19 SURVEYS - $8,100 Gain insights directly from designers and buyers in the AV industry, including those who are not yet your customers! Survey rAVe readers, collect leads and receive feedback on new products or technology through rAVe surveys. We’ll design a branded survey and promote it through a custom email blast and rAVe social media channels. We’ll even manage the incentive process for survey takers. You’ll receive the leads collected from the survey, including all their answers. Through rAVe surveys, we guarantee you at least 120 leads. WHITE PAPER / CASE STUDY PROMOTION - $2,500 Your case study or white paper will be published as a story on rAVePubs.com (promoted for at least one week), featured as an ad (designed by rAVe) in the appropriate corresponding rAVe newsletter vertical and promoted on rAVe social media channels. If your content is long, or protected by a lead registration wall, we will write a blog promoting it for publication instead of publishing the case study or white paper itself. Optional add-ons: Leverage rAVe’s email newsletter subscribers and promote your case study or white paper with a custom HTML email blast designed by rAVe. - $3,000 Place a lead wall in front of your content capture AV integrator and end-user leads. (Prices vary.) Interested in more options or ways to generate leads? Let us build a custom package for you. Contact: Kirsten@THErAVeAgency.com

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