We Reached 1,296 Families in 2019-20 From Aspen to Parachute, Raising A Reader served families across 90 miles, in three counties and four school districts. 1,296 Families Served Numbers Per Town Silt 43 Parachute 130 Rifle 253 Carbondale 75 Number of Families Served Per Program Red Book Bag: 975 Bolsitas Rojas/Little Red Bags: 105 123 Let’s Read: 206 Motheread: 10 moms/18 children Blue Bag Library Days: 0 due to COVID closures Parent Education: 524 Snowmass Village 31 Aspen 143 El Jebel 10 Basalt 158 New Castle 106 Glenwood Springs 347 In most local public schools in our region, fifty percent or more of children enter kindergarten lacking the basic oral language skills necessary for reading and school success. More often than not, these children are behind because they don’t hear enough language at home. Many parents work long hours, commute long distances, and struggle with distractions in their lives. Parents are often unaware of the links between healthy brain development and language in a child’s formative years from birth to age five. 45% of RAR children receive free or reduced price lunch 48% of RAR families speak mostly Spanish at home 50% of RAR parents have a high school education or less

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