OUR COMMUNITY & FAMILIES We Reached 1,428 Families in 2018-19 From Aspen to DeBeque, Raising A Reader served families across 90 miles, in four counties and five school districts. 1,428 Families Served Numbers Per Town Silt 40 Parachute 322 DeBeque 19 Rifle 323 Carbondale 77 Number of Families Served Per Program Red Book Bag: 996 Bolsitas Rojas/Little Red Bags: 88 123 Let’s Read: 325 Motheread: 19 moms/28 children Blue Bag Library Days: 675 Parent Education: 800+ El Jebel 7 Basalt 134 Glenwood Springs 226 New Castle 109 Snowmass Village 34 Aspen 137 Many parents commute long distances between work and home because employment opportunities tend to be concentrated in areas that lack affordable housing. Some parents also work multiple jobs to make ends meet, making it hard for families to find time to read together. 44% of RAR children receive free or reduced price lunch 47% of RAR families speak mostly Spanish at home 50% of RAR parents have a high school education or less

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