Awards, Food, and Fun End Year The last day of school for seniors was May 15, and the day was filled with awards and food. At the annual awards assembly, students received honors for their work in drama, athletics, yearbook, journalism, math, weightlifting, and home economics. Several seniors received scholarships to colleges. These students were: Debbie Ashbacher, Kathy Gause, Amy Greenlief, Leo Haman, Wayne Pavlicek, Kathryn Poduska, Sharon Potter, Lynn Schrader, Joel Thompson, and Kurt Tjelmeland. 33 students were given the Award of Honor. This is an award given to those students teachers feel are outstanding in the school. These students are chosen by the teachers. Those who received this honor are: Sophomores: Susan Beck, Julie Boland, Julie Cach, Jackie Cooling, Clark Humble, Scott Joens, Tami Karasek, Joyce McCrea, Kathy Potter, Bret Wagner, Webb Wassmer, Curt Woods. Juniors: Brenda Boland, Dennis Bruns, Eric Dunn, Angie Hastings, Lisa Jense - Becky Mitchell, Joe Nekvinda, Pam R ' chie, Jim Shebetka, Steve Smith. Seiors: Scott Appleget, Debbie Ashbachev Amy Greenlief, Roberta Grommon, Le: Haman, Craig Joens, Kathy Poduska Sharon Potter, Mike Terpkosh, Ku" Tjelmeland,Brad Wicher. At the atheletic banquet held a coupe of weeks before, Prairie’s athletes hear: Hayden Fry, Iowa’s Head Football Coac" Three athletes were named for top bo ors in sports. All around male athlete - — Brad Wicher, All around female athle t and female athlete of the year — Cisar, and male athlete of the year — Barry Davis. After all this award giving the annuaii Pig Roast was held on the high schooi lawn. There was plenty of food for all and excitement. Activities included volleyba frisbee, and the popular water fights. Nancy Far Above: Bruce Kimpston, Kathy Poduska, Kathy Uthoff, and Don Shramek take a rest after eating at the Pig Roast. Above: Preparing to take a dunk, Jeni Pedersen was one of the many who went into the tank . Right: Tim Saddler and Tom Porter help out with the lemonade. 99 Pig Roast

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