I Mr. Behrends Mr, Fearing New Teacher and Computer Highlights of Math Department Due to the increasing enrollment in math classes, another teacher has joined the high school staff. Her name is Barb Rust and her room is the former Social Studies Resource Center. She teaches Algebra and Computer Science. The Computer Science course was offered only second semester this year, but will be offered both semesters next year. The minimum requirement will be a strong algebra background. This is the first year there has been a computer terminal at Prairie and there is so much demand for the use of it that there has to be a sign up sheet. The terminal is hooked up to the Grant Wood Area Educational Agency Computer. In the Computer Science class the students learn computer language commands in BASIC, the easiest computer language. They write programs on many different subjects, including math. Above Left: Mr. Bruns tries to answer a question for a student. Left: Sharon Potter has another exciting day in math class. Math 55

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