LAVNCH [CODE] THE NEW LAVNCH [CODE] NEWSLETTERS Beginning with an extended reality (XR) LAVNCH [CODE] newsletter, we’ll have a range of emerging technology-based newsletters for you to choose from. Sent monthly, these newsletters will include original content from our editorial team as well as from industry columnists and thought leaders. And, we won’t stop there. The experiential advertising market is exploding and our own founder, Gary Kayye, has been in the advertising market for over 25 years … he even teaches the subject at the University of North Carolina. And, he’s created a plethora of experiential advertising and marketing projects and events not only for rAVe (aka: THE GAME) but also for companies like Samsung, Extron, Almo Pro A/V, Cisco and dozens of other tech companies. So, obviously, we’ll help bring experiential marketing to your arsenal of services via a LAVNCH [CODE] newsletter focused on that, too! As LAVNCH [CODE] is an emerging technologies publication, it will use an emerging tech pricing model similar to programmatic advertising. Our sponsorship options will be limited to five spots for 2022. And of course, each ad spot includes a clickable banner ad but, it also includes content options -- you pick what works for you -- in the form of thought leadership videos, blogs, product demos, email outreach and events. We never sell just an ad. We want our sponsors integrated into the coverage as experts. As such, each of the sponsorship options will be on a bidbasis. The highest bidder, each quarter, gets the space. It’s an online, totally blind bidding process -- no one sees what any other company has bid for sponsorship but, the bids start as low as only $500 per month! 9

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