Right: Officer Klein (Julie deNeui) gossips with Reverend Doctor Harper (Tom Dvorak) about the very weird Brewster family, in a scene from ." Far Right: Mr. Wither“Arsenic and Old Lace spoon (Jim Porter) arranges for Martha Brewster (Amy Greenlief) to be carried off by the men in white coats to Happy Dale Saniterium, in another scene from "Arsenic ." Below: The ambitious Sweet (Debbie Ashbacher) trys to convince Trap (Scott Simon) and Mousie (Tammy Karasek) that she should be in charge of things now that the big boss, Ratzo, is gone. This is from "Ratzo at the Helm." Far Below: Imma (Julie Boland) and Emma (Julie Bell) portrayed the first immigrants to overrun the country of Placia, in a scene from "Placia.”

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