~ ie traditional Homecoming week "ted off in a different fashion by the r - jents wearing cowboy and farmer c ::nes. They were variously dressed, flr : « — a cowboy hat only to striped red and - -e overalls. On Tuesday student counci members sold themselves for 50 to I:: to other students who requested - - - to do many things, such as stand w — eir head and sing “ Row, Row, Row P - - Boat.” Seeing Minnie and Mickey _se running around the halls was not w -nusual sight Wednesday, because it ;- 5 character day. Thursday was suits wrc heels in honor of dress - up day. ~ - .'sday evening was the Powder Puff ne. The game ended with a score of 6I rniors winning. This was followed by r - Burning of the P. Orange and black were seen in the hallways Friday in celebration of spirit day. The parade Friday afternoon went on a different route than in years past. The parade did not go around the track as usual because the new track had just been laid. Regis was our foe on Friday night. It was a very exciting and close game, with the final score Regis 13, Prairie 12. The dance was on Saturday rather than Friday. The theme for the evening was “The Main Event.” Music was provided by “Spice.” King and Queen were Scott Appleget and Tammy Roy. Tammy, daughter of Mrs. Carol Roy and the late Ted Roy, has served on student council for two years, been on the track team, in girls letter club, in Junior Achievement for three years. She was president of JA and secretary of student council. Tammy was very surprised and pleased to be named queen. Scott is on the Prairie football and track teams, manager for basketball, in choir and coalition, and vice-president of his class. The son of Mr. and Mrs. Rex 'Appleget, Scott knew ahead of time that he had been selected, but pretended that he didn' t and admitted that he was still nervous at the dance. The rest of the Homecoming Court was Below: Larry Zalesky, DeAnn Gudenkauf, Mike Porter, Cheryl Lowther, Don Clark, Mary Kendall, Mitch Porter, Cindy Thrap, Dan Dennis, Marianne Heintz, Barry Davis, and Teresa Smith. «»:•«: Kevin Cooling makes pudding out of John Volk and his sophomore team add to their vic•5c 3 Larry Schrader on the Junior float. Right: tories by beating Regis.

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