17 Blog Posts Podcasts/Videocasts These blogs include articles posted on rAVePubs.com and can be “boosted” and promoted to the top of our news feed. Written by you: $1,000 Written by rAVe: $2,000 Podcasts posted on rAVe RADIO iTunes channel and rAVePubs.com Rants and rAVes: $2,000 LinkedIn Live Video Videos Broadcast video, LIVE, to Gary Kayye’s connections and rAVe’s followers One of the best and unique new offerings we have is our access to LinkedIn Live - only available to a few thousand members of LinkedIn. And, LinkedIn is the top B2B social platform, per Statistastia. LinkedIn Live allows us to broadcast video, LIVE, to anyone we choose to aim it. Through rAVe’s LinkedIn live access, you can increase the reach of your video interview, new product launch or product demo. Your video stream will be promoted beforehand on all rAVe social channels. When it goes live, push notifications will be delivered to Gary’s connections, as well as rAVe’s own followers. Once it’s completed, the recording will be uploaded to the rAVe [PUBS] YouTube channel as an archive. - Starting at $5,000 Videos posted on rAVePubs.com Product demo: $2,000 rAVe [NOW] video or your video: $1,000

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