30 VR FOR AV CASE STUDIES Take your case studies into the future by creating a virtual reality tour of your installs. We can include embedded video interviews with your engineers and/or designers, links to specs or other collateral, videos of products used in the room, contact information and other media to engage your audience in a way that’s almost as good as being there in person. See examples of our VR case studies at THErAVeAgency.com/VR With rAVe [VR]’s platform-agnostic B2B solution, we can turn your installations into living case studies. Instead of having your potential clients read about installs you’ve done, you can actually show them — and they can see it using a VR headset or via a web browser on a desktop, laptop or mobile phone. rAVe [VR] takes care of everything, from embedding product videos from our library of 30,000+ videos to teleporting the client to your website. Impress your customers and give them an experience unlike anything they’ve seen before. TRADE SHOW BOOTHS/EXPERIENCE CENTERS Contact Kirsten@THErAVeAgency.com for a custom quote. Take your analog trade show booth, open only to customers for a few days at a time, and turn it into an immersive experience that’s accessible all year round. We’ll capture your booth experience with our 3D technology equipment and turn the footage into a 3D exhibit that can be viewed via any VR headset or on a website (even on mobile). It’s the next best thing to being there in person. Best of all, it can generate leads for you all year long. We can do the same for your experience centers, too!

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