Women ’s Lib has come to Prairie High . The traditional male dominance of Indus trial Arts classes has come to an end . Each semester, more girls decide to take shop classes as part of their elective credit. Previously, many girls were afraid to take these classes because they would be looked down upon and considered unfeminine . These attitudes have been slowly changing, and now many of the girls who take shop courses regularly wear dresses and are considered to be some of the most feminine girls in school. Shop teachers encourage girls to take their classes and are understandably pleased about the large enrollment this year. They are hoping that even more girls will enroll next year. The girls who are taking shop classes this year enjoy them very much. They sometimes feel they are given advan - tages because they are girls, but they also feel they have to work extra hard at the beginning of the class to prove that they can do the work, even though they are girls . They feel if more girls would take shop classes, these slight problems could become a thing of the past. Not for Guys Only — Girls Like Shop Just as Much - Above: Don Carver cuts a board to the right size on a power saw in Wood Shop . Right: Ronda Porazil, one of the girls taking shop this year, sands her project for Woods Shop. "3Q Ir»Hi ictriaI Arte

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