Raising A Reader Empowers and Inspires Families to Read Together Every Day Weekly Interactive Live Storytime RAR’s Facebook pages offer many highquality learning and reading resources, including weekly live storytime in English and Spanish, facilitated by Associate Director Iliana Renteria Bernal. Each week, more than 1,000 families view RAR’s Live Storytime. Bolsitas Rojas/ Little Red Bags This program brings together families whose children are not enrolled in preschool for weekly literacy coaching sessions, storytime, book-related and connection. Each week, families Zoom in from home to view live storytime and take part in activities. RAR staff model effective read-aloud techniques and encourage parent engagement and positive literacy behaviors at home. Each month, families receive the red book bags and activities to inspire them to establish an interactive daily reading routine. When it is safe to return to weekly in-person meetings, families will gather together again in our community libraries for these sessions.

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