Boys’ Track Ends Another Good The track team this year was something Prairie could be proud of. They won several meets and placed high in most of the others. There were two major relays that Prairie won — the Grinnell and the Vinton. Leading the pack was senior Ron Downs. He broke some of the old school records and, with the aid of his teammates, earned several honors for the school. The highlight of the year, though, was the Drake Relays in Des Moines. Prairie placed fourth. Ron Downs placed fifth in the hundred meter run. The relay team of Brad Wicher, DeWayne Heintz, Tim Fairley,and Ron Downs also did well. The Drake Relays are a very prestigious event and Coach Leeper was very pleased that some Prairie students went. "It’s an honor,” he said. "You have to qualify and meet all the requirements. It’s quite special. The relays are one of the best in the U.S. and we’re proud to be in them.” "The boys’ track team had a very good year,” said Mr. Leeper. "Not super, but pretty good. Better than last year.” Far Above: BOYS’ TRACK TEAM, Front Row: Sc: Appleget,Tim Fairlie,Doug Ockenfels, Dan Denn: Brad Wicher, Clark Humble, Ron Downs, Sc: Buresh, Mitch Porter. Second Row: Manager T? Vogt, Tim Appleget, Doug Roy, DeWayne Hen Todd Staskal, Kurt Jordan, Wayne Pavlicek, C Jansa. Back Row: Coach Hawkins, Coach Oera * Bret Wagner, Scott Serovy, Gary Lamparek, Sc: Joens, Craig Joens, Pat Christen, and Cos: Leeper. — Above: Brad Wicher takes a big brea Brad Wicher, Ron Downs, DeWayi before setting off. Far Left: The quartet that went state Heintz, and Tim Fairlie. Left: Does Craig Joens lq like Superman? 121 Boys’Track

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