Choir Participates in Festival : - February 11 the choir sang in the 3 . The festival was held at LaSalle . hsr- Central Iowa Conference Choral fesr him: *: * ti School. Regis, Beckman, LaSalle, - Community and Linn-Mar also pr:Dated. itl 6 schools would participate in a KS s; concert that evening so practice 3 d all afternoon, plus the individ*;i - - r evening a concert was held at ’ -nder the direction of Robert Molime Iowa State Singers gave a short bd-:rs sang in front of the conductor deas for improvement. hfi:- e. The mass choir sang a few numxn %r tne director at Iowa State University. he ^r:"nance, after finishing they sang m- i5t song with everyone. Above: Joanne King, Janice Stepanek, and Susan Marak listen and concentrate on what Mr. Price has to say. Left: Front Row: Choir Club consisted of Matthew Clothier, Tammy Roy, Dan Dennis, John Serbousek, Connie Feldmann, Angie Statler, 2nd Row: Kurt Tjelmeland, Minnetta Freeburg, Susan Marak, Ricki Hayes, Connie O'Connor, Alicia Franks, Cindy Suchomel, Lori Stockton, Penny Stolba, Amy Greenlief, Chris Hare, Jeni Pedersen. 3rd Row: Connie Huber, Mike Malik, Bob Miller, Darren Bogner, Scott Boots, Cecilia McCrea, Kim McConaughy, Kelly Perrin, Julie Hofmaster, Dawn Roy,and Mr. Price. Choir 130

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