Dear Friends, It was an amazing year at the Regional Food Bank and Food Bank of the Hudson Valley. continued to expand our operations in a number of ways. Our biggest projects during the year were the expansion of the Regional Food Bank’s offi ce and distribution dock, and the addition of solar to both facilities. We look forward to the much needed extra room and opportunities our expanded building will provide us in 2017 and beyond, and thank the many donors who are making it possible. Once the solar project is complete, it will provide 60% of our energy, saving us more than $500,000 over the next 20 years and making us leaner and greener. Of course, the bottom line in all we do is the distribution of food and other necessities to our neighbors in need. Despite all the disruptions caused by the new construction, we provided more assistance than ever before – 36 million pounds, enough for 30 million meals. It took massive food donations, generous fi nancial supporters, hard-working volunteers, and a very dedicated staff to make that happen. Thousands of lives are better today because of the incredible gifts so many people made to the Food Bank in 2016. We thank you all! Sincerely, Mark Quandt Executive Director In addition to our busy day-to-day work, we

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