fc* First Row: Kathy Uthoff, Kathy Poduska. 2rc =ow: Laurie Hasley, Amy Bubon, Kyle VondraGK* _*nn Schrader, Gayle Loomis, Karen Wade, Kirk. 3rd Row: Mike Bach, Tima Whalen, Joe Kell, D.J. Holvenstot, Kim Tjelmeland, Bennie Grimm, Patti Stallman, Tammy Latuska, Laurie Eden. 4th Row: Jerry Fry, Laryn Mumm, Neal, Don Schramek, Bruce Kimpston, John SerKaren bousek, Doug Tomash, Scott Simon, Kathy Yarbrough, Gerald Shepherd were all members of the Jazz Band. The band has been on the go all year long. In the fall, they were involved in a small group contest in which they received 24 I ratings, 34 II ratings, 8 III ratings, and 1 IV rating. The band, in the spring, took a trip to Six Flags over Texas, for one of the toughest concert band contests in the United States. Another area in band is Jazz Band. The Jazz Band has been involved in the Augustana Jazz Festival, Coe Jazz Festival and Drake Jazz Festival. Bennie Grimm, Joe Kell, Kathy Poduska and Scott Simon were all outstanding soloists at each of these. At the N.E.I.B.A. Jazz Festival they took second place. In State Jazz playoffs, soloists’ awards went to Scott Simon and Kathy Poduska. The Jazz Band is also the winner of the Major Landers award and is an All-State member. With these many awards collected by the concert, marching, and Jazz Bands, one could easily say that the Prairie High Band of ’79- ’80 is the best yet! Be ->g m the band is hard work, but Suzie Gallagher - - 3s time to rest up after an exhausting trip. Danny Gray and his “ friends” warming up for a performance . Band 124

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