3 We aren’t just a publication or an ad agency anymore. At the risk of sounding hackneyed, we are truly a one-stop-shop for anything creative for companies in the AV, UCC and Digital Signage markets. And, even with all the excitement we have about leaving both 2020 and 2021 behind, we join you in recognizing the uncertainty that 2022 brings us. Thus, I wanted to call your attention to THE rAVe VOW: A vow is a personal commitment of trust. And trust has always been part of the rAVe DNA. In these uncertain times, we’ve decided to state our VOW publicly to assure you that rAVe will always be a good steward of your investment in creativity with us. A show isn’t happening? You’re no longer able to launch a new product or service? Supply chain issues require a scheduling shift? Or, you just change your mind? We VOW always to do the right thing. THE rAVe VOW is that we have always, and will always, help you use your investment in us strategically, creatively and beneficially — maximizing your exposure and value. How? Simple: We have the industry’s largest social media presence — nearly three times that of #2. We produce the most engaging hybrid and virtual events featuring quality content and leads. And, we have access to 200,000+ people in AV, UCC and digital signage. This means consistently offering a creative solution to your every problem or need. We strive for your confidence in us and in your investment because we want to do right by you and your company - not most of the time - 100% of the time. We aim to always be good stewards of your money, so if you’re not satisfied and want your investment back, we will always honor that; it’s the right thing to do. And, we VOW to always do the right thing. Gary Kayye Co-founder & Director

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