Near the end of the year, two big dances were held. The Sadie Hawkins It lasted from 8:00Prairie’s Dances Vary From Farmers to Formals hours at the concession stands for football games to raise enough money. Hov dance was held on April 19, in the PHS gymnasium. This is the event where the girls have to ask the guys, instead of the other way around. 11:00 p.m., and the music was provided by a disc jockey from KCRG. The Sadie Hawkins dance was sponsored by the Student Council. It was a very informal dance and jeans were the most common attire. The gymnasium was decorated with hay to fit the rustic theme, and the bleachers were also decorated with colorful streamers. The Student Council raised money for the dance by raising the prices of the tickets to $1.75 for singles, and $3.50 for couples. Even so, they didn’t make any profit off of holding the dance, but it was a lot of fun to attend. The other big dance that was held at the end of the year was, of course, the Junior-Senior Prom. This is a very formal event. Most people wear long dresses or tuxedos. The girls usually wear the long dresses, and the guys usually wear the tuxedos. The prom was sponsored by the entire junior class. They worked long, hard - ever, the main people in charge of the prom were the junior class officers, Jir Shebetka, Jim Rotter, Lisa Joens, art: Lisa Jensen. Mr. Werning and Mr. MyerE served as advisors to them. The prom was held on May 2, fro - 9:00-1:00 p.m., at Stouffer’s ballroom ' Cedar Rapids. The theme was “ PrecioL: and Few”, and the prom colors were pas - tels. Couples danced to the sounds of th T band, “Suede”, which played a variety & rock music. Above Left: A reliable source tells us that yes, Kathy Pehkonen did drink all that punch. Dan Byerly was her escort to the prom and the punchbowl. Left: Beth Danielson leads Don Carver into the festivities at the prom. Above: Tammy Karasek and Laryn Mumm check out Stouffer’s ballroom dance floor at the 101 Dances

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