Senior Option Offers a Change What is senior P.E.? Is it different from regular P.E.? These might be questions some students ask themselves when deciding whether to take this option. “ It’s a class where the students can pick their own activity and do it outside of class, report on it and hand it in at the end of the nine weeks,” commented teacher Lin Hixenbaugh. “Some of the different units we had this year in gym are aerobics, weightlifting, (for girls), team hand ball, and basketball,” said teacher Jim Kimball. By the time students reach high school they already have hopes of getting their license and driving by themselves without their parents. But before they can do this they have to take driver education. This class helps the students to be safe drivers and they learn how to save gas. They spend 54 hours of class during school and they drive on their free time. During the summer the class meets for six weeks. They have thirty hours of classroom work and six hours of driving. Both sessions contain films and lectures to instruct students on the many aspects of driving and highway safety. r;- ^bove: Seniors Amy Greenlief and Karen Heaver : oractice some on the spot first aid in P.E. class. *oe *e: Getting out of school and taking a drive is usually fun, except when the weather acts up out on the Prairie. Mr. Smith and some brave students venture out in the snow. Above: Floyd Smith is Prairie’s Driver Ed. teacher and also helps coach football and wrestling in his after school hours. Driver Education 9

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