Prairie Students Vote on Their “Favorite Things Everybody has a favorite something, so we decided to find out a few of the student body’s favorite things. A survey was conducted in all the homerooms, asking each student to name his or her favorite food, car, book, song, color, pastime, sport, class, musical group, and T.V. program. In the food category pizza won in a landslide. Distant seconds were steak, shrimp, and tacos. In the car race Camero nosed out Trans-Am which was followed by Corvette and Mustang. “ The Outsiders’’ won the prize for favorite book with “The Promise’’ and “Wifey’’ tying for second. In the song category “Please Don’t Go” sang out over “ Still” and “Babe.” The favorite color was blue, getting almost all the votes. The winners in other categories were as follows. In pastime it was watching T.V. which even beat out partying. Football outdistanced basketball to capture the title. Believe it or not the class with the most students voting for it was math. It just edged out gym, which hung on until the end in its bid for most popular. The only musical group to get past the critics was “ Styx” and “ The Doobies” sang second to them. “ Saturday Night Live” dominated the ratings for favorite T.V. show. Above: Camero was the winner in the race for favorite car. Above Right: Mike Glick and Kent Rigdon check out the many ways to pursue Prairie kids’ favorite pastime. Right: A lot of books got a few votes, with ‘‘The Outsiders” getting the least few. Far Right: Cast of the favorite show. 14 Favorites

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