S. W. WILEY District for eight years . S. W. Wiley, Superintendent, has served the College Communit . During that time the school enrollment has in from approximately five hundred fifty to the present thirteen hund students has taken much of his time . Providing adequate buildings, grounds development, and eq Due to his progressive efforts the College Community School now is looked upon as one of the outstanding reorganized school in the state and offers educational opportunities to fit the needs of all c BOARD OF EDUCATION William Chadima Faltis, . ABSENT: Kenneth Stahle . Robert Langridge, Robert Krob, President; M . These men serve as the p making body which governs the complete operation of the College C munity School District

HOWARD C. STRONG, PRINCIPAL In an age such as ours with the ever increasing knoweducation to meet the demands of the future ledge of all things, it is essential to have an adequate . Unlimited opportunities await the young people of today who have been diligent in their pursuit of learning Scientific progress has been world shaking. World peace . International . is a question on the lips of everyone with new attack and defense weapons constantly being discovered problems press our country from all sides and we are no longer sure of our national security ment that you are coming into adulthood. It is in such an environDuring this difficult era your real worth to yourself . and society will depend on what you do with the educational opportunities that have been provided for you . Life will present many choices, problems along with the opportunities judgment in facing them . decisions, and . May you use good

J Mr. Selzer has bee iness Manager and secre School Board since 1955 . the accounting for the en system . A friendly face found in the office everyday is that of Mrs One of her many duties in. . . Chalupsky, secretary to the principal cludes making out admit slips for students James, running smoothly . With the assistance the school offic . Mrs joined the school staff i as secretary of the Guid partment lunch program. She also helps

PRAIRIE COOKS Adaline Lorenc Ester Gouldy Marjorie Booth Lenora Koutny Helen McConaughay ALTERNATING COOKS Marguerite Havlicek Florence Glass Alice Buol Marilyn Mangenello ABSENT Evelyn Patten Ida Buresh Edward Chalupsky Joe Koutny

SCIE MR . MARSH General Science Physics Science Club Sponsor MR . HANSON Biology Chemistry Here they exam hampsters used The distillation of water was an interesting experiment given by Chemistry students.

MATHEMATICS "Wha t , Me Wor ry ?" J-r.-.or High Ma th. MR . BRASE Algebra and Genera l Ma th. MR . SMYTH Geome t ry and Tr igonome t ry

SOCIAL STUD MR. CAMPBELL Head of Social Studies Department Senior Advisor MR . BARGER Social Studies English M S Many spirited discussions arise in Mr. Campbell' s Senior American Problems class. I -

LANGUAGE ARTS Mrs. Kathryn Worley, English Depart ment head, made our Easter Assembly - especially meaningful with her 10th grade choral reading. Just recently she received a masters degree in speech from the State University of Iowa. Mr. J e n n i n g s teaches Social Studies, Latin I and II. Mr. Williams, Mrs . Canney and Mr. Shirley, enjoy a brief pause from their busy teaching schedule in the Language Arts Department. The Latin class presented the song "Ave Maria" in the Christmas Assembly .

The eighth grade homemaking c l ass ga ins useful per i ence for becoming future homemakers. exHOME ECONOM Under the careful guidance o ber , thi s s tudent l earns the f of sewing. Mrs. Granner , depar tment head, answers a ques t ion from a Homemaking I I s tudent.

GUIDANCE Mr. Stansbury serves as Guidance Counselor for students, grades nine thru twelve. He . is responsible for providing the counseling service, testing, and research necessary for improvement of the academic standing of the school DRIVERS’ EDUCATION go,” Mr < < And this is what makes it Purcell explains to his . future drivers. The Driver Training and both boys Program has been one of the most practical courses, and girls have taken vivid interest in it .

PHYSICAL EDUCATION Boys Phys i ca l Educat ion Mr. Leidigh Purce l l . Not Pi c tured : Mr Mr. Jennings Gi r l s Phys i ca l Educ Mrs. Janssen, Mrs Gi r l s phys i ca l educa t ion c l asses thi s year enjoyed many new ac t ivi t i es. Among them were archery, mi l i t ary marching, prac t i ce. - and a i r r i fl e

ROW ONE: Dean Plummer, Wayne Townsend,Steven LeMont, Ernest Fernle Bys, John Schlesselman , Ken. Netolicky, Gary Schwegler, Joe Sade Hasley, Orville Thorton. ROW TWO: Mrs. Bailey, Janice Wilson, Sue Chrystal Gibbs, Wincie Hall, Amber Strawhorn, Carol Cerny, Jackie Mei Tucker, Grace Harris _ . ROW THREE: Carol Chrisman, Jean Bracy, Sandra Diane Jackson, Cleanne Craven, Ann Fritz, Bonnie Wright, Barbara . ROW FOUR: George M Wayne Knapp, Mike Seaton, Glenn Vondra, Larry Marak, Larry Zach, Me Andrew Tjelmeland, Mike Cobb, Marlyn Benish, Bennie Buresh, J Betty Yanecek, Gloria Delbridge, Dennis Booth EIGHTH One of the activities grade this year was Come, come, boys. This is a dance!

ROW ONE: Aileen Smyth, Fran Glaser, Barb Melley, Diane Longbine,Cynthia Tow, Carol Lafler, Virginia Fowler, Barb Truhlar, Linda Borseth, Teresa Jaeger, Bonnie Yanecek, Karen Volesky. ROW TWO: Mr. Barger, Kathy Harville, Ramona Diane Chmelicek. ROW THREE: Larry Zach, Ronald Reyman, Duane Bizek, Daryl Sanborn, John Andrle . NOT PRESENT: Judy Drake, Kindra Hamad Maresh, Virginia Sheriff, Ruth Meade, Nancy Williams, Barb Hoppe, Sharon Pollet, Diane LeMaster, Judy Mahan, Larry Scofield, Billie Serbousek, Steven Bures, Dennis Day, Steve Tichy, Richard Miller, Dennis Cach, Harry Sutphin, Chris Chrisman, Donald Schultz, David Hall ROW FOUR: Dale McRoberts, John Duffy, Dean Buresh, Vernon Zahradnik, Wayne Novak, Doug Ham, . . GRADE i < Frankie-and the Rebels” was started one night when Frank Glaser and Phil Hall decided it might be a good idea to put a band together . They made their . Within a few weeks, Frank and Phil had found two others who were just as enthusiastic first appearance at the eighth grade dance .

ROW ONE: Nancy Haugse, Poduska, Mr Conaughay, Diane Svec, Bonnie Benish, Janet Williams, Barbara Ne . ROW FOUR: Larry Walshire, Sam So . . McConaughy, Laurel Lahmon David Malloy . Javerna Knapp, Carol Goodrow, Ruth Knig Meier, Gary Kilberger , Gordon Thomas, Bob Tilton, Jack Sayre, David star . ROW TWO: Janice Russell, Sheryl Evans, Sue Ann Trpkosh, Shriley Paul Fiala, Bill Bruzek, Bob Havlicek, Lance Zimmerli, Paul Slez Lynch ROW THREE: Linda Hartley, Mary Madden, Je Pudil, Richard Luchinske, Bob Vanourney, Bob Shebetka, Eddie Heb Schultz, Jim Cerveny, Richard Volesky. NOT PRESENT: Ken Bracy, Vick NINTH CLASS OFFICERS--John Williams, Treasurer; Ken Bracy, President; Paul Fiala, Vice-President; and Nancy Havran, Secretary .

ROW ONE: Karen Neuhaus, Carol Russman, NancySmith, Pat Malloy, Judy Schropp, Linda Zbanek, Karen Kirchoff, Jo Brickner, Sandra Koepsell, Nancy Sturtz, Karen Scott . ROW TWO: David McVey, Don VanHouten, Shirley Kness, Anita Barta, Rose Rozinek, Cathy Vrba, Carol Havran, Patterson, Margo Sladek,GwenHatch, VernonMumm, Lawrence Smith Vavra. NOT PRESENT: Sherry Luchinske, John Wall . John Williams, Richard Carver , Dennis Meyer,Charles Tichy, Tom Janet Scofield, Barbara Powell, Sherry . ROW THREE: Dean Teslik, Dennis Faltis, Ronnie Nove, David Warren, Ted Hidinger , Bob Beranek, Donald Horak, GRADE Test today?

ROW ONE: Sandra Sauer, Carolyn Jarvis, Nancy Kearns, Deena Houser, Mumm, Sherry Pooler, Pam Peterson, June Luettjohann, Anita Benish, Ma Yanecek, Mrs . Thorn. ROW TWO: James Boardman, Bill Sirowy, Ray Detert . ROW T . Tisl, Jim Lefebure, Dick Stroleny, Larry Glass, Jim Miles, Terry Amspoke Furnish, David Steinmetz , Diane Cerveny, Katie Koutny, Karen Voss Dan Merta, Allan Kilberger, Mike Craven, Bill Hasek, Larry Watkins, Jay M Kathy Jamesson Truman Wilkin, George Engel, Ron Stallman, Charles McCaughey, Merle TENT CLASS OFFICERS Truman Wilkin Dennis Strang . Erma Ziskovsky. . .... Bill Sirowy . . . .President Vice-President .. . . .Secretary . .Treasurer Members of the tenth grade Speech classes participated in the Christmas program .

ROW ONE: Susan Luchinske, Rachael Eden, Darla Mikulecky, Karen Nicholson, Sherry Noeller, Connie Langhurst, Beverly Hylton, Mildred Osborn, Carol Welsh, Klouda, Exline, Barbara Smith, Linda Slaymaker, Mark Fieseler, Jim Lefebure, Warren Novotny, Gary Sarchett, Diane Averill Albert Willenborg Dennis Strang, Noreen Sullivan, . NOT PRESENT: Janice Benish, Gary Bradford, Glen Clark, Diane Mann, Ruth McCormick, Darrel Pollet, . Mr. Shirley. ROW TWO: Carol Raim, Erma Ziskovsky, Connie Morningstar, Linda Diane Tomash, Rose Hering, Christy Sayre, Carleta Cleon Jones, Dick Day, Frank Glaser, Pat DeWitt, GRADE The twenty minute homeroom . These tenth grade students ... period each morning is used for study are studying?

ROW ONE: Sharon Selzer, Judy Kloubec, Coralie Long, Lillian Hob Furnish, Kathy Miles, Mary Tilton, Maureen Schroeder, Pat Pudil, Karen son, Pat Andrle, Bonnie Modracek, Wanda Votroubek, Diane Jaeger, Janet N Bonnie Harris, Sharon Rohlena, Karolyn Sojka. ROW THREE:George Chad Pose, Glenn Buresh, Lyle Svoboda, Allan Koepsell, Kenneth Bontty, Rich nolds, Carl Zach, Ronnie Sirowy, Dennis Cech, Don Grummer, Jim M Robert Homme . ELEVE Lois Malatek, Marcia Emanuel, Mrs. Canney. ROW TWO: Sandra Ho Ruth Posusta, Wauthena Thews, Karlene Falcon, Darlene Dyson, Elaine CLASS OFFICERS Ron Sirowy Allan Koepsell Fred Kinne Lois Malatek President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Ron Sirowy acted as master of ceremonies at the Junior-Senior banquet .

ROW ONE: Diane Long, Pat Greene, Margaret Cooling, Diane Anderson, Doris Carver , Judy Eden, Sandra Havlicek, Mary Toton, Marcia Manville, Betty Dusil Henry Lefebure, Maury Novak, Daryl Hynek, Aaron Basten, . . ROW TWO: Sally Talkington, Delores Cerveny, Charlene McConaughay, Donna Reed, Geraldine Wolvers, Rose Bistricky, Marilyn Mumm, Judy Mason, Susan Stockman, George Sheriff, Donald Kulish Hall, Fred Kinne, Everett Williams. ROW FOUR: Gary Zigler, Keith Sasek, Gary Klouda, Milton Gade, Donald Smith, Rohlena, LeRoy Bistricky John Mouchka, Dennis Cech, Larry GRADE . ROW THREE: Michael Bowersox, Larry Schultz, Jon Volz, Phillip “ I wish the bell would ring!”


a . j 'l

M.*. 79 & / RITA BECICKA KATHLEEN BOOTH SANDRA BRO Cl ass offi cers for 1960 are, Ter ry St rang, secre t ary; Joanne Ham , love, pres ident. was not present. t reasurer; Joe GoodKe i th Pol l e t, vi ce- pres ident RAY BURES DALE BURESH DENNIS BURESH JACQUELINE

RICHARD CERVENY Colleen LeMont and Loren Jansa represented Prairie at the Youth Appreciation Day in Cedar Rapids last fall. PATRICIA ENGEL DAVID FALTIS


= y LANGHURST Another money-making project was a bake sale held at the March Communi ty Club. COLLEEN LE MONT LAURAETTA LLOYD INGER LUND JANICE MARAK LARRY MARESH


BRENDA MEIER KAREN MESKIMEN JUDY PATTEN Joe Goodlove, class president, delivered the Senior Response at the Junior-Senior Banquet . KEITH POLLET MINNIE PLUMMER LARRY PRACHAR JAMES PUDIL





YEARBOOK STAFF * If "The 1960 Hawk" was edited by Kathleen Booth. Mr . Thompson served as advisor . The staff consisted of ten students, two of whom are not pictured , Karolyn Sojka and Gary Klouda . Sharon Selzer was business manager and Karen Skripsky assistant editor.

Kathleen . Canney presented Dennis Strang and Mrs Booth with their awards as Best Actor Actress of the year at the Speech Banquet . Donna Matthews and Sharon an honor society . Selzer were initiated into the National Thespians, for dramatics students DRAMATICS Seated at the table of honor were, .irr.parek, Mr. Wiley, Mr. Eppel, and John Dolezal left to right: Kathleen Booth, Toastmistress, Judy . Mr. Eppel gave a very enjoyable speech pointed out the importance of speech training to high school students .

comedy-mystery, Closet . The fall play was f * t i Come a spine-tin Out Of It told the story of two cou feiters, one, played by Pat DeWitt, s here with gun in hand, and the oth young woman posing as . . . an old la June Luettjohann, standingwith Pat, p the part to perfection . Others shown h Judy Lamparek, with her hands in th Donna Matthews on the couch, and stan Diane Averill, Connie Morningstar, Dolezal, Merle Reed, and Keith S Mrs success . . Mary Thorn, shown below It was a . assistant director Marcia Manville, directing her first play PLAY CAST ABOVE--Judy Lamparek, Merle Reed, Jim Merrifield, Keith Sasek Slaymaker . "COME OUT OF THE CLOSET” i This is one of the last scenes in the play. Connie and Merle search for the counterfeit money . Donna Matthews, June Luettjohann, Diane Averill, Connie Morningstar and Linda Pat DeWitt, John Dolezal, . SEATED:

" THE INNER WILLY ” “ The Inner Willy,” presented April 29, 1960, was a comedy to remember •till ••I inner man,. The play consisted of an appeared to convince a sixteen year old boy, Richard Volesky, that he David Steinmetz, who should no longer live by his aunts’ old fashioned standards but to formulate a set of values for himself . The aunts were portrayed by The cast included: . John Dolezal, . Mrs .Canney directed June Luettjohann, Kate Booth* and Dennis Strang Sally Talkington, Diane Averill, SueAnn Trpkosh, and Margo Sladek with the assistance of Judy Lamparek .

DRAMATICS CLUB Judy Lamparek and Sharon Selzer participated in a new event at the Spring Forensic League meeting The first Annual Speech Banquet was held on . Kathleen three-act play in which the girls were to be fully costumed and made up, Judy received an excellent rating and Sharon a superior . Mr. Shirley presented the various awards. Worley and . Mrs. Canney, Mrs . April 20 to honor the students who had participated in dramatic and Forensic activities and. It was called ‘‘Acting the *‘Part’’ consisted of a cutting from a Booth, co-chairman of the Thespian Troupe, acted as toastmistress LEFT TO RIGHT: Donna Matthews, Linda Slaymaker , Kathleen Booth, Inger Lund, Marcia Manville, Karen Tisl, Judy Lamparek, Mary Reed, Connie Morningstar, Sally Talkington, JoAnn Soper, Richard Volesky, Fred Kinne, David Steinmetz, Dennis Strang, Mrs. Canney, Mrs. Worley I .

n d n d d FORENSIC LEAGUE Sixteen students discussed labor-management relations in the United States at the Eighth Annual Iowa High School Forensic League meet held at Iowa City erior. Awards given: SupSharon , Judy Lamparek .Excellent, Sherry Pooler, Colleen LeMont, Selzer, Glen Clark, Virginia Wilson . Mrs . In individual events Virginia Wilson earned an Excellent rating in Original Oratory Canney and Mrs accompanied the students. Worley . . i ear Debate is a new activstudents at Prairie High this Eight : .ered the debates at the . A number of students . . 7 rrensic League meet this -?ar :served other events.Mr Sfcirley is in charge of this activity

LIBRARY CLUB The library is a very busy place at Prair staff . Here we find the librarian and her capab High of student assistants ever ready to gui and direct those who come to study or fin relaxation in recreational reading . Miss Rassmussen, George Sheriff, Jim Boardman, Marv Trachta, Peggy Tow, Anita Benish, Marcia Manville, Delores Cerveny, Lyle Svoboda, . Brenda Meier, Sandra Hofmaster. SEATED: Amber Slezak | I With the acquisition of an excellent collection of classi, cal literature and also the books from the National Science Foundation much interest and enthusiasm has been shown and has resulted in greatly improving the reading standards the past year . It is here that the ground work is laid for . I . During every period of the day teachers and students explore and study the realms of information and knowledge from the nearly 2,000 books and magazines that fill the shelves school work such as term papers, speeches, debates, and panel discussions and study for class assignments. Here is a quiet place for students to come

STUDENT OFFICERS: Ron Sirowy Bob Trpkosh. . ... Judy Lamparek... Colleen LeMont Loren Jansa COUNCIL S. . . .Treasurer .Vice-President President ocial Chairman Secretary l ROW ONE: Mr Campbell, Carol Havran,Sue Ann Trpkosh, Judy Kloubec, Ken Bracy, Mary Tilton, Allen Pudil, Bob Tilton, Mr. Barger. ROW TWO: Colleen LeMont, . Judy Lamparek, Karen Voss, Karen Tisl, Mary Reed, Larry Marak, Doug Ham, Amber Slezak, Kathleen Booth . ROW THREE: Allen Kilberger, Joe Goodlove, Bob Inger Lund . Trpkosh, Jon Scriven, Larry Rohlena, Ron Sirowy, Dan Wodstrchill, Don Grummer, Loren Jansa, Truman Wilkin, Through the joint efforts of Mr Barger and Mr. Campbell, . . the student council added much to tl\e efficiency of the 1959-1960 school year events

a sock hop music . The Prairie High stud council was asked to pres a panel on “ How to Keep S dent Council Members Activ at the annual District meet held at Vinton on April Members of the panel we Loren Jansa, Bob Trpko Kathleen Booth, Colleen L Mont, and Judy Lampar After the last home basketball game, the student council sponsored Prairie’s dance band, the 4‘Sophistacats,” provided the . I most by One of the enjoyable events sponsored the student council was Beatnik Dance the .

SCIENCE £•«»» * «••»•*• >* CLUB Club meetings are not all work . KNEELING: Charles Tichy, Richard Horak . STANDING: Mr . SEATED: Larry Walshire, Fred Kinne, . Marsh, Don Horak, Gary Klouda, Phil . Nancy Havran, Cathy Vrba, Ervin Poduska, John Williams, David Faltis, Ken Bracy, John Andrle, Dennis Faltis Hall, Everett Williams, David Hall, Wayne Knapp Science Club met each Monday evening throughout the school year. Mr. Kenneth Marsh acted as sponsor and Richard Horak as president . Much work was accomplished in electronics, making radios, power units and receivers. If space and equipment become available in the future, such areas as taxidermy and photography will be studied .

GIRLS RECREATIONAL ASSOCIATION Mary Reed reigned over th annual G. R .A .Dance. Queen Mar 14 b . participated this year: playdays.R A Other activities in which G . oth local and state; swimming a . Red Cros Washington High in Cedar Rapids Christmas Caroling; Jr work; ice skating party; and an over night camping trip to the Palisades was presented a corsage by Bonni Modracek, President I ROW ONE : Mrs. Brockway, Linda Zbanek, JacquelineMeier , Inger Lund, SueAnn Trpkosh, Shirley Homme, Bonnie Benish, Judy Furnish. ROW TWO: Sandra ' Linda Klouda, Pam Peterson, Sherry Pooler , Connie Langhurst, Anita Barta, Shyrl Evans, Diane Svec, Brenda Meier, Janet Williams. ROW FOUR: Sharon . Hofmaster, Rose Rozinek, Linda Hartley, Sandra Havlicek, Lauraetta Lloyd, Bonnie Harris, Kathleen Booth,MarciaManville.ROWTHREE: Bonnie Modracek, Rohlena, Darlene Dyson, Karen Voss, Katie Koutny, Jenny McConaughay, Cathie Vrba, Sally Talkington, Connie Morningstar, Judy Havlicek, Karen Tisl, Mary Reed 1

FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENT finger Lund, foreign exchange p Esbjerd, Denmark, \was selected b y t h e l rAmerican Field Service in Copenhagen, V which operates primarily k at Prairie. She for improvement of lations between tries recountion has no politic affiliations. Inger learned of this opportunity at her school in Den. This organiza ^ - student fromi M has added much to the m educational program ier points to her homeland , Denmark. Dined the senior class on August 31, ivities such as G ^ . . A. , dramatics, She 1959. and - irough the year she participated in many school R ient council. Inger was a homecoming attend Iren ment exercises. t during homecoming festivities. On May 26 e received her diploma with the class at comBelow is Inger 's "Foster-Sister" Marcia Manv.lle and her "Big Sister", Judy Lamparek.

VOCAL MUSIC Mrs. Marilyn Barber super - vises the vocal music department Under her direction, the choir gave I » . - cipated in the State Music Contest and received superior ratings . . several concerts climaxed by the spring musical “ A Gala Holiday Several of the choir members parti . Only recently the choir selected their robes, made possible in part through the Band Parents organizations ROW ONE: Sandra Sauer, Nancy Smith, Carolyn Jarvis, June Luettjohann, Judy Kloubec, Pam Peterson, Janet Williams , Gwen Hatch, Karen Tisl, Linda Slaymaker , Margo Sladek, Judy Furnish, Janet Scofield, Sharon Selzer, Carol Goodrow, Mrs . Barber. ROW TWO: Cheryl Noeller , Judy Patten, Judy Havlicek, Darlene Dyson, Irma Ziskovsky, Larry Glass, Dick Day, David Warren, Mike Craven, Connie Morningstar, Judy Lamparek, Lauraetta Lloyd, Sherry Pooler, Sandra Havlicek, Sue Ann Trpkosh, Karolyn Sojka, Mary Tilton . .ROWTHREE: Barbara Smith, Sherry Paterson, Pat Engel, Shirley Homme, Nancy Havran, Gary Tisl, Dick Stroleny, David Steinmetz, Jerry Sasek, Dale Buresh, Katie Koutny, Donna Reed, Charlene McConaughay, Delores Cerveny, Jerry Keasling, Karen Voss

f t C<\P f\ f> i ENSEMBLES GROUP I Donna Matthews Pam Peterson Connie Morningstar Delores Cerveny Ruth Me Cormick Mary Tilton GROUP II Judy Kloubec Judy Havlicek Judy Lamparek Donna Reed Karen Tisl Sandra Havlicek GROUP III Gary Tisl David Steinmetz Richard Stroleny Dennis Strang Not Present: David Warren Dick Day

GROUP IV Judy Patten Darlene Dyson Pat Engle Karen Skripsky Charlene McConaughay Lauraetta Lloyd Judy Furnish Karolyn Sojka \ GROUP V I Carolyn Jarvis Kathy Jamesso Sherry Pooler Katie Koutny Karen Voss Erma Ziskovsk June Luettjohan Linda Slaymak Nancy Smith Sandra Sauer GROUP VI Shirley Homme Janet Williams Gwen Hatch Jennie McConaugh Vicki LeMont Nancy Havran Janet Scofield Margo Sladek Sue Trpkosh Carol Goodrow

A GALA HOLIDAY spring musical--"A Gala Holiday," under the direction of Mrs Barber. This was the third annual musical presented by the choir . On May 3, 1960, Members of choir planned and wrote their production the Vocal Music Department presented their . Marilyn .

INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC The band present ed hal f- t ime programs dur ing the footbal l sea - I t s mus i c son. dur ing the game he lped to pep up the t eam spi r i t . The band present ed severa l concer t s through-out the year. Al l band members were proud of the i r new uni forms whi ch were purchased wi th the a id of the Band Parent s fund ra i s ing proj ec t s . One of the band 's spec i a l organi za t ions was the dance band whi ch provided mus i c for severa l engagement s inc luding two proms.

fO .i *•& the band for the past two years Mr. Frank Kluesner has directed . Through his leadership the band has steadily improved in musical quality . Three band members received superior ratings on instrumental solos at the State Music Contest , the band has provided services Day programs and summer concerts - lit T - • formances. Aside from regular school perto this community through the Memorial . * marching band . The Prairie High trumpet trio, Larry Walshire, Ron Sirowy, and Danny Merta .

Queen Colleen’s court and escorts were: Inger Lund, Dale Buresh, Queen Colleen, John Serbousek, Judy Lamparek, Robert Pose, Rose Bistricky, and Carl Zach . Bill Serbousek, Mary Tilton, Don Grummer, Betty Dusil,

Inger Lund Colleen LeMont Judy Lamparek Rose Bistricky Betty Dusil Mary Tilton "I could have danced all night. " The first dance was played in honor of the queen and her court. H a r v e s t m o o n w a s t h e theme for the 1959 annual Prairie High Homecoming. I

The Junior Senior Banquet precede the Prom on May 5. Pineapples and fer decorated the tables. Ron Sirowy, Junio class president gave the welcome and Jo Goodlove , Senior class president gave th response “ On Forever Prairie High . alma mater. The girls ensemble sang th in honor of the seniors and Mrs. Stansbury, Mrs Seated at the head table are: Mr Strong, Mr . Strong, Principal; and Joe Goodlove . JUNIOR SENIOR BANQUET Ron Sirowy, Gwen Hatch, Mrs Mr. Wiley superintendent . . Wiley, an . .


BACCALAUREATE The baccalaureate service was held May 22 at Prairie High. Rev R. Paul’s Methodist Church in Cedar . . Hughes Dill, assistant pastor at the St apids , addressed the Seniors in his message “ Hold ontoYour Dreams .” Rev. Francis Larew and Rev.Byron Surface gave the invocation and benediction ator,” “ Our Exultant Song,” . i i Remember Now Thy Creand I’ll walk With God” were sung by the Vocal Music department and Circumstance” , Seniors march in to “ Pomp the traditional song at commencement time .

- COMMENCEMENT The commencement exercise for the Class of 1960 was held May26 Joe. Chosen by fellow classmates, address and Judy Lamparek delivered the senior message intendent S . James P the speaker, Mr. W. Wiley introduced Chief of the Uniformed Police of the Chicago Police Department Hackett spoke on “ Life and Education to sixty-six seniors by Mr . .” Diplomas were presented . Robert Krob, President of the College Community School Board . Hackett, . Mr Goodlove gave the welcoming .-Super.


SENIOR GRIDDERS Jon Scriven Jerry Sasek Loren Jansa 5oeU THE CHARGERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Ron Sirowy, RE; Daryl Hynek, RT; Joe Goodlove, RG ; Bob Trpkosh, C; Keith Pollet, LG; Jim Koch, LT; Dan Wodstrchill, LE.

; VARSITY FOOTBALL OW ONE: George Chadima, David Bowersox, Jim S. Lefebure, David Warren, Henry Lefebure, n Scriven, Jim Merrifield, Jim Miles, Jim Lefebure, Ron Nove, Dick Stroleny, Gary Tisl OW TWO: Mark Fieseler, David Schultz, Eddie Hebert, Keith Pollet, Bob Trpkosh, Ted dinger , Danny Merta, Ron Sirowy, Keith Sasek, Pat DeWitt, Joe Goodlove, Loren J.ansa, ancis Vrba, Charles Tichy. ROW THREE: Cleon Jones, Glen Clark, Bill Sirowy, Donald John Williams, Tom Vavra, Dan Wodstrchill, Bob Shebetka, Lyle Svoboda, Jim nHouten, ch, Maury Novak, Daryl Hynek, Merle Reed, Larry Glass, Larry Rohlena, Jerry Sasek, b Havli' cek . . VARSITY RECORD Mr . Rubon, Mr. Leidigh,assistants and Mr. Purcell, head coach . Hawks 7 Anamosa Hawks 6 Brooklyn Hawks 0 Marengo Hawks 7 North Scott Hawks 7 Tama Hawks 27 Belle Plaine Hawks 6 Strawberry Point Hawks 28 Durant FRESH-SOPH RECORD Hawks 13 Hawks 19 Hawks 13 Hawks 47 Hawks 12 Hawks 21 Regis Mt 34 . Vernon Regina Anamose Monticello Iowa City (fresh) 13 20 6 7 19 12 16 7 13 19 7 14 0

VARSITY BASKETBALL on Scriven, NEELING: Mr. Bubon, Head Coach; Richard Volesky, Manager ; Henry Lefebure, Jim Miles, Dave Faltis, Manager; Mr. Jennings, Coach. BACK ROW: Loren Jansa, Jim . efebure, Dan Merta, Bob Beranek, Allan Koepsell, Jim Koch, Larry Prachar, Lyle Svoboda, ob Shebetka, Dan Wodstrchill, Maury Novak, Larry Rohlena Team Record Hawks Hawks Hawks Hawks Hawks Hawks Hawks Hawks Hawks Hawks Hawks Hawks Hawks Hawks Hawks Hawks Hawks GET THAT TIP “ SWOB.” 34 Mt. Vernon 49 Monticello 41 Anamosa 49 Atkins 57 North Scott 32 Tama 67 Coggon 63 North Scott 81 Norway 52 I 45 . City High (J 62 Solon 62 Keystone 53 Central City 44 I Sectional. Vernon 73 Center Point 79 Belle Plaine 43 Mt Tournament Hawks 53 English Valley Hawks 38 Williamsburg 48 44 l . V.) . City (U. High) 80 56 59 75 58 53 67 56 55 64 77 71 49 57 52 56

WRESTLING ROW ONE: Bill Furnish, Dennis Faltis, Larry Watkins, Richard Stroleny, Darrell Pollet, Mark Fieseler, Aaron Basten, Larry Maresh, George . Shirley, Chris ChrisEngel, Keith Pollet, Daryl Hynek man, Larry Scofield, . ROW TWO: Mr Witt, Larry Glass, Glen Clark, Ted Hidinger Joe Sadecky, Dennis Booth, Fred Kinne, Pat De. Wrestling was added this year to an already well rounded athletic program. A squad of 24 participated in this sport which saw 11 members awarded letters. Although Prairie failed to win any of their 5 meets, several grapplers posted impressive individual records which included a third place in the class lettermen next year and a full 14 meet schedule should do much towards bolstering the teams chance of having a successful season < I B” district meet. . The return of 9 The ref gets into the act .

VARSITY TRACK ROW ONE: Jon Scriven, Jerry Sasek, Gary Langhurst, Jim Koch, Francis Vrba, Henry Lefebure, Jim Miles, Lary Roztocil. ROW TWO: Lance Zimmerli, Dave Bowersox, Ted . Bergman, Coach. ROW THREE: Larry Rohlena, Bob Shebetka, John Dolezal, Richard Reynolds, Everett Williams, Glen Buresh, Gary Klouda, Daryl Hynek, Larry Watkins, Aaron Basten . Marion Meet: Marion Prairie Mt . Vernon Monticello Meet Monticello Prarie Indepencence Anamosa Meet Anamosa Prairie Mt . Vernon . 84 1/2 71 1/ 2 40 107 61 1/2 61 1/ 2 U 92 70 66 . High Meet: U P. High Kalona rairie Mt. Vernon Meet: Mt P . Vernon Linn Mar rairie Other meets were held but the results are not listed . 77 65 41 96 90 47 Hidinger, Pat DeWitt, Keith Sasek, Clifford Townsend, Cleon Jones, Jon Volz, Jim Merrifield, Mr In District Meet: Jon Scriven (Captain) qualified for State Meet in 100 yard dash and broad jump . Henry Lefebure qualified for State Meet in 880 yard run and placed third in that meet .

VARSITY BASEBALL . "Y •« ' - ROW ONE: Marv Trachta, Danny Merta, Henry Lefebure, Jim Miles, Jon Scriven, Jim Lefebure, Ronald Nove . ROW TWO: Mr . Rohlena, Lyle Svoboda, Bob Beranek, Allan Koepsell, Don Grummer, Mr Coach . Jennings, Head Coach; Keith Sasek, Dan Wodstrchill, Larry . Barger, Assistant Prairie’s baseball program this year has been shifted to strictly a summer program This eliminates the conflict we have always had in the past with the track season. Athletes who formerly devoted their time to both track and baseball at the same time can now concentrate their efforts more on each sport but at different times . This system should add to the betterment of both baseball and track.The summer program starts in May and progresses through the summer months . .

PRAIRIE JR. HAWKSUNDEFEATED ROW ONE: Gene Goodrow, Larry Keyes, Randy Meyer, Martin Trpkosh, Jack Griffith, Jim Hynek, Ernest Fernley,Greg Britcher Bob Powers, David Patton, Ronald Sheriff, Tom Wood.ROW TWO: Paul Slezak, Manager; Harry Sutphin, Steven Young, Ronald Warren, Dennis Steinmetz, Mike Langridge, Kirk Drennen, Dennis Booth, ridge, Mike Hawley, NOT PRESENT: Steve Selzer . JUNIOR HIGH RECORD Hawks 40 Hawks 28 Hawks 28 Hawks 14 Anamosa Solon Monticello Marion 6 0 7 6 Martin Clements, Larry Marak, Bill Lang. Darrell Leonard, Mike Seaton, Steven Tichy, James Felthouse, Lon Scriven. ROW THREE: Glenn Yondra, Daryl Sanborn, Dennis Cach, Douglas Ham, Dennis Day, Dean Buresh, Jim Powers, Norman Zahradnik, oach, Gene Seehusen ^ RE Randy Meier, RT Norman Zahradnik, RG Dennis Booth, C Dennis Cach, LG Dean Buresh, LT Jim Powers, LE Tom Wood, QB Marty Clements, RH Lon Scriven, FB Dennis Day, LH Larry Marek .

JR. HIGH TRACK W ONE: Greg Britcher , Martin Trpkosh, Tim Grissel, Ernest Fernley, Bob Powers , George rrifield, Gary Schwegler, n Schlesselman, Jack Griffith, Larry Scofield, Gene Goodrow, Pat Cobb, John Baker, ROW O: Mr . Ronald Warren, Randy Meyers, Dennis Steinmetz, Jim Hynek, . Purcell, Ronald Sheriff, Mike Landridge, Bill Landridge, Mike Cobb, Jim Powers, John Scott, Marty Clements, Mike Seaton, Bill Serbousek The Junior High Track program . The record . Vernon Monticello Iowa City 8th: Mt. Vernon Monticello Iowa City The track program inboth Junior and Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Senior High has a definite bearing on the ways boys can participate in other sports . This year the track program had a successful turnout. 52 1/ 2 63 1/ 2 46 1/2 # 58 30 35 nnis Day, Dean Buresh, Douglas Ham, Richard Miller, Larry Marak, Merle Kelley, Dennis oth, Steve Bures, came to a close May 20th with a quadrangular meet at Marion stands as follows: 7 th: Mt . The individual training requires determination and ability to stick to the rigorous discipline necessary to excel in team sport

CHEERLEADERS P-R-A-I-R-I-E P-R -A -I-R- I-E Prairie, Prairie Prairie Hawks FIGHT ! ! VARSITY--Katie Koutny, Mary Tilton, Connie Morningstar. JoAnn Soper, Lois Malatek, FRESH-SOPH- -Rose Rozinek, Katie Koutny, Connie Morningstar, SueAnn Trpkosh. JUNIOR HIGH Gloria Delbridge Bonnie Zbanek Sharon Pollet Sandra Leidigh


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