This year ’s mini -courses were arranged a little different than the usual way. This year, everyone got one physi - cal and one non -physical mini courseselection . The big problem with mini courses was the cost that some kids had to pay to participate in their selected courses .Some had to pay from $10 -$26 . There were also 4 new courses to choose from. These were model railroad canoeing trip, ing, Looking Good, 3 dayand CPR. The favorite ones for the year were table games, sandpainting, sun bathing and skin care, canoeing, outdoor cooking, and horseback riding . Below: Loren Lippmann and Scott Crawley go up for the volleyball during their mini -course. - - Mini-Courses, a Fun End to Year . Below: Jerry Fry and Don Shramek check out their biking equipment with Bill Henley as they prepare for bicycle touring , - Above: Pitching softball, Jim Johnson puts his skillstowork. 81 Mini Courses

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