Looking back on the “ me” decade, events seem to fade from memory. In the '70’s, many things happened; Prairie wrestled to its first state title in history, the United States celebrated its 200th birthday, fourteen year old Nadia Comaneci gave a perfect performance in the 1976 Olympics, the gasoline shortage sent the price to over $1.00 per gallon, one of the most popular singing groups of all time, The Beatles, broke up, and jogging became a popular way to stay in shape. Other new developments during the decade were the birth of Louise Brown, the first test -tube baby, miniThe ’70’s: A Decade of Nostalgia skirts were out of fashion and the midi was “ in,” and C.B. radios became popular, bringing words like “good buddy,” and “ 10-4” into the everyday vocabulary of the American people. Archie Bunker became everyone' s favorite bigot, and with the continued increase in fuel costs, people were trading in their gas-guzzlers for more economical modes of transportation, like mopeds or bicycles. No one will ever forget those adorable robots C3PO and R2D2 who fought the evil-doer Darth Vadar to free the galaxy from tyranny in “ Star Wars,” the big moneymaking motion picture of the ' 70’s. Streaking, punk rock, and toga parties were all in vogue with the youth in the U.S. during the last ten years. The fifties became popular in the se enties. T.V. shows like “Happy Days/ ’ . “Laverne and Shirley,” and the movies “ Grease,” and “ American Graffiti sparked nostalgia in the American public. Disco became popular in the ear v ' 70’s by the BeeGees and the movie “ Saturday Night Fever.” By the end of the decade it was on its way out, take^ over by New Wave rock with such stars as “ The B52’s and Elvis Costello”. The '70’s will be remembered for all of this and much more. Far Left: President Richard M. Nixon resigned his office in disgrace because of his involvement in the Watergate scandal. R2-D2 helped make George Lucas' "Star Wars" the all-time box office money winner. Below: With their own show and special guests, the Muppets became the most popular puppets ever. Here they are singing on their show with Beverly Sills. Later in their career the muppets would make their first movie. Left: C-3PO and Photos courtesy of Newsweek magazine. 103 The 70' s

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