LAVNCH DAY LAVNCH DAY Host your own virtual or hybrid event with our turnkey event hosting and full-service production service. Leverage the LAVNCH platform for your own LAVNCH DAY and host everything on one page that’s easily accessible and intuitive for attendees -- including LAVNCH NETWORKING. Each LAVNCH DAY is completely customizable to your event’s needs and goals, so you can collect the kind of qualified leads you want. Our project management team will ensure a seamless experience from the start and our production team will work to create an experience like no other for your attendees and your presenters! It’s not a webinar or a Zoom meeting -- it’s a LAVNCH production. RESPONSIVE WEBSITE LIVE SESSIONS All LAVNCH DAY events are hosted on a responsive website -- meaning it works on all browsers and all devices, including mobile -developed by THE rAVe Agency UX team and are hosted on LAVNCH-owned URLs (so we can seamlessly integrate all interactive features). Events can be open to any and all attendees or can be designed to require registration, which allows for more detailed tracking (and more qualified leads). With a broadcast-quality, back-end production system embedded into LAVNCH, you can deliver high-quality, custom-branded LIVE broadcasts, keynotes, panel discussions, Q&A sessions, facility tours and more, all to the audience you want. All LAVNCH DAY events can also include pre-recorded content that can either be hosted on the site beside a live stream or integrated seamlessly into the live event to create breaks for live presenters. INTERACTIVE FEATURES CUSTOMIZABLE OPTIONS In addition to live video presentations, the LAVNCH platform includes a number of built-in, optional interactive integrations. Integrations include: live audience polling, audio and text chat, audience Q&A, Q&A upvoting, unlimited group-based chat rooms, sponsor/brand collateral, interactive microsites and more. Any LAVNCH DAY event can be customized to include your branding elements, brand identity, supporting sponsor/partner resources, product videos, downloadable assets, sales team information, lead generation and even Zoom, Teams or Google Meet-based appointment booking and probably anything else you can think of! We want your event to be as creative as you are.

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