Students Light-Up The Outdoor Lounge Prairie’s outdoor lounge is a unique part of the high school. It is a place where students can relax, talk to friends, get a suntan or just a place where they can smoke. The outdoor lounge was formed when a group of students got together and made the suggestion. This was eight years ago and the lounge is still going strong. Mr. Steine feels that the lounge is beneficial because it keeps the bathrooms clean, eliminates restroom monitors, and provides students that have a smoking problem with a place to light up. They aren't made to feel like criminals or rejects. Only about onefifth of the student body uses the lounge to smoke. Prairie is the only school in the Metro area that has a designated area for smoking. Every school has a place where people can smoke privately, even if it isn’t an openly announced spot. We bring the issue out in the open and recognize the need. The outdoor lounge is dedicated to Lauren J. Slycord. It is a worthy addition to Prairie High School and deserves compliments rather than the criticism it has been receiving. We recognize the smoking habit and although we don’t promote it, we provide the facilities for those that have the need. Left: Spring is always a welcome relief after an Iowa winter. Here, Kelly Hunt, Theresa Christensen, Dale Anderson, Harold Shoemaker, Tom Cowe! and Karolee Redington check out the action. Becky Datta, and Jerry Hemphill enjoy one of the Above: Prairie students aren’t the only ones who first pleasant days of the ’80’s. Far Above: Looks enjoy the outdoor lounge. like something really caught everyone' s attention. 117 Outdoor Lounge

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