Below: Roxene Schreiber, Spanish teacher . . Right: Dennis Bruns gives a lesson in Spanish class on the dreaded present perfect tense Above: ‘‘Frau’’ Gloria Canney teaches German at PHS. Right: Marianne Heintz and Brian Kanealy work hard on their German lesson. ( ( The foreign language department has gone far during the school year — La Musica” Is Lots of Fun? very far. We got to know two foreign exchange students. Pedro Odio is a student from Costa Rica, and was a guest of Julie de Neui and her family during the winter . Anni Pederson, a high school graduate from Denmark, came to Iowa to learn to speak better English. German and Spanish were brought closer together, as once again the German room was in the library area next to the Spanish room. A new textbook program was started in Spanish, and once 115 Music and Foreign Language JaWohl” It Is! everyone had gotten used to the switch most agreed that the new book was much better than the twelve year old one. Spanish I and II benefited this year. The advanced book will be used next year. As always, many students in both Spanish and German are busy planning for trips to Mexico and Germany in 1981. A highlight of the year in band was the trip to Arlington in April. It was a five day trip by chartered bus, which featured a stay at Six Flags Over Texas. Such fund raisers as selling candy, chocolate, candles and concession stands helped the students earn the necessary money for the trip. The choir members were still hearing Hawaiian music as they started off the r year of music study. The trip to Hawaii in June of 1979 was a success and will be long remembered by all who got to gc along. A highlight for those students ta - ing individual lessons with Mr. Price was the Christmas recital they performed for each other and a few honored guests. Al the students showed the progress the . had made, and the things they hac learned during lessons first semester.

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