Emphasis on Media and Practical Experience Students taking Business Education courses are learning valuable skills, both for personal use and as a springboard to a profession. Students have ten courses to choose from in the area of business. Mr. Werning, one of the instructors, said that he and Mr. McCue received many calls from employers seeking good students to hire in their businesses; in fact, the demand for qualified people exceeds the available supply. Practical experience was stressed this year. Typing and shorthand students help prepare the minicourse information. Typing students also got the elementary report cards ready for the teachers. Tony Mora, a student teacher who is from Nigeria, added to the Art Department staff second semester. Tony has a PhD. in Art Education and is preparing himself to teach at the secondary level. There was a change in the curriculum this year, said instructor Bob Hawkins. The new class is called Mixed Media, a combination of jewelry, craft, and sculpture. The media used are clay, metal, fabric, and wood. One of the reasons for the change was the increase in the price of silver used in jewelry. Far Above Right: Loren Lippmann, David Dougherty, and Jim Patterson hard at work on their projects. Center Right: John Randles concentrates on the pot he is throwing. Above: Mr. Bob Hawkins, our one and only Art instructor. Bob was also the cross country coach and assisted with boys’ track. Right: Dawn Maresh and Michele Pedersen talk with Mr. Hawkins in the sun filled art room. 111 Art

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