 19-year-old girl, enjoying a summer day. The next, you’re in a hospital 100 miles away with your spine crushed and an incision from emergency surgery running the length of your stomach. You start asking yourself hard questions: Can I do this? What’s next for me? In June 2018, Haley McCommon was in a rollover ATV accident. At first, she didn’t know just how badly she was hurt. “I didn’t have any blood on me,” Haley recalls. “There was no cell service, so we rode 20 minutes back to town to call 911. When the paramedics got there, they said I didn’t have time to ride in an ambulance. They shut down a local highway and dropped a helicopter down.” She was on her way to Regional One Health’s Elvis Presley Trauma Center. Thanks to highly-trained specialists, cutting-edge technology and ongoing support from the Regional One Health Foundation, the trauma center treats the most critically-ill patients as the only Level 1 Trauma Center in a 150-mile radius. Haley was alert the whole time. She recalls pain and fear, but her first memory of Regional One Health is of humanity and compassion: “I remember a nurse with an Ole Miss scrub-cap leaning over me,” she said. regionalonehealth.org/foundation/change-a-life-donate-today/ 33

You see nine of them standing in a U around her, and once the doors to that trauma bay shut, your heart just goes boom. CASEY MCCOMMON, HALEY’S MOM “He told me he’d stay with me and he wouldn’t leave me all alone.” It was Zack Witcher, and he kept his promise, keeping Haley calm until her mom Casey arrived just in time to see her daughter wheeled into surgery: “You see nine of them standing in a U around her, and once the doors to that trauma bay shut, your heart just goes boom,” Casey said. What Casey and Haley would discover, though, is the trauma team understands that feeling and goes out of their way to comfort patient and family. They would come to refer to them as “Haley’s Dream Team;” Witcher and fellow trauma nurse Joey Omedeo, anesthesiologists Jerry Jones, MD and Blas Catalani, MD, and others who were at Haley’s side for her entire journey. Haley met Dr. Jones, director of the Acute Pain Service, three days in. She was on morphine and was struggling with pain, nausea and an opioid haze. “He took one look at me and said, ‘You’re done with this,’” she recalls. Dr. Jones used continuous peripheral nerve blocks, a procedure he has pioneered to get patients through the acute pain period with few or no Casey McCommon, Dr. Jerry Jones, Haley McCommon and trauma nurse Joey Omedeo will forever share a bond thanks to the compassionate care Haley received at Regional One Health. Haley and Casey call Dr. Jones, Omedeo and others at the hospital “Haley’s Dream Team.” 34 Regional One Health Foundation

opioids. “She’s a young, healthy girl – the last thing we need to do is expose her to all these narcotics,” Dr. Jones said. “If we can control her pain so she can get up and do rehab without exposing her, that’s what we need to do.” Meanwhile, Omedeo kept Haley’s spirts up with humor and kindness. “We had Joey doing pushups on the floor to make me laugh;” she said. “He came in and apologized because the day they got me out of bed the first time was his day off, and he wasn’t there to help.” “Haley’s Dream Team” never made them feel like patients. They made them feel like family. “You weren’t just doing a job. You laughed with us. You cared about us. You were her team,” Casey told Omedeo and Dr. Jones after she and Haley visited to say thank you. Haley added, “You were more than a doctor and nurse. It wasn’t just coming in and taking my vitals and giving me medicine. You don’t realize how much that means to people.” “Haley’s Dream Team” says her experience means just as much to them. “You had the choice to build yourself up and build up those around you,” Omedeo said. “You saw that you can do it and you did it, and that’s so uplifting.” Dr. Jones added, “You had more than enough opportunity to give up or choose a bad course. You could let this ruin your life or you could learn what strong is. The direction you went, you picked it. It’s you who had to get up, get back on your feet and live your life again.” Haley admits wondering if she’d be able to do that but then realizing she had no other choice. And today, she is more than living her live – she’s been inspired to lead a life of helping others: “I’m going back to school,” she said. “I decided I want to be a nurse!” Haley was fitted with a brace after her accident left her with multiple compression fractures in her spine. To read more about Haley’s Dream Team, head to regionalonehealthfoundation.org/dreamteam.mp4 regionalonehealth.org/foundation/change-a-life-donate-today/ 35

ONE Night gala combines amazing music and powerful philanthropy The 2019 ONE Night gala welcomed 900 guests to enjoy unforgettable performances by music legends Chaka Kahn and Billy Ocean, all while supporting the lifesaving work that makes miracles happen every day at Regional One Health. Hosted by co-chairs Jennifer Hobson and Suzana Lightman, ONE Night more than lived up to its reputation as one of the Mid-South’s best parties and most powerful philanthropic events. Funds raised from the gala support the purchase of state-of-the-art medical equipment, advanced training for medical professionals, and initiating programs to combat community health issues. Over the past nine years, the One Night Gala has raised $5,796,235.30. Thanks to everyone who has helped make it a success over the years. 36 Regional One Health Foundation

THE 2020 ONE NIGHT GALA IS SATURDAY, APRIL 18 For information on sponsorships and tickets, contact Patrick Byrne at 901.545.8174 or pbyrne@regionalonehealth.org. Donate.RegionalOneHealthFoundation.org 37

EMPLOYEES SET RECORD Raise $205,000! Last year, Regional One Health employees went “ALL IN” in support of Regional One Health Foundation, raising a record $205,000 during our annual employee giving campaign. Each contribution, from the more than 1,000 employees who participated, played a part in the more than $3 million granted back to various areas the Regional One Health system. Every dollar raised stayed within the hospital and was strategically invested in medical technology, patient care programs, clinical research projects, professional education opportunities, and other initiatives that help improve the health of our patients. To all those who contributed...THANK YOU!

Honor Roll of Donors We are tremendously grateful to have the support of many community members who help save and improve the lives of our patients through their generous contributions. We express this gratitude and recognize these donors through membership in the exclusive giving circles outlined below. All gift recognition levels celebrate the spirit of philanthropy to advance our health care mission. All charitable gifts help to strengthen our institution by providing vital resources for medical technology, research, patient care and community programs. To retain recognition status, donors must continue to make gifts each fiscal year (July 1 – June 30). The Pillar Society: Donors who give $10,000 or more annually. The Founder’s Circle: Donors who give $5,000 or more annually. The President’s Circle: Donors who give $1,000 - $4,999 annually. PILLAR SOCIETY INDIVIDUALS Mr. & Mrs. Damon Arney Mr. & Mrs. Jim Barton, Jr. Anonymous Dr. & Mrs. Reginald Coopwood Mr. Kirk Franklin Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Gilmore Mr. & Mrs. Bob Harper Mr. & Mrs. Michael Lightman, Jr. Mr. Mike Tutor & Mrs. Holly Craft CORPORATIONS AND FOUNDATIONS Alliant Employee Benefits Avectus Healthcare Solutions, LLC Baptist Memorial Health Care BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee Center of Orthotics and Prosthetics, Inc. Connect Healthcare Collaboration Dillard's FedEx Corporation First Horizon Foundation Healthcare Excellence Institute Johnson Auxiliary Gift Shop McVean Trading & Investments, LLC Orion Federal Credit Union Provident Management Consulting Radians, Inc. Scheidt Family Foundation, Inc. Southeastern Asset Management State of Tennessee SunTrust Bank, Inc. The Assisi Foundation of Memphis, Inc. The Hohenberg Charity Trust University of Tennessee Health Science Center Valero Energy Foundation FOUNDER’S CIRCLE INDIVIDUALS Mr. & Mrs. Imad Abdullah Mr. Daniel Case Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Coates Mr. Ronald Coleman Dr. & Mrs. Martin Croce Mr. & Mrs. Steve Guinn Mr. & Mrs. Joel Hobson Mr. & Mrs. Preston Jefferson Dr. & Mrs. Clyde Jones Mr. & Mrs. William Moore Mr. & Mrs. David Popwell Ms. Tammie Ritchey Mrs. Lisa Schafer Dr. Thomas Schroeppel Mr. & Mrs. Phil Shannon Ms. Nancy Smith Mr. & Mrs. Josh Shores Mr. & Mrs. William Stegbauer Ms. Deborah Tipton CORPORATIONS AND FOUNDATIONS Alliance Healthcare Services Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC Bolder Healthcare Solutions Butler Snow Campbell Clinic Cerner Corporation Christian Community Foundation of Memphis and the Mid-South Cigna Healthcare Delta Dental of Tennessee Deupree Family Foundation Dunavant Enterprises, Inc. EnableComp Evolve Bank & Trust Farris Bobango Branan PLC Spine Specialty Center Highland Capital Management Corporation Hospital Wing HRO Partners, LLC Juice Plus+ KPMG Linen King Lipscomb Pitts Insurance, LLC Memphis Grizzlies Charitable Foundation nexAir LLC Pinnacle Financial Partners Regions Financial Corporation Reliant Investment Management, LLC Reventics, Inc. Semmes Murphey St. Jude Children's Research Hospital UnitedHealthcare University Clinical Health UT Regional One Physicians (UTROP) Vizient W.G. Yates & Sons Construction Company regionalonehealth.org/foundation/change-a-life-donate-today/ 39

PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE INDIVIDUALS Dr. Omer Afzal Mr. & Mrs. Ed Apple Ms. Irene Ayotte Mr. Austin Baker Mr. Rand Ballard Mr. & Mrs. Everett Bass Mr. & Mrs. Craig Becker Ms. Nikia Bell Mr. & Mrs. Derrick Bell Mr. Patrick Blankinship Dr. & Mrs. Steven Boggs Ms. Pebble Bordelon Mr. & Mrs. Charles Burkett Dr. & Mrs. David Cannon Mr. Michael Carpenter Mr. Trey Carter Anonymous Cash Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Clay Ms. Hope Clayburn Ms. Susan Cooper Mr. & Mrs. Giles Damron Mr. & Mrs. John Daniel, III Mr. & Ms. Mark Davis Dr. Susan Dean Dr. & Mrs. Ramasubbareddy Dhanireddy Mr. & Mrs. Pat Dougherty Mr. & Mrs. Eric Epperson Ms. Katharine Ericksen Mr. & Mrs. John Farris Ms. Carol Farris Mr. Carlos Fifer Ms. Dina Filiberto Dr. & Mrs. Peter Fischer Ms. Lavelle Fitch Ms. Yolanda Fitzgerald Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Floyd Ms. Anne Forbus Mr. & Mrs. William Franklin Dr. Nadish Garg Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Gipson Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Goodwin Ms. Barbara Haines Ms. Elise Hamdorff Mr. Mike Hammersmith Mr. & Mrs. Eddie Hardin 40 Regional One Health Foundation Dr. Brenda Hardy Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Harrison Mrs. Tanya Hart Mr. & Mrs. Ricky Heros Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hooks Mr. & Mrs. John Houseal Mr. & Mrs. Tom Hutton Mr. Andrew Inglis Mr. & Mrs. King Johnson Dr. & Mrs. Jerry Jones Mr. Booker Jones Mr. Justin Lachey Mr. Nathaniel Landau Mr. & Mrs. Michael Lightman, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. R.E. Linkous Mr. & Mrs. Robert Loeb Mrs. Danielle Lombard-Sims Dr. & Mrs. Louis Magnotti Ms. Christine Maxwell Mrs. Pamela McBride Mr. Kirk McGuire Mr. & Mrs. T. Wayne Mitchell Mr. & Mrs. Bob Moore Ms. Jane Morris Dr. Linda Moses-Simmons Mr. & Mrs. Jason Neel Mr. Aaron Neglia Ms. Contemprist Nelson Mr. & Mrs. Mike Nichols Capt. & Mrs. Henry Nixon, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Ashley Pace Mr. & Mrs. Bret Perisho Mr. & Mrs. Johnny Pitts Mr. & Mrs. James Proctor Mr. & Mrs. Scott Ready Ms. Betty Rice Mr. Bobby Robinson Ms. Randa Rosenblum Ms. Valerie Russell-Scott Dr. Mary Ryan Mr. & Mrs. Clayton Sapp Mr. & Mrs. John Sheahan Ms. Jacqueline Smartt Ms. Leslie Smith Mr. and Mrs. James Sneed Drs. Laurie & Trevelin Sprabery Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Steinberg Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Tate Dr. Loyrirk Temiyakarn Mr. & Dr. Darrell Thomas Mr. & Mrs. James Thomas Ms. Pat Tigrett Ms. Leticia Towns Mrs. Renee Trammell Mr. & Mrs. Charles Vance Ms. Morgan Ward Ms. Nicole Washington Mr. & Mrs. Mike Wilson Mr. & Mrs. Ed Yendrek CORPORATIONS AND FOUNDATIONS American Program Management, LLC Bella Vita, Inc Capitol Resources, LLC Car Max Care Logistics Community Foundation of Greater Memphis Cotton Row Uniques, LLC Data Blue, LLC Desi Female Doctors of the Mid-South Emmel Family Fund FedEx Employees Credit Association Flintco, Inc. Frontstream Highwoods Properties Ideas Unlimited Impact Management Group, Inc. Kroger Foundation Lakeside Behavioral Health System Mahaffey Tent and Party Rentals Memphis City Employees Credit Union Morrison Management Specialist Needles Family Foundation NovaTech, Inc. Pi Kappa Alpha - Zeta Beta Regional One Health Extended Care Hospital LLC Shelby County Employees Southland Park Gaming & Racing Staple Cotton Cooperative Association Thomas Consultants, Inc. Tiger Sports Properties / Learfield Communications, LLC Turner Construction Vistage / The Decisive Element Whitmor, Inc.

Memorial and Honors Contributors List MEMORIAL CONTRIBUTORS IN MEMORY OF JOHNNIE ALSTON Marsha Evans IN MEMORY OF TODD ARBUCKLE Cleveland Lumber & Supply Co. IN MEMORY OF JOHN BALFOUR Michael Balfour IN MEMORY OF BETTY BUDDY Russell Bridgewater IN MEMORY OF DORA CROCE Marsha Evans Tammie Ritchey IN MEMORY OF ELVIS PRESLEY David & Janice Peel Sandra Van Horn Stanley & Lucille Walkup Stuck on Elvis Fan Club TCB Elvis Fan Club IN MEMORY OF ALBERT FITZGERALD Yolanda & Joseph Fitzgerald IN MEMORY OF TRINA FREEMAN Michael Balfour IN MEMORY OF GREG GAY Anne Suitor Brenda Varnedoe IN MEMORY OF TRACY GOODWIN Lawrence & Cathy Goodwin IN MEMORY OF LINDA GREEN Cleveland Lumber & Supply Co. IN MEMORY OF EMMA HENDRICKS Patrick Hendricks IN MEMORY OF DR. STEPHEN KING Susan Dean IN MEMORY OF CAROLE MASON Joann Passalacqua IN MEMORY OF BRIAN POUNDERS Charles & Cheryl Mohon IN MEMORY OF DEBBIE REID Merck Foundation Debbie Reid IN MEMORY OF DOROTHY RICHIE Arlene Kennedy IN MEMORY OF SHEP II Yolanda Fitzgerald IN MEMORY OF PAULINE VLAHOS Yolanda & Joseph Fitzgerald IN MEMORY OF STAVROULA VLAHOS Judy Baird IN MEMORY OF ANDREW WESTERFIELD Cleveland Lumber & Supply Co. IN MEMORY OF STAVROULA WILKINSON Judy Baird IN MEMORY OF JOSEPH WOESTENDIEK Automated Conveyor Systems Kathryn & John Murdock Leon & Janet Breun Nancy & Kelly Davis Kathy Gibson T. Wayne & Jennifer Mitchell HONOR CONTRIBUTORS IN HONOR OF SUSAN ARNEY Shade Robinson Deborah Tipton IN HONOR OF KAY CONLEE Giles & Amanda Damron IN HONOR OF REGINALD COOPWOOD, MD Leticia Towns Kathryn Finestone Rick Wagers IN HONOR OF DIANA DRINAN Jeff & Leslie Drinan IN HONOR OF YOLANDA & JOSEPH FITZGERALD Pebble Magee Bordelon IN HONOR OF JENNIFER & JOEL HOBSON Kirby & Glenn Floyd Lucia & Ricky Heros Amy Golden & Emmel Family Fund Bob & Mary Loeb regionalonehealth.org/foundation/change-a-life-donate-today/ 41 IN HONOR OF IN CELEBRATION OF WHITNEY JORDAN Bank of America Charitable Fund Kelly Bolton IN HONOR OF SUZANA LIGHTMAN Kirby & Glenn Floyd IN HONOR OF MEMPHIS FIRE FIGHTERS ASSOCIATION FOUNDATION Dr. Charles Hogan Memphis Chiropractic Neurology Clinics Memphis Spine & Sport IN HONOR OF PAUL MORRIS Jane & Jack Morris, III IN HONOR OF TRENT PIERCE Victoria Russell IN HONOR OF REGIONAL ONE HEALTH THERAPISTS Lisa Mantaro IN HONOR OF TRUE FELLOWSHIP MINISTRIES Timothy Bowers IN HONOR OF KATHERINE H. WHITMAN Kathleen Plucker

Adams Pavilion | 877 Jefferson Avenue | Memphis, TN 38103 P 901.545.6006 F 901.545.6999 regionalonehealth.org/foundation/change-a-life-donate-today/ YOUR SUPPORT HELPS US SAVE LIVES!

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