CURRY ~ SAFFRON ~ DILL L 11/18 WRP E D taste merchants 1870 SALE catalog - hundreds of reduced items! Greater savings are available ONLY if orders are placed On-line. Limited stock - order today! ® Sinapis hirta Binomial name: Sinapis alba Mustard seed See page 20. MINT ~ CARAWAY ~ SAGE Oldest Family Owned & Operated Business in the State of Texas ® CARDAMOM ~ TURMERIC ~ VANILLA ~ MARJORAM CORIANDER ~ HABANERO ~ ROSEMARY ~ SEA SALT P R N Y E S ‘

300070 PENDERY'S TEXAS ORIGINAL GIFT SET These gift boxes have 3 seasonings that are true Texas traditions - Original Chile Blend, Dad's Oven Smoked BBQ & Chisholm Trail. Each jar holds 7 fluid ounces. $21.95 300071 PENDERY'S TEXAS ORIGINAL 16oz Se Original Chile Blend, Dad's Oven Smoked BBQ & Chisholm Trail. Each jar holds 16 fluid ounces or 2 dry cups. $39.95 803705 HOT SAUCE Techniques for Making Signature Hot Sauces 32 recipes for making your own signature hot sauces, ranging from mild to blisteringly hot, as well as 60 recipes that use homemade or commercial hot sauces in everything from BBQ and Buffalo wings to bouillabaisse and black-bean soup. Author Jennifer Thompson guest on Live with Regis & Good Morning America. 192 pg, many color photos, 6½ x 8½ Pb. $14.95 $11.96 803971 BURGER BONANZA MEN'S SOCKS You grill the best burgers in town, wear these with pride. 70% Cotton, 27% Nylon, 3% Lycra. $10 $8 ing with SPICE om international 0 easy-to-prepare om 6 major world es. Enjoy Asian ays & stir-fries; in o 0 0 o ne ta I o Indian A vindaloos & tandooris; African spiced stews & kabobs; European paprika-rich braises & cardamom-spiced baked goods; South American grilled, spiced-rubbed meats & fish; and North American favorites. 112pg, 8.4 x 7.6" HB. $19.95 $15.96 803708 BOSS of the SAUCE APRON Great grillin' & BBQ apron. A fun and practical gift for family and friends. Generously cut, sturdy apron. 65/35 poly-cotton twill, 33"x 29". $25.99 702420 GOURMET CHILE SPICY HONEY 2 Sweet & spicy- always a taste pleaser. This ambrosia is a perfect balance of sweet and spicy. A versatile sauce, great on almost everything! The honey is sourced from natural-process, independent beekeepers from raw Hudson Valley honey combined with a special combination of chile peppers. Handmade with cool infusion process it retains the amazing flavor & health properties of pure, untreated honey. . 8oz. 214.741.1870 $16.95 $13.56 www.penderys.com 800.533.1870 $20.79

A Family Tradition Est. in 1870 P PENDERY'S In the 1850s, DeWitt Clinton Pendery was enjoying his role as a partner in his family’s Tea & Grocery business in Cincinnati, Ohio. He had a fascination for aromas and flavors and enjoyed the integral role his products played in their customers every day lives. This ‘fascination’ would lead our ‘taste merchant’ on a path to the western frontier and into history’s spice lore. In 1870, spurred on by an adventurous spirit, DeWitt Clinton Pendery (D.W.C.) left Cincinnati to join his brother in then untamed Fort Worth, Texas - the heart of the Chisholm Trail. He was rattled and rolled in horse-drawn stage all the way from Ohio. Local cowboys jeered his elegant appearance as he stepped onto the dusty street. He had a straight, easy stride, comfortable in his long frock coat and tall silk hat. (Note the top hat in the Pendery’s logo). Then...he felt the unexpected heat from a local’s ‘initiation’ bullet as it seared crushing through his hat, thrusting it twisting flying, until it finally, bouncing came to an indignant halt. His thin lips twinged tightly beneath his carefully waxed handle bar moustache. This, the only visible reaction to the gunslingers’ reception. D.W.C.’s undaunted demeanor, as he casually collected his belongings and continued on his way, earned immediate approval and popular respect. ® www.penderys.com 800-533-1870 Oldest Family Owned & Operated Business in Texas P D.W.C. developed a great interest in regional Texas seasonings. His invention ‘Chiltomaline’®, the first chile powder, was an immediate success as a culinary seasoning extraordinaire, and more! D.W.C. wrote of the medicinal benefits of his condiment and its acclamation from physicians. “The health giving properties of hot chile peppers have no equal. They give tone to the alimentary canal, regulating the functions, giving a natural appetite, and promoting health by action of the kidneys, skin and lymphatics." By 1890, he was distributing his original chile blends, spice specialties and advertising circulars to cafés, hotels and citizens far and near via stage lines and satisfied customers alike. He also successfully promoted his unique pungent products while on his routine trips to and from Cincinnati, Ohio. His unparalleled seasoning invention of Chile Powder (Blend) is one example that has firmly established DeWitt Clinton Pendery in spice annals. Each of the succeeding Pendery generations has followed his example of quality innovation with a select collection, continually broadened, refined, and delivered by a family dedicated to personal service. Thank you, Clint Haggerty, 5th generation 032 A BUSY COOK’S GUIDE to SPICES Cross-referencing is the ecret. On the Potato C age see what spices go articularly well with otatoes and then preare a dish with one of the any recipes listed below at food. Charts, lists and me folklore is added for terest. Easy for beginner nd pro. 234 page, 8½ x 7" piral. $25.28 $20.22 803969 BURGER BONANZA APRON The Best Buns in Town" Ample size for bot & guys. Includes a loop on either side to h grillin' tool. 100% cotton. 28"x 32". & 803974 MINI FRY BASKET SET/ Enjoy serving individual portions of Fren , fried shrimp, chicken finger Enjoy serving o gs, f bdk i i Dw f washer safe S/S. $15.99 c s . 19 803975 BURGER & FRII LADIES' KNEE-HI SOCK oin the fun and add to alls e ment wearing these fun so Top comfort band ke them where they belong. 6 $11 $8.80 214.741.1870 www.penderys.com k. ps % otton, 20% Nylon, 17% Poly , 3% Spandex. y 800.533.1870 3 S - , French toast sticks, or con ical and nostalgic diner prese g a $24.95

803906 RISE N' SHINE KNEE-HI SOCKS ou will be ready to "rise & shine" at dawn's first light when you slip on ese bright ladies' socks. 63% cotton, 34% nylon, 3% Lycra. $10 $8 UE POLKA DOT TEAPOT U Sturdy glazed stoneware 4 cup (36oz) teapot with pealing lhouette. out. Comes with inrated mesh filter. p lh o g rfect any time of day n ready for a relaxPr e i n sp POLK e! hlds . 5 ot' of tea. Boxed. $36.95 $29.56 803744 RED OLKA A DOT TEAPOT very one's spirits in high e! Great for you, family bers and friends. 6-cup . L, 5072. Dihhr sfe B d. $3 $9 traditional Dripless 803664 COBALT EARTHENWARE 6 CUP TEAPOT This handsome cobal teapot features a stay co alt ol handle, easy pour spout a a d-shaped opening for l ut tea is 6 ounces. t ad ld ntion while pouring. A st tea is 6 ounces. st f $0 $18 803472 RECIPES from the GARDEN Beautiful photos, clear ins tions and luscious recipes m this cookbook an inspir for breakfast, lunch and d dnay wh ner. Enjoy recipes like - Cr Caesar Salad; Asparagu Hollandaise; Spring Lam Savory Bread Pudding; S b l, T . D’ 8 p, Cream Cheese, and Chiv and Lavender Shortbread miss the Herbed Vodka. 2 8½ x 11”HB. $34.95 804009 SUNFLOWE KNEE-HI SOCKS Gloomy day? Get the "right" mental attitude, just slip on the colorful socks. Sock size 9-11 fits U.S. women’s shoe size 5-10.5. 63% Cotton, 34% Nylon, 3% Spandex. l 4 214.741.1870 www.penderys.com $10 $8 800.533.1870 se

803955 TERRACOTTA EGG CUP SET/4 These artistic egg cups, accented with harmonious colors, blend well in traditional and contemporary settings. Your eggs will be held snuggly in place as you enjoy their contents. Terracotta with color-glazed edge and interior. Recommend hand washing. 1¾" x 2½". $18.95 $15.16 803047 DEVILED EGGS 50 Recipes Simple-Sassy -It may not sound politically correct, but deviled eggs are the ultimate pary food. Not only a party food, they are perfect for rounding out a light summer meal or serving in the first course. They are incredibly t y fast, economical and easy to pre$12.95 $10.36 pare. Their flavors can range from light and simple to gutsy & even fiery. 96 page, 5½ x 8¾" HB. 803597 FOOD POD SILICONE BASKET In the ‘Top Ten’ 2010 Kitchen Gadgets by Bon Appetit. It’s the easit wy to bil a doz. eggs, blanch vegetables or nd drain with one quick aco the pan edge for easy removal; top-rack dishwasher ; 6"d. o ; pe off b bo h 803656 EGG TOPPER gg shells for breakfast? Just pull up handle and let go. e vibration and sharp edge in dome ectly cuts shell. Lift shell o f by hand or knife. Works on oth soft and boiled eggs. hard eggs. 5 n dome of n $26.95 $21 . 5" " 2 216 al; top rack dishwasher $19.98 $15.98 803954 COLLAPSIBLE VILED EGG/PIE CARRIER y delicious homemade pies, d r other appetizers and desserts to your arty. Holds-up to two 9"pies; or one pie wi pping like meringue; or 28 deviled eggs, etc. I ble trays with indentations on one side and f Base features non-slip rings to hold pie plat e Trays fold up and nest inside the carrier, wh to ½ its original heig pact storage Suggest ca below. Recommended de r rts to your ts to your a lu l e e pe T " y n h cpss t r f m " by America's Test Kitchen er safe. $35.95 $ K This hen is on top o world. Wear them a a you will feel the sa 3% U 214.741.1870 light nylon, 3% Spandex. Dark gray. www.penderys.com f th weight cotton $10 $8 m. n, 800.533.1870 5 803737 HEN ON E LADIES SOCK E GS Dsh876 com

803993 VEGETABLES APRON 8 olorful and carefree. 100% easy care cot t tie, metal double D-rings to adjust at n pron body 31" x 27" $23.95 $1 Rc hly c w aist o t t tie, metal d A 803994 POTHOLDER Always handy for grabbing t cookie sheet or using under hot bowls on your table. Nicely trimmed with matching color quilted back. 9", 100% cotton. $7.95 $6.36 803995 VEGGIES TOWEL Boisterous, natural woven cotton towel. What a perfect gift for a friend or hostess. 20" x 28". Beautiful to frame. $10.95 $8.76 803853 VEGETARIAN'S BIBLE Fix fresh nourishing food that will help you lose weight, get more energy, and revitalize your health, with these classic vegetarian dishes that utilize seasonal ingredients that are great for both your health and the environment. Vegetables are essential in a good diet because they are packed with antioxidants, minerals, tamins, anand ifiber. Le a tor” with recipes for a detox and anti-inflammatory die, as well as recipes that utilize all those important super how to maintain your health and be your own “inner d foods that are packed with nutrients that keep you fu longer. Simple step-by-step instructions with recipe ranging from appetizers, soups, and s u es s s, salads, and sandwiches, and even stir-f s. 352 page. 11"x 8.5" pb. f d ds $18.99 $15 1 803949 OXO SPIRALIZER Faster and safer than a knife, with a f attractive end result. Perfect for cre vegetable noodles, a tasty, healthy alt tive to pasta. Make uniform spirals for c fries, salads, garnishes and more. Thre terchangeable stainless steel blades c spaghetti cut (1/8"), fettuccine cut (1/4 ribbon cut noodles. A Stronghold™ suc cup prevents wobble on countertops. Th movable blade box keeps blades clean, s and organized when not in use and st on board. Handle folds up for compact s age. Dishwasher safe. Try it...you'll lov a f c 4) ucn h e, s t srv ! 7.9 x 7.9 x 4.9 inches. $44.98 $35.98 803956 HOLEY SPADLE ng ert wist of it's haneas or corn. $22.95 $18.36 6 214.741.1870 www.penderys.com 800.533.1870 oct, ek. 16

803816 LILY PAD LID SET/4 You will not believe the versatility of these silicone lids! Fit on any smooth rimmed bowl or pan in refrigera, microwave, oven, or on cook-top . Help prevent stove splatters, retain m during cooking. Keep foods fresh gerator. Create airtight seal. Easy Y t r r m i 5 6 tore. O sto . ne of each - 11", 9", 6" and 4" a , 9 9 Ey, 26 CLEAN COOKING 6 elicious recipes without gluairy products, or white sugar. Clean cooking benefits - slims you down, gives you more energy, packs your body with nutrients, and makes you feel healthier. e ai Offers fresh smoothies and juices; alternative fasts and snacks; new ways of baking bread; hearty vegetarian, seafood, meaty meals; and sweets. 160 pages 7.5"x 9.6" HB. $19.99 $15.99 803894 LEMON BASIL FOAMING S ), al Decorative pump dispenser bathes your hands in gentle clen d moisturizing foaming soap with soothing soft aroma. Genero ze (8 fl. oz.), contains shea b $1 t d MON BAS d perched a 89 EM A sbd c n s 0 w , t ds ns 00 , m st A ns, this apro 0% easy c , metal doub st at neck. A 31"h x 27"w $16 prn bdy . l e c, e Dgs break803927 LEMON POTHOLDER Trimmed with matching color quilted back. 9"x 9", 100% cotton. $7.95 $6.36 803928 LEMON TOWEL Natural woven cotton kitchen towel. What a perfect gift for a friend or hostess. 20"x 28". $10.95 $8.76 803704 PARROT PARTY SOCKS Jungle party design & colors. 75% cotton, 20% Nylon, 5% Spandex. Forms to your foot! Ladies. USA $10 $8 214.741.1870 www.penderys.com 800.533.1870 7

803960 ROLL-UP APRON BBQ TOOL SET Sturdy BBQ Apron with 4 piece tool set, inclu tongs, fork, spatula, and hog bristle brush. . Too s a T u s l if! .8 87 d l l stainless steel with ash wood han Spatula has bottle opener slot. Ro nd into convenient carry case. Great gi $59.84 $47.8 You’ll go for these lights -- hook, l sinker! Great for decorating all y round. 10’ string, indoor-outd end to end plug to add additionaa strings. 802905 BOBBERS LIGH T do $15.79 $12.63 803508 DEER LIGHT STRING Keep your sights on these buck on patio, porch or tree. Ten 4.5" deer on a 10’ string. Indoor/ outdoor, end to end with fused plugs. Attractively boxed. $26.99 $21.59 803604 I'M HOOKED! I'M GAME! Two books in one! Loaded with incredible fish and wild gam recipes. Sure to plea r o ndy recipes. Sure to pleae a r o a nd y me as y quotes o o o ng stats inoughout. This kbook makes t for the outt t and hard-to8 page, 8 x 7" 8 $11.98 $9.58 803840 REEL GOOD COOK APRON 100% sturdy cotton canvas. Adjustable neck strap, generously cut to cover your favorite fisherman. $24.99 $19.99 803959 REEL GOOD COFFEE MUG e handle, ceramic, dishwasher safe, Gift boxed. 14oz. lose your eyes and reel them in. $16.95 $13.56 803996 A HOUND DOG MEN'S SOCKS o could resist these soulful eyes. Comfortable 70% Cotton, 27% Nylon, 3% Lycra. Sock size 10-13 will fit o a men's shoe size 8-13. 8 214.741.1870 www.penderys.com 800.533.1870 $10 $8

803483 FLYING MALLARD L Light up patio, porch or tree. 10 ducks o door/ outdoor, end to end with fused p ed. $26.99 $ 219 804005 SHUT TH DUCK UP MUG Great for your favorit hot or cold beverage Fun “tongue in chee Dishwasher safe ceram hand-painted ornaments perfect hanging around any time of t year. Each duck measure 3 3/4"h x 6 1/2"w x 3"d. $22.95 $18. 803587 BEST BAIT 17" TIN THERMOMETER Large durable 5"x 17" indoor door tin thermometer. For off fishing cabin, porch, or kitchfi, - - en bait house. $13.99 $11.19 803781 MEN'S GREEN FISH SOCKS Handsome but not dull. Comfortable 70% cotton, 27% ny$9.95 $7.9 - lon, 3% Lycra. Perfect for youur favorite angler. yur 6 6 ENAMELWARE D 803911 FLY FISHI D P This great looking dip set i makes it an extra versatile ad serving plate makes this set m rc v ad bowl. Dishwasher safe. Attract ml p IP SET s m carbon steel coated with a porc trimmed in stainless steel. Ov ETER oroutfi sage. I know there is so list that would enjoy th eo s . $16 Large wooden hand-carved, f 3 803925 HA he 803413 OLD LURE CUTTING BOARD Tempered glass. Virtually unbreakable. Resists stains, heat, bacteria and odors. A colorful kitchen accessory and an ample 12"x 16" working surface. $9.95 $7.96 214.741.1870 www.penderys.com 800.533.1870 9

803849 BISCUITS Sweet and Savory Southern Recipes for the All-American Kitchen - a cookbook that simplifies and demystifies biscuit baking. 70+ recipes including- Double-decker Strawberry Shortcake, Raspberry Biscuit Pudding with vanilla ice cream sauce, Ham Biscuits with honey mustard butter, Loaded Baked Potato Biscuits, and Spicy Pimento Cheese Bites, Peach Raspberry Scones, Chocolate Toffee Monkey Bread, Hush Puppies, and Chicken ’n’ Dumplings, and gravies & toppings.. 240 pg. 8 x 8" HB. $19.99 $15.99 803707 LARD "The Lost Art of Cooking with Your Grandmothers Secret Ingredient" - Better than butter 150 sweet and savory recipe Turn out stellar Beef Wellingto fluffy biscuits, crispy Southern Fried ! F Chicken and the perfect pastry crust. Lard is once again embraced by chefs and enlightened health-care professionals and dietitians. 272 page, 7.5"x 9" Pb. $23.99 $19.19 1 CHICKEN BREAST ENHANCEMENTS hing but heretofore frequently bland dishes turned ring satisfaction. Picnic Buttermilk-Pecan Chicksar Sliders, Puffed-Up Chicken Wellington, or the e & Brie Stuffed Chicken to name but a few examples. x 8" spiral. " 803747 SOUTHERN FRIED t the South is famous for - crab cakes, fried chicken, d more. Try Sassy Shrimp Puffs, Georgia Bacon and ny, Country Fried Steak, and Rosemary Pork Chops ist. Flawless recipes, history, and culture, filled with hotos. 256 page Hc. t d $27.60 $22.08 803827 SIFT 'N STIR WHISK o whisk heavy wet ingredients such as puddings and even stiff dough Just . J t slip the custom designed mesh cylinder over the Dishwasher safe, 18/8 S/S. Whisk is 6.5" x 3" dia. with a 4.4" long handle. 804006 KILNER BUTTER CHURNER whisk and it allows you to sift dry ingredients as easily as whisking them. $15.98 $12.78 Fun, fresh, easy...use your imagination! Makes butter within 10 minutes of churning. Recipes and step by step instruction guide, using one simple ingredient- whipped cream. Enjoy: Cinnamon & Honey Butter, Parmesan Basil & Tomato Butter, Chili & Lime Butter and Buttermilk Fruit Scones. 34-fluid ounce capacity. Stainless gears, silicone paddles. Hand wash. 6.5" x 4.3" x 10.6". Gift box. $44.95 $35.96 10 214.741.1870 www.penderys.com 800.533.1870 $9.99 $7.99

803958 TERRACOTTA PINCH /DIP BOWL SET of 6 Charming set of six 2oz bowls of h fired terracotta with glossy glaze int t c t f s & t ing. condiments. 2 Recommend ha $18.95 25” ” hand h803838 P 803839 POLKA DOT TEAPOT 6-CUP T Holds 50.72 oz $29.99 $ z . 2 Multi-colored polk d p give personalit ven ence i N d i cool handle. pots. The ceram an added convenience. No-drip pour spout and stay m p s t o- r p pour spout and stay d 803823 LITTLE SWEETS AND BAKES t aEasy-to-Make Cupcakes, Cake Pops, Whoopie Pies, Ma and Decorated Cookies - Easy recipes using accessible i ents so you can get right to baking - Pink velvet cake, S bars, Blueberry crumble dream, Mini lemon bundt ca nut-cake pops, and more! Tips for beautiful decorating your family and friends! 143 page, 9 x 9.5" HB. s, ngd - n rs e oDght $19.9 96 803830 OLD FASHIONED PEANUT BUTTER MI Wow, this really works and even makes mixing fun!. Chrom ed rod & grommet provide even rotation. FDA approved g effectively cleans peanut butter from rod on removal. Ap by America's Test Kitchen. Unit is designed to fit the 16 ar that is 4.75" high and 3" (77 mm) diameter. $12.95 $10. ml d gk peed 6oz jr 36 803934 RUBBER DUCKY SOCKS Everyone's favorite - Yellow Ducky! Fits ladies 9-11 sock size. 66% SAVE MORE Order On-Line Cotton, 32% Nylon, 2% Spandex. $7.95 $6.36 KITTENSTER S 803749 GLASS S ES OCK K e studious kittens will keeee ht path. 63% cotton, 34% n nl lend ladies crew socks. Fit - o h 3% ly l d k si ts la ize 8-11. 214.741.1870 $6.95 $5.56 www.penderys.com 800.533.1870 11 , e atO 2-cup DOT T Holds 20.29 oz $21.99 $ z T $ T 9 g r Equally at home in farm house or c porary. Perfect f conm

BADGER for ALL 803861 MIND BALM VARIETY STICKS SET/3 Contains one 0.6oz of: Headache Soother, Stress Soother, and Cheerful Mind Balm. Makes a great gift! Just rub a little on hands, temples, forehead, or anywhere that needs soothing and rub it in. Give the gift of holistic bliss! They work so well! Headache Soother – Moisturizing aromatherapy that soothes and refreshes with menthol crystals. Stress Soother – Promotes calm, cool, r relaxed awareness. We can all use some of that. Cheerful Mind Balm – A sunny blend of citrus and floral to lift you out of that holiday funk and put you in a more cheerful, upbeat mood. Set/3 sticks . $24.95 $19.96 803862 ANTI-BUG BALM ried-and-true formulation of Org T ganic Citronella, Cedar, and Lemongrass. Essential oils, which have been used for centuries to naturally repel insects and mosquitoes for three to four hours. Independently lab-tested to make sure they work. It smells good, feels good, and relly works - without DEET petrolaum, or other chemicals. t t 803979 BADGER BABY OIL 0% natural, safe and soothing Badger Baby il. Formulated with moisturizing oils and calming herbs to nurture and protect delicate baby skin. Organic Extra Virgin Olive and Jojoba Oils gently soften and moisturize 0 i ca even the most delicate skin. The mild scent of true Roman Chamomile calms, while gentle Calendula soothes and protects. 4 fl oz Glass Bottle. Seal in moisture, keep stray hairs in check, & act as a light styling aid, no greasy after feel. Over time your beard looks h healthier & feels softer. Rich in vitamins A, D, E and F, and essential fatty acids. $18.99 $15.19 d $18.99 $15.99 803965 BEARD BALM .2oz Tin 2oz tin. $11.95 $9.56 803967 BEARD OIL Blend of refreshing, nourishing botanicals that softens, moisturizes, protects and conditions your face & beard—without fail. Absorbs quickly with no greasy after feel. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Only need a & y a little dab to make a wonderful difference. 1 fl oz glass bottle. $18.99 $15.19 803693 DAMASCUS ROSE BEAUTY BALM Restorative Beauty Care. Honor your beautifully evolving body with this spectacular blend of restorative oils, and reveal your healthiest, most beautiful skin ever. Our Rose Oil is traditionally processed for the best quality: the blossoms are hand-picked before sunrise and distilled the very same day. Takes two and a half tons of fresh rose petals to make 16 ounces of this precious oil! Gently dab a little under eyes, on face, or anywhere on the body to keep your skin nour s, h e r ished and healthy. Ideal for dry and delicate skin, as well as stretch mark prevention. Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Beeswax, Essential Oils of Lavender, Rosa dry and d and i asn Damascena, & Roman Chamomile and Rosehip, Sea Buckthorn, & Calendula. 1oz jar $19.95 $15.96 803419 SLEEP BALM .75oz tin $7.49 $5.99 803420 SLEEP BALM 2oz tin $11.99 $9.59 Calm, cheer and relax. Rub on lips, temple or under nose - the aroma does the trick. Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Natural Beeswax, Cas tor Oil, and Essential Oils of Bergamot, Ginger, Organic Rosemary, Lavender & Organic Balsam Fir. - 803541-L SORE JOINT RUB Soothe the discomfort associat ed with poor circulation, gene eral a E tra - stiffness, sprains, and sciatica. Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Cayenne Extract, Golden Yellow Beeswax, Castor Oil, CO2 Extracts of Black Pepper, Ginger, Arnica, & Rosehip, Essential Oils of Lemon grass, Cardamom, Rosemary, Sage, & Thyme. 2oz tin. $11.99 $9.59 803910 ANTI-BUG 4oz SPRAY Uses pure essential oils to naturally keep bugs, mosquitoes and insects away from your family. Based on our effective and popular Anti-Bug Balm formula, this organic Shake & Spray repels insects with the pleasant aroma of Citronella, Rosemary and Wintergreen essential oils. Badger Shake & Spray contains no DEET, petroleum products, or synthetic chemicals, and has been independently lab tested for efficacy - so it's safe and effective for the whole family! The sturdy, lightweight aluminum bottle is easily recyclable. $11.99 $9.59 803866 LAVENDER, BASIL & OREGANO GROW KITS Easy to grow, healthful herbs to use for fun, cooking and medicinal purposes. Each bag comes with decorative tin filled with growing medium and seeds. All three kits are included. $18.75 $15 12 214.741.1870 www.penderys.com 800.533.1870

803999 BIRD H Fn Gro ae a H ng hand soap. Eg . ha b d E ous size. Contains s e vera for gentle c aroma and moistu s s cl oz. APRON Engaging design and vibrant colors. 100% easy care cotton. Waist tie, metal double D-rings at neck. 31"h x 27"w. $23.95 $19.16 804000 BIRD SONG TOWEL A perfect gift for a friend or hostess. 20" x 28." $11.95 $9.56 g h 803997 BIRD SONG $13 D u 8 fl. 3. $6 803865 LAVENDER KITCHEN TOWEL Natural-history print that will grab your attention with color and design. Made of 100% natural sturdy woven cotton that is practical to care for. 20" x 28". $10.95 $8.76 803936 LAVENDER ROSEMARY HAND & BODY LOTION GIFT BOX Silky, C luxurious lotion that moisturizes, softens, and nourishes even the driest skin with delightful lavender-rosemary fragrance that is softly sweet and soothing. Contains aloe, unflower seed oil, grapefruit extract, mfrey, and kelp. Beautifully packaged hea n a butter, chamomile, n a keepsake gift box. 8 fl oz. y classic 16” bunch of lavender. Tie with ribbon n effective, simple, scented, lovely gift. 0453 LAVENDER STEMS oz $6.81 La o nsects. n y n 214.741.1870 www.penderys.com 800.533.1870 13 00264 LAVENDER 4oz $14.52 lb $50.24 andula vera blossoms of exceptional quality. d in French seasonings. Try in apple jelly or raspy jam. Wonderful aroma in potpourris and de$17.98 $14.38 $14.25 calendula,

ls and beauty ly add a flavory a so have some D e rd l f y a ag bf m a d h a y e e t e n g v a a ifla r LIFE ea or ly al mprove certain health. Rich in yphenols, spice turmeric, caynamon, ginger, ves, coriander, age can fight p u a e g ammation, protect m pro c ro ch t against chronic conditions, and can even help with losing weight. Don't miss Mexican Hot Chocolate Cupcakes or Chicken Pot Pie. 114 pp, 5.5"x 8" Pb. $14.99 $11.99 803871 BLOOMS & BEES APRON Bursting with blooms highlighting a happy bee - a visual delight, a100% cotton for easy are. Ties at the waist, adjustable neck with metal double D-rings. Body of apron meac m ur es 31"h x 27"w. $19.95 $15.96 803872 BLOOMS & BEES TOWEL Natural-history print bursting with colorful $8.49 $6.79 blooms. 100% natural, sturdy, woven, easy to care for cotton. Lovely framed. 20" x 28." 803873 BLOOMS & BEES FOAMING Hand Soap The generous size of our foaming hand soap proves you can offer great value without sacrificing quality. The soap contains shea butter and aloe vera, for gentle cleansing and moisturizing, with pleasant chamomile and marigold scent. 17.8 fl. oz.. $9.99 $7.99 803931 CHEESE CHOCOLATE & NUT MILL Mill contains two acid etched, stainless steel blades grating nuts or chocolate and slicing cheese. Simply twist the top and the powerful screwed plunger will drive food through the blade. Features stainless steel body with chamber window and extra blade storage in the top. Lifetime Cole & Mason Guarantee. $24.99 $19.99 803943 ELECTRIC FROTHER Whip up the perfect froth with Bialetti's Electric Milk Frother. Use hot or cold milk for making delicious lattes, cappuccinos, chai and hot chocolate in seconds and with a push of a button. All you have to do is just pour milk to the appropriate capacity line and pre-start. Made of high polish stainless steel housing with vacuum insulation and convenient detachable base. Frother features three option settings: froth and warm milk; froth cold milk; and heat milk. Nonstick interior for easy clean-up. You'll have fun with this! $98.95 $79.16 14 214.741.1870 www.penderys.com 800.533.1870

803924 TEA The Art and Craft -An En thusiast's Guide to Selectin g Brewing, and Serving Exqu ue rview of tea's - view of teas w a - $24.99 $19.99 803868 FRIELING DOUBLE WALL TEA MAKER This 18/10 stainless 20 ounce tea maker's supe double-wall construction retains beverage's tem perature longer, no matter if it is a hot or cold drink, making it ideal as a pitcher to serve milk, water, juice and more. A removable er m mesh infuser basket, with fold-down handle fo easy insertion and removal, provides plenty o room for even larger tea leaves to dance around u folding their flavor. The sleek design and mirro gracefully reflects its surroundings. 7" high x 6 All parts dishwasher safe. Standard cup of tea is 6 ounces. 1yr warranty against manufacturing defects. $84. o d o h 6" w. d unounces. o 9 803982 COFFEE GREENHOUSE Brew coffee that you grew with this complete ki On average each mature coffee plant will produce one pound of coffee beans. Your plant will exhibit shiny dark green showy leaves with fragrant white flowers. Coffee plants are typically 6 feet tall but can grow to be 15 feet or taller. $11.99 t! $9.59 6 803858 FRIELING BLACK FRENCH PRESS This is Frieling's 'top of the line' French Press. E E E tremely durable double wall 18/10 stainless st (keeps coffee hot longer). Stunning & durable than to PVD plating – UV coating reduces fingerprint New patent-pending filter system means ZERO sed ment or grounds in your cup; two-stage filter system with a pre-filter plus a super fine mesh; metal wir inside coil presses plunger more strongly agains inside wall. This press offers style, convenience an unparalleled flavor. Steep some loose tea or use t serve cold beverages that will stay cold. 23 fl. oz e nk nt d e nst nd to Dishwasher safe. 214.741.1870 $105.95 $84.76 6 www.penderys.com oz nd to z. 800.533.1870 15 . dir m of Tea. Includes: detailed overv history; thoughtful descriptions of global brew ing methods; innovative ideas for iced tea, tea cocktails, & DIY blends. 160 page, 8"x 10" HB. Will sprout in 3 to 4 weeks!

WORLD'S SELECT GOURMET TEAS More and more are appreciating teas and herbal teas as both soothing and refreshing beverages. Throughout the centuries, the medicinal benefits of teas have been extolled. Researchers today are validating many of these century old testimonials are justified. Start your day with a refreshing outlook - enjoy a cup of freshly brewed tea. Try a soothing afternoon cup of tea - you and yours will be glad you did. Airtight black tea tins. 6"h x 2¾"d. Airtight pouches are resealable. Tea pyramids allow tea to expand and breath better than tea bags. ORGANIC EARL GREY BLACK TEA Organic black tea with the popular Bergamot Earl Grey flavor. Image C page 17. 200043-PT Tin with 12 tea pyramids. $14.00 200043-T Tin with 4.2oz loose tea. $15.40 200043-25 Pouch 4oz loose tea. $9.60 ORGANIC MASALA CHAI BLACK Organic black tea, ginger root, cinnamon, green cardamom, and vanilla. Image D page 17. 200044-PT Tin with 12 tea pyramids. $14.00 200044-T Tin with 5oz loose tea. $15.69 200044-25 Pouch 4oz loose tea. $9.12 LUNG CHING GREEN TEA A fine sweet and fragrant green tea. Longjing are often referred to as the cooling tea. 200045-PT Tin with 12 tea pyramids. $15.80 200045-T Tin with 3oz loose tea. $14.01 200045-25 Pouch 4oz loose tea. $12.26 GINGER ORANGE PEACH HERBAL Green tea, ginger root, orange peel and peach pieces. Image A below. 200046-PT Tin with 12 tea pyramids. $12.50 200046-T Tin with 3.4oz loose tea. $12.58 200046-25 Pouch 4oz loose tea. $9.12 WHITE LOVERS CUP HERBAL TEA Bai Mu Dan white tea, rose congue, rose petals and raspberry. 200047-PT Tin with 12 tea pyramids. $15.80 200047-T Tin with 1.8oz loose tea. $10.86 200047-25 Pouch with 4oz loose tea. $13.09 BLOOD ORANGE HERBAL TEA Rooibos, orange peel, hibiscus, rosehips, apple pieces, safflowers, rose petals, vanilla and lemon. Naturally decaffeinated. Image B pg 17. 200048-PT Tin with 12 tea pyramids. $14.00 200048-T Tin with 4.8oz loose tea. $16.45 200048-25 Pouch 4oz loose tea. $10.01 803916 PERSONAL TEA MAKER SET Delivers a delicious mug of your favorite brew. Use glass infus steep loose tea, or remove it and watch a flowering tea unfold i clear glass mug. The hand-blown borosilicate glass is specially c ed to retain heat and freshness longer i he cted to retain heat and freshness longer w o ong 300102 INSPIRATION TEAS Handsome dark stained wood box, with metal hinges, clasp and velvet liner, holding 4 tins filled with select loose teas- Organic Masala Chai, Ginger Orange Peach, White Lover Cup, Organic Evening Comfort. $69.99 ovide crystal clear clarity. t stain, easy to clean, and es: glass infuser, glass lid, l mug and a flowering tea rovide the perfect mug of M d e gl l sl d t r bd t. r r $18.95 $15.16 EAF SUGAR SAVER r in water, pat dry and put r jar. It will keep the sugn if hard at the start! Also n d fruits, cakes and marshllows from drying out! Use dry to absorb moisture and keep spices, salt, & chips dry and crispy. 2¼". $5.99 $4.79 EVENING COMFORT HERBAL TEA Soothing and calming peppermint leaves, ginger root and lemon peel. Naturally decaffeinated. 200049-PT Tin with 12 tea pyramids. $14.00 200049-T Tin with 4.2oz loose tea. $15.06 200049-25 Pouch 4oz loose tea. $10.01 ORGANIC HERBAL CHAI TEA Rooibos, ginger root, cinnamon, green cardamom and vanilla. 200050-PT Tin with 12 tea pyramids. $14.00 200050-T Tin with 5oz loose tea. $16.36 200050-25 Pouch 4oz loose tea. $9.07 A 16 214741.1870 www.penderys.com 800.533.1870

300104 BLACK PU-ERH TEA CAKE GIFT BOX with KNIFE Superior quality Black Pu-Erh compressed tea cake, known as aged or vintage tea, one of China's great traditions and treasures. Harvested, processed and fermented, with unique formula and technique, from the Spring buds of hundred-year arbor tea trees growing along the coast of Lang Cang River in Lin Cang, Yunnan Province. Smooth, mellow flavor. Start your own family traditions. Purported health benefits: weight control, blood circulation, complexion, aging & vision. 8.5"x 8.5" x1.5"h gift box. Pu-Erh knife and brewing suggestions are included. $44 803645 FLOWERING TEA S Includes: 40 oz borosilicate glass t green tea jasmine flowers, & glass i washer safe. s t t s i h$39 Each of 12 flowers can be used 3 t p j y $ $19.99 $15.99 w 803647 JASMINE GREEN TE 3 t hours. To Use: Place 1 Tea Bud int ing water over Bud; Cover and w bloom into flower. When desired s pour and enjoy! E 4 F al Chinese Medicine The f and systematic interpreta of tea; the history of tea cu medicinal history and the the usage of tea as therapy e ft p d a s ul h ff h e t e s y h d p lse e a t. sifies diseases into differe than 180 easy to make tea t 160 page, 8.25" x 5.5 Pb $17.95 $14.36 300103 ARTISAN TEA GIFT SET Handsome wooden gift box includes 4 tins filled with select loose teas- 3 herbal teas and one black tea: Blood Orange, Evening Comfort, Organic Herbal Chai and Organic Earl Grey Black Tea. Tins are 6"h x 2.75"d. $79.99 C D B 214.741.1870 www.penderys.com 800.533.1870 17

SPICES & HERBS Jar $4.42 lb $6.88 00190 ARROWROOT 4oz $3.26 8oz $4.25 NOTE: Jars hold 7 fluid oz = .875 cup dry measure. Bags are stand-up resealable barrier bags. REMEMBER: Store all spices in sealed containers in a dark cool place. 00038 ALLSPICE BERRY Jar $4.79 Jar $5.28 4oz $5.25 8oz $8.40 lb $14.52 00039 ALLSPICE, ground 4oz $5.65 8oz $9.11 lb $15.79 Dried, unripe berry of the tree Pimenta dioica, reflects in its name a flavor and aroma of combined cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. Use whole in soups, gravies, meat broths and pickling liquids. Use ground in baked goods, relishes, sausages, preserves, sweet potatoes, squash, & mincemeat. 00239 ALUM 4oz $4.47 8oz $6.21 lb $10.37 Some people have wanted it for pickles, others as a mordant for dyeing wool. 00040 ANISE SEED Jar$ 4.85 Jar $5.59 4oz $5.10 8oz $8.14 lb $14.05 00283 ANISE, ground 4oz $6.23 8oz $10.14 lb $17.65 Strong, licorice-like seed from the annual herb Pimpinella anisum. Use in baked sweets, curry dishes, Mediterranean stews, orange sauce for duck, sweet pickles and chocolate icing. Crush or boil whole seed in liquid for maximum flavor. Dogs find this aroma irresistible. Mice will scurry to your trap seasoned with anise. Brew as healthful tea. 00041 STAR ANISE, whole 1.6oz $4.87 8oz $10.77 lb $18.79 00027 STAR ANISE, ground Jar $6.09 lb $21.87 Striking star-shaped pod with seeds from the small Chinese evergreen ree, Illicium verum. Intense licorice-like flavor and aroma. Use t in French dressing, fruit compotes and coffee. Try in watermelon-rind pickles. Add a seed to cooking liquid when braising beef & chicken. a NATTO, ACHIOTE oz $4.16 8oz $5.71 lb De tee B tle flo llo te orange SEED of the a orellana with sub. Used for brilliant ow/orange color in er, cheese, marrizo, & n re l . Stains lv or. Chile n add this Coos o 4oz $7.55 8oz $12.48 Ground root of Maranta arundinacea yields this natural starch. Neutral flavored thickener, appropriate for delicately textured sauces. Easy to digest for infants & invalids. Thickens at low temperature, serve sauces within 10 min. Use 2½ tsp. per 1 c. liquid. 00325 BASIL, California’s finest! Jar $3.34 .8oz $4.22 4oz $11.31 lb $38.75 00042 BASIL Jar $3.89 Jar $5.09 .8oz $3.03 4oz $4.60 lb $10.75 00043 BASIL, ground 4oz $5.30 8oz $7.57 lb $12.78 Ocimum basilicum, a warm, sweet and highly aromatic herb. Rivals oregano as a seasoning for pizza. Affinity for tomato dishes. Crush leaves, add in last 10-15 min. Tea. 00434 BAY LEAVES, SELECT .8oz $4.53 4oz $9.60 lb $29.35 00044 BAY LEAVES .8oz $3.79 4oz $5.88 lb $16.54 00045 BAY, ground Jar $4.94 4oz $5.22 8oz $7.43 lb $12.54 Evergreen laurel tree Laurus nobilis. Use in pickled beets, relishes, marinades, stews, bouillabaisse and sauerbraten. 1 large leaf to 6 portions of meat, fowl, fish or seafood. Remove leaf before serving. Substitute for Indonesian laurel Daun Salaam. Healthful tea. Dandruff rinse. Put a Bay Leaf into your flour or corn meal to keep the bugs out. 00049 CARAWAY SEED Jar $5.09 Jar $4.94 4oz $5.07 8oz $7.19 lb $12.10 00050 CARAWAY, ground 4oz $5.23 8oz $7.45 lb $12.58 From the hardy biennial herb Carum carvi. Warm, sweet, biting, acridly pleasant taste. Use in cheese, sauerbraten, sauerkraut, pork dishes, goose, apple sauce, cakes, cookies and biscuits. Rye bread seed. Often helps digest starches. 00211 CARDAMOM Bleached Pod Jar $6.93 1.6oz $6.13 4oz $12.94 lb $44.60 00051 CARDAMOM GREEN POD 1.6oz $5.68 4oz $9.65 lb $36.76 00191 CARDAMOM, Decorticated Jar $8.95 Jar $7.64 18 214.741.1870 4oz $8.46 8oz $14.39 lb 25.62 00192 CARDAMOM, ground 4oz $9.45 8oz $18.15 lb $34.19 Cut and sifted. From the tall herwww.penderys.com baceous perennial Elettaria cardamomum, has a powerful aromatic fragrance and exotic sweet flavor. Use with meat loaf, sweet potatoes, cakes, cookies, Danish pastry, and apple pie. Essential ingredient for East Indian curry. Used more widely in Sweden than cinnamon. Chew for pleasing breath. 00292 CATNIP 1.6oz $4.71 4oz $8.22 lb $24.84 Cut & sifted. Pleasant flavor has made this perennial, Nepeta cataria, a popular tea for so long. For our feline friends, including leopards and lions, its aroma can be irresistible. Natural tranquilizer. Grown in USA 00053 CELERY SEED Jar $4.54 Jar $4.53 4oz $3.74 8oz $5.03 lb 8.28 00054 CELERY, ground 4oz $4.15 8oz $5.69 lb $9.45 Dried fruit of the herb Apium graveolens. The vegetable celery is a different variety of this species. Pleasant flavoring for tomato juice, soups, salads, dressings, stews, pickles, croquettes and pastries. Try sprinkled lightly over pea soup just before serving. 00298 CHAMOMILE 1.6oz $4.41 4oz $7.69 lb $22.76 Small daisy-like flower of the herb Chamaemelum nobile, with apple fragrance. Use as calming tea, both for pleasure and health. 00202 CHERVIL Jar $3.31 .8oz $4.57 4oz $8.99 lb $32.42 “Gourmet’s parsley,” Anthriscus cerefolium, a small, annual similar to, but sweeter and more aromatic than, parsley. Usually included in the combination of carefully blended herbs, “fines herbes,” in the French cuisine. 00545 CHIA SEED, BLACK 4oz $9.64 8oz $18.52 1lb $34.89 00546 CHIA SEE, WHITE 4oz $8.78 8oz $16.80 1lb $31.62 Rich in: omega 3 fatty acids, calcium, dietary fiber, protein, antioxidants, potassium, & manganese. Healthy for blood sugar levels, slowing the conversion of carbohydrates into sugar. Mild nutty flavor. Sprinkle on salads, cereals & vegetables. Add in muffin and cake recipes. Both black & white are equally nutritious. All natural, gluten free. 00315 CHICORY Jar $6.88 4oz $7.13 lb $20.54 8oz $11.75 Roasted root, tea cut, perennial herb, Cichorium Intybus. Long used to give coffee richer flavor. 1 teaspoon Chicory to 4 teaspoons coffee. You may want to put more, if you live in New Orleans. No caffeine. 800.533.1870

00056 CHIVES 00067 CORIANDER SEED .8oz‘ $4.82 4oz 9.48 lb $36.10 Small, grass-like hardy perennial, Allium schoenoprasum, with mild, delicate onion flavor. Use with cottage cheese, dips, creamy sauces, salad dressings and sour cream on baked potatoes. Sprinkle over vichyssoise and other cream soups. 00206 CILANTRO LEAVES .8oz $4.57 4oz $8.99 lb $32.42 00288 CILANTRO Powder 4oz $8.42 8oz $16.09 lb $30.25 Attractive lacy member of the parsley family, the leaf of Coriandrum sativum. Warm, lemony, pungent flavored herb. Distinctive fresh texture and taste. Use in Indian, Spanish & Mexican recipes. Many like to add a little to their guacamole. 4oz $4.81 00060 CINNAMON 12” STICK 8oz $7.61 lb $13.10 00059 CINNAMON 8” STICK 4oz $6.30 8oz $10.27 lb $17.88 00062 CINNAMON ½” CHIPS 4oz $4.55 8oz $6.34 lb $10.60 A warm, sweet aromatic Batavian sticks, Cinnamomum cassia. Use in hot chocolate, mulled wine, fruit compotes, beef stew & pickles. Fashion wreaths. Jar $5.22 00193 FINEST HI-OIL, ground 4oz $5.05 8oz $8.04 lb $13.88 Use ground in all baked goods, puddings, chocolate, sweet sauces and frozen desserts. Try in mashed sweet potatoes. Healthful tea. 00058 CEYLON CINNAMON 5” 4oz $8.43 8oz $16.10 lb $30.26 Soft quills from the evergreen, bushy tree of the laurel family, Cinnamomum zeylanicum. Warm, sweet and aromatic. True Ceylon cinnamon. Try a stick in beef stew. 00468 CITRIC ACID 4oz $4.82 8oz $6.79 lb $11.39 Customers have requested this crystalline acid that is used in, among other things, flavorings. If you need it, we try to get it. 00064 CLOVES, SELECT Jar $6.71 4oz $10.50 8oz $21.18 lb $40.17 00065 CLOVES, whole Jar $6.82 Jar $7.12 4oz $8.74 8oz $14.89 lb $26.53 00066 CLOVES, ground 4oz $8.15 8oz $15.54 lb $29.21 Nail-shaped flower buds of the Syzygium aromaticum tree, characterized by a strong, pungent, sweet flavor. Use in fruits, sweet yellow vegetables, ham and pork roasts, cakes, cookies, desserts, pickling and beverages. Onion adorned with 3 or 4 cloves is a classic addition to stocks. Don’t forget to make some pomander balls for gifts. 214.741.1870 Jar $4.03 1.6oz $3.30 8oz $4.67 lb $7.62 Jar $4.21 00068 CORIANDER, ground 4oz $3.78 8oz $5.09 lb $8.38 Dried ripe fruit of the annual herb Coriandrum sativum. Has a distinctive, fragrant, spicy aroma and a mild, sweetly pungent, pleasant taste. Tastes somewhat like a combination of sage and lemon. This seed is the center of the old-time jaw breaker. Jar $8.18 00069 CREAM OF TARTAR 4oz $5.82 8oz $9.41 lb $16.34 Potassium bitartrate. Found in the tartars in wine making. Use in angel food cakes. It affects the color & tenderness of the flour and egg white proteins. Add when the beaten egg whites are just foamy. 00070 CUMIN SEED Jar $5.32 Jar $5.44 4oz $5.50 8oz $7.90 lb $13.37 00071 CUMIN, ground 4oz $5.50 8oz $7.89 lb $13.36 Strongly aromatic seed-like fruit from the small annual herb Cuminum cyminum. Use in deviled eggs, soups, cheese dishes, stews and pork. An essential ingredient of curry powder and chile powder. Used in many Mexican (Comino), Latin-American & Indian dishes. Substitute for white cumin, safed zerra, in Asian recipes. 00072 DILL SEED 4oz $3.55 8oz $4.72 4oz $4.11 8oz $5.64 lb $7.72 00079 DILL SEED, Ground lb $9.35 Dried tiny fruit of the annual herb Anethum graveolens. Has a clean odor, both pungent and pleasantly aromatic. Use in sour cream and mayonnaise-based sauces and dressings, with fish, vegetables and curry. Mix dressings a brief time before using to let flavors permeate through out. Reported beneficial to diabetics and persons on low salt diets. 00073 DILL WEED .8oz $4.38 4oz $8.48 lb $30.47 Quality Hungarian Anethum graveolens, feathery leafed herb reputed to have a soothing effect on the digestive tract. Flavor milder, but released more quickly than seed. Popular in Russia, Scandinavia, Germany and Middle East. Classic affinity for creamy foods, used with fish and cucumbers. Reported to be beneficial for diabetics and on low salt diets. 00349 EPAZOTE, ground 4oz $8.20 8oz $15.63 lb $29.38 Chenopodium ambrosioides, Pungent herb, used in many Mexican dishes, especially popular in beans due to flavor and carminative properties. 1 tsp. for 4-6 servings. www.penderys.com 00081 GARLIC, Minced Jar $7.75 Jar $7.07 lb $17.46 4oz $6.97 8oz $11.46 lb $20.03 00078 GARLIC, Granulated 4oz $6.17 8oz $10.04 00021 GARLIC, Roasted Granulated 4oz $7.68 8oz $12.72 Jar $6.83 4oz $7.05 8oz $11.60 lb $19.94 Allium sativum. Hardy perennial, glows with the warmth and fullness of south e, the Mediterranean America. Careful s propagation, harve processing have re this quality produ n ad ed i Ad ad with confidence. A appetizers, sala dressings, sou sauces, meat, fo seafood a a ou l Rehydrat e briefly b sautéing. me efoe 800.533.1870 reads. ed fo lb $22.29 00208 GARLIC, Powder 00074 FENNEL SEED Jar $4.46 4oz $4.01 8oz $5.48 lb $9.06 00075 FENNEL, Ground Jar $5.04 4oz $4.45 8oz $6.18 lb $10.32 From the hardy perennial Foeniculum vulgare. Has sweet warm aroma, less pungent than anise seed. Flavor is mildly licorice tasting. Use in soups, sauces for chicken and seafood, pork dishes, celery, sweet vegetables, apple sauce, sweet pickles, coffee cakes, breads and rolls. Distinctive flavor in many Italian sausages. Often referred as the “fish herb.” A great finishing touch for pizza. Mouth freshener in India. Many use as a medicinal tea. 00194 FENUGREEK SEED Jar $4.71 Jar $4.74 4oz $3.04 8oz $3.89 lb $6.24 00076 FENUGREEK, Ground 4oz $3.74 8oz $5.03 sauerkraut, lb $8.26 The annual herb Trigonella foenum-graecum protects its seed in 4-6 inch pods. Has a taste of burnt sugar and maple. Use in salads, hearty soups, stews, rice, chutneys and spice blends. A common ingredient in curry powder. Rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins. 00397 FRANKINCENSE 4oz $6.66 8oz $10.91 lb $19.04 Gum resin of tree in the Boswellia family. Used in worship, embalming and fumigation. An incense, it has a very calming effect. 00465 GARLIC, Chopped 4oz $5.67 8oz $9.15 lb $15.86 19

00289 GINGER JAMAICAN Rhizome 4oz $5.58 8oz $8.02 lb $13.58 00083 GINGER, ground Jar $4.87 4oz $5.07 8oz $7.19 lb $12.11 00383 GINGER, Crystallized 4oz $5.98 8oz $9.69 lb $16.84 Rhizomes from the perennial tropical herb Zingiber officinale yield this yellowish exotic condiment. Spicy-sweet, pungent aroma and hot, clean taste. Use in marinades, pastries and pickles. Try in seasoned flour for frying chicken or liver. Important ally with garlic in Chinese cuisine. Healthful tea. One of our customers enjoys this warm flavor in cooking and uses it more during harsh weather conditions to keep her skin nice and smooth. 00425 GINSENG, PREMIUM 1.6oz $35.86 4oz $84.19 lb $318.77 Whole, cleaned root from the exotic, coveted, glamourous crinkled root of Panax quinquefolius. Through the centuries, its diverse medicinal benefits have been extolled. Recent clinical studies continue to indicate remarkable effects on stress, endurance, radiation damage and heart disease. We purchase this directly from a Wisconsin grower to verify its purity and quality. This is the finest available. It has 2-3 times higher potency in total Ginsenosides than Korean ginseng. The roots range from 3-4 years old. The valuable prongs and fibers are intact. One of our customers recommends placing a thin root slice between lip and gum for most effective results. Others brew Ginseng tea. 00084 GUMBO FILE Jar $7.00 4oz $9.60 8oz $16.45 lb $29.35 Powdered young sassafras leaves. Serves double-duty- for flavor and as a thickening agent. Flavor resembles Thyme and Savory. 1 Tbsp. Gumbo File to six portions of shrimp or chicken gumbo. Add to already cooked, hot dish. Remove from heat. Refreshing astringent after taste. 1-2 teaspoons thicken 3 qts. soup. Let stand 5 min. before serving. T 00423 HIBISCUS W ds Mv as he 4oz $6.96 lb $20.01 nese, 1½” dark redple, blossom of the e family. Regarded hful tea with the xury of a pleasant ing one. One of our wholesale customers w te th s its the flavoring es coming back f keeps her o m cusin ho addd lu 00085 HORSERADISH POWDER 4oz $6.16 8oz $10.02 lb $17.44 Ground root of the Cochlearia armoracia (Armoracia rusticana), a hardy perennial plant of the mustard family. Celebrated pungent flavor released when liquid added. Try 1 tbsp. powder folded into ½ c. whipped heavy cream or mix with sour cream for faithful companion to English Roast Beef. Let stand about 30 min. Easy addition to sauces, salads and spreads. 00087 JUNIPER BERRIES Jar $4.76 1.6oz $4.24 4oz $5.49 lb $15.29 Juniperus communis furnishes these deep blue-purple berries romantic, warm bittersweet flavor. Use a few berries for 4 portions venison, lamb, duck, goose and rabbit. Crush and add to chicken salad, braised pork and sauerkraut. ½ tsp berries in a marinade or in long cooking stew is seasoning equivalent of ¼ cup gin. 00264 LAVENDER 1.6oz $6.81 4oz $14.52 lb $50.24 Lavandula vera blossoms of exceptional quality. Used in French seasonings. Try in apple jelly or raspberry jam. Wonderful aroma in potpourris and deters insects. 000453 LAVENDER STEMS $14.25 Lovely classic 16” bunch of lavender. Tie with ribbon for an effective, simple, scented, lovely gift. 00294 LEMON BALM 1.6 oz $4.78 4oz $4.43 lb $18.29 Cut & sifted Perennial, Melissa officinalis, with lemony-mint aroma. Pleasant, mild, soothing tea. Has cleansing effect on the skin. Add some to your campfire to rid area of flying pests. 00297 LEMON GRASS 1.6oz $3.51 4oz $3.87 lb $8.65 Tropical grass, Cymbopogone citratus, resembling the leaves of a large spring onion, with gentle citrus flavor and aroma touched with ginger. One of the essentials to Thai and Vietnamese food. Use in fish, meat, vegetable and poultry curries, marinades, pickles, relishes, and with coconut. 00088 LEMON PEEL POWDER Jar $6.75 4oz $6.41 lb $18.24 Powdered zest. Marvelous, fresh flavor that is typical to the fruit of citrus limon. Use in cookies, pies and baking needs. 600001 LEMON VERBENA 1.6 oz $6.35 4oz $10.91 lb $41.83 Aloysia triphylla. Enjoy with fish or poultry. Crumble into the batter for carrot, banana or zucchini bread. Try in marinades & salad dressings. Wonderful as citrus flavored tea. 20 214.741.1870 www.penderys.com 8oz $10.47 00305 LIME JUICE POWDER 4oz $5.71 8oz $9.22 lb $15.99 Add this fresh citric flair to anything from fajitas to salad dressings. Delightful fresh tang. 00308 MACE BLADES Jar $5.08 1.6 oz $7.09 4oz $16.39 lb $56.24 00089 MACE, Ground Jar $12.03 4oz $13.81 8oz $29.10 lb $53.60 Net like membrane surrounding the seed of the nutmeg tree, Myristica fragrans. Has sweet, warm and highly spicy flavor. Use blades in pickling and clear soups. Use ground in fish sauces, meat stuffings, creamed chicken or spinach, sweet vegetables, cherry pies, pound cake, light fruit cakes, chocolate, and doughnuts. 00090 MARJORAM Jar $3.70 .8oz $3.04 4oz $4.65 lb $10.89 00091 MARJORAM, Ground Jar $4.47 1.6oz $4.49 4oz $5.58 lb $13.57 Marjorana hortensis, leaf with delicate, sweet flavor and a pleasantly bitter undertone. Use in eggs, salads, roast meats, poultry, fish, green vegetables and herbed breads. Try pounded into veal. Crush whole before using. Rub into lamb. Used often in German sausage. Medicinal tea. 00092 MINT, PEPPERMINT .8oz $3.71 4oz $5.65 lb $15.79 00269 MINT, SPEARMINT .8oz $3.67 4oz $5.56 lb $15.50 Leaves of the hardy perennial herb Mentha piperita, with fresh, strong, sweet, tangy flavor and cool after taste. Pleasant accent with lamb and popular in Greek and Indian cooking. Spearmint, Mentha spicaca, is the milder for culinary purposes. Repels rats. Flavorsome healthy tea. 00093 MUSTARD SEED Jar $4.80 4oz $3.25 8oz $4.24 lb $6.87 00094 MUSTARD FLOUR 4oz $4.32 8oz $5.98 lb $9.95 Sinapis alba. Use whole in salad dressings, marinades, or boil with vegetables like cabbage and sauerkraut. Add a few to cooking liquid for pot roast. 2 tsp. per 8 pts. in brine for bread & butter pickles. 00196 ORIENTAL MUSTARD FLOUR 4oz $4.05 8oz $5.54 lb $9.17 00471 BROWN MUSTARD SEED 4oz $3.83 8oz $5.18 lb $8.54 Use powder in cheese dishes, Welsh Rarebit, ham salad, creamed vegetables and meat sauces. Tends to retard growth of bacteria. Acts as an emulsifier in mayonnaise and salad dressings. Mix with equal amounts of water and wait 10 to 30 minutes for Chinese-style hot mustard. 800.533.1870

00320 MYRRH GUM 4oz $8.06 8oz $13.68 lb $24.31 Dried resinous sap from Commiphora myrrha. An antiseptic and astringent. Burn to repel mosquitoes and exotic aroma. An electric incense burner is recommended. A King’s gift. 00095 NUTMEG, Whole 4oz $9.54 8oz $19.17 lb $36.32 00096 NUTMEG, Ground Jar $7.61 4oz $9.17 8oz $15.67 lb $27.93 The fine Myristica fragrans tree from the West Indies furnishes this spicy, sweet flavored spice. Use in creamed soups, sauces, chicken, seafood, creamed spinach, corn, junkets, puddings, any lemon dessert & eggnog. Medicinal tea. 00097 ONION, Chopped 4oz $5.37 8oz $7.68 lb $12.99 00100 ONION, Minced Jar $5.42 Jar $5.57 Jar $5.69 4oz $5.48 8oz $7.85 lb $13.28 00098 ONION, Granulate 4oz $5.32 8oz $7.69 lb $12.82 00207 ONION, Powder 4oz $5.13 8oz $7.30 lb $12.30 Allium cepa, grown under careful super vision from special seed to produce a consistency which helps us be fool proof cooks. Use in eggs, salads, appetizers, soups, sauces, meats, poultry, seafood and vegetables. Place chopped or minced in water for about 10 min. for garden freshness (not necessary in cooked dishes). Season to taste. 00287 ONIONS, GREEN 1.6oz $4.45 4oz $7.69 lb $23.08 Larger than chives, these savory touches have body and flavor that are invigoratingly fresh. Chopped. 00102 ORANGE GRANULES Jar $5.12 4oz $5.12 8oz $7.28 lb $12.27 00285 ORANGE PEEL POWDER Jar $4.50 4oz $4.26 8oz $5.87 lb $9.77 Citrus aurantium. Use in sauces, brines, baking and teas for fresh flavor and aroma. Made from Orange PEEL. 00103 OREGANO, Mediterranean Jar $3.67 lb $16.54 Jar $5.61 .8oz $3.79 4oz $5.88 00439 OREGANO, Ground Mediterranean 4oz $6.97 8oz $11.47 lb $20.04 Greek or Italian, as quality dictates. Origanum vulgare has a pleasing pungent flavor and fragrance. Use in eggs, cheese, gravies, fish, beef and lamb. Ideal in any tomato dish, with zucchini and green beans. Blends well with Sweet Basil. 214.741.1870 00104 OREGANO, Mexican Whole Jar $3.12 .8oz $3.38 Jar $3.60 .8oz $3.39 Jar $4.74 4oz $4.65 lb $12.60 Lippia graveolens, 4oz $4.72 lb $12.83 00105 OREGANO, Mexican Chopped 4oz $4.77 lb $12.99 00106 OREGANO, Mex Ground 8oz $7.34 sometimes referred to as “Mexican marjoram,” and “Mexican wild sage.” Somewhat stronger in flavor than Greek Oregano. Use in eggs, cheese, gravies, fish, beef, lamb and many Mexican dishes. Ideal in tomato-Basil dishes. 00113 PARSLEY FLAKES .8oz $4.03 4oz $8.07 lb $24.35 Petroselinum crispum, a hardy biennial with a mild, agreeable flavor and fresh, attractive appearance. Use in eggs, butter sauces, soups, chowders, salads and dressings. Buttered new potatoes, blushed with pink, glory in these bright green feathery stars. Add life & eye appeal to meals. PEPPERCORNS 00128 PEPPERCORN, GREEN Jar $6.88 .8oz $5.00 4oz $13.93 lb $48.13 Pungent flavor of Piper nigrum with entertaining color bonus. Use in most any dish, as one may use black pepper. The flavor is biting fruity & zesty. 00260 PEPPERCORN, PINK Jar $7.56 .8oz $5.15 4oz $14.46 lb $50.03 Bright clear color with biting fruit flavor from the island of French Reunion. Popular in Nouvelle Cuisine. Jar $7.70 00115 PEPPERCORN, BLACK 4oz $8.49 8oz $14.45 lb $25.72 00116 HALF CRACKED BLACK Jar $8.40 4oz $8.02 8oz $15.28 lb $28.71 00108 QUARTER CRACKED BLACK Jar $7.37 4oz $8.78 8oz $14.97 lb $26.66 00117 BUTCHER BLACK Jar $6.24 4oz $7.06 8oz $11.62 lb 20.32 12 mesh 00118 TABLE BLACK 18 mesh Jar $6.83 4oz $7.05 lb $20.28 00101 CAFE GRIND BLACK Jar $7.21 lb $21.15 Jar $6.12 lb $22.09 4oz $7.32 8oz $12.09 20 mesh 00203 FINE GRIND BLACK 4oz $7.62 8oz $12.61 30 mesh Obtained from the dried immature berry clusters of the Malabar/ Lampong perennial evergreen Piper nigrum vine. Penetrating odor www.penderys.com 8oz $11.60 and hot, biting, pungent flavor. Use butcher or cracked in salads and barbecue meat. Rub into meats before roasting. Use whole peppercorns in meats, soups, fish & pickles. Enlivens salt free diets. 00391 TELLICHERRY, Black Peppercorn Jar $7.62 Jar $8.11 4oz $8.47 8oz $16.18 lb $30.43 00385 TELLICHERRY, Ground 4oz $9.18 8oz $17.61 lb $33.15 Renowned as the superlative of all black pepper. Taste your grocery store black pepper along side Pendery’s Tellicherry and experience the flavor power difference! Fill your favorite mill. 00025 PEPPERCORN, WHITE SELECT Jar $11.24 4oz $10.71 8oz $21.61 lb $41.01 Jar $8.76 00143 PEPPERCORN, WHITE 4oz $8.24 8oz $13.99 lb $24.88 00144 WHITE PEPPER, Ground Jar $8.01 4oz $8.94 8oz $15.26 lb $27.20 Hulled mature berries from the perennial evergreen Piper nigrum vine. Penetrating odor and hot, pungent flavor. Quite appropriate in light colored dishes. Muntok. 100019 PEPPERCORN, RAINBOW Jar $7.98 4oz $9.01 8oz $17.25 lb $32.47 Gourmet Pink, Green, White, Tellicherry Peppercorns make this rainbow mix the finest. 100018 PEPPERCORN, EUROPEAN Jar $8.98 4oz $9.30 8oz $18.67 lb $35.37 Tellicherry & Select White combined. Try on pork roast, beef stew, potato & noodle. 100020 PEPPERCORN, FRENCH Jar $6.46 8oz $18.70 4oz $9.31 lb $35.32 Tellicherry & Green combined. Grind coarsely on steaks, chicken. Excellent on veges, salad, fish & poultry. Jar $5.66 8oz $6.52 00145 POPPY SEED 4oz lb Tiny, slate blue see vivid crimson flow Holland’s robust annua somniferum. Nutt p a and taste. Use in s noodles, cream che & sour cream d dressings, salads, o l ee d , o , ing bring their nu crunchy fl r. 800.533.1870 uy, fl 21 , on read. bakcookies & ba Toasting o

00314 ROSEHIPS Jar $9.34 lb $27.12 4oz $8.92 8oz $15.22 Rosa family member in tea bag cut. Rich in vitamin C, A, B, E and K. Natural remedy for colds and the flu. Enjoy Rosehip tea on a routine basis. 00148 ROSEMARY Jar $3.76 1.6oz $3.40 4oz $3.68 lb $8.10 00149 ROSEMARY, Ground Jar $4.35 4oz $4.56 lb $10.63 8oz $6.35 Rosmarinus officinalis, the needle-like leaves from this small evergreen shrub have a clean, bittersweet flavor. Use in egg and cheese dishes, soups, stuffings, fish, roast lamb, pork, beef, duck, partridge, rabbit, capon, veal, tomatoes, muffins and biscuits. Complimentary flavor with sage. Crush before cooking. Vowed by the Greeks to fortify the brain and refresh the memory. Healthful tea. 015001 SAFFRON 1 Gram One Gram Decorative Tin 015002 SAFFRON 1 oz One Ounce Decorative Tin. Fabulous! $124.95 Highly prized rare hl o on g diment of golden, red-orange, delicate stigmas of Crocus sativus, the royal crocus. Sharp, p r ly s s enetrating oma. Pleasanty spicy, pungent taste. An essential ingredient of French bouillabaisse and Spanish Arroz con Pollo. Vivid color & distinctive flavor in rice, breads and soups. Ancient dye. 00201 SAGE, DALMATIAN Jar $3.50 Jar $3.58 J Jar $4.30 l lb $13.83 .8oz $3.42 4oz $4.85 lb $13.24 00151 SAGE, RUBBED .8oz $3.60 4oz $5.36 lb $14.88 00152 SAGE, Ground 4oz $5.03 8oz $8.02 Salvia officinalis, hardy ever green shrub of grey-green cotton-like leaves. Use in stuffings, melted cheese, sausages & chowr affinity for meat fats. tive. SALTS e a salt tasting party! 029 e 29 CELTIC SEA SALT, Light Grey 4 4 o 4o oz $5.60 z z $9.02 o $ lb $15.64 hole, unadulterated t t in sodiole t, lo um a , d chloride ghest in & h other m 22 214.741.1870 minerals. Faint Fa $14.23 aroma of the sea with a pleasant sweet aftertaste. All of these minerals are important to the process of assimilation of food. 00030 FLEUR de SEL, SEA SALT 4oz $10.45 8oz $21.08 lb $39.99 Coarse crystals. Celtic salt with renown as the supreme sea salt. White delicate crystals Perfect table salt with floral aroma and wonderful flavor! 00032 HAWAIIAN ALAEA SEA SALT, Coarse Crystals 8oz $10.05 lb $17.49 00031 HAWAIIAN ALAEA SEA SALT, Fine Grind All natural 8oz $10.05 lb $17.49 Traditional Hawaiian table salt. Non-processed and rich in trace minerals found in sea water enriched by Iron-Oxide from the Alaea (clay). Unique and pleasant flavor for roasting or grilling meats. Authentic seasoning for Kalua Pig. 00531 HIMALAYAN PINK Coarse Salt Crystals 4oz $4.91 8oz $7.80 lb $13.44 Hand-mined in the Himalayan Mountains, this culinary-favorite perfect for salt mills and grinders, roasting presentation, salt cures, grilling. Bath salts, salt potpourri, pedicure soaks. Naturally pure and nutritious. Purported to be the purest salt to be found on earth. 00537 HIMALAYAN PINK Fine Salt Crystals 4oz $4.91 8oz $7.80 lb $13.44 Culinary- cooking, grilling, roasting, seasoning, salt shakers, drink rimmer. Bath & Spa- facial exfoliant, lotions, Netti pot solution, salt water spritzer. 00033 KALA NAMAK Black Sea Salt, Fine Grind All natural. 8oz $7.58 lb $13.04 PINK in color with a SULFUROUS earthy taste and not very salty. Used extensively in Indian cuisine. Replaces salt lost in exercise and is famous for therapeutic properties. 00271-33 KOSHER SALT, 3 Lb. Clean, ice-like appearance with coarse, crystals. No additives. Blessed. 3 lb. box $5.00 00270 MARGARITA SALT Coarse, sparkling, salt crystals. Adds satisfactory “crunch” to salads. Rub rim of your glass with lime juice, dip in glass rim. lb $7.45 00034 MURRAY RIVER APRICOT 4oz $13.40 8oz $28.22 lb $51.98 Delicate peach colored flakes with a wonderfully mild flavor. Crystals melt quickly & evenly - ideal for cooking and baking. Source of water for the Murray River is the snowy Australian Alps. Produced naturally from the underground brines in the Murray Darling Basin. www.penderys.com 00035 RED ALDER SMOKED SALT All natural. 8oz $12.80 lb $22.43 Coarse crystals. Organic Pacific sea salt smoked over NW Red Alder adds flavor in recipes, & grilled salmon. 00154 SALT, FINE flake Snow white, Appropriate for table, cooking, blending. Salt conscious? Try this. Use this, use less! 1lb $3.54 00344 SEA SALT Refill for your salt mill with this coarse salt. 00153 SAVORY LEAVES Jar $3.95 4oz $4.88 Jar $4.94 4oz $5.22 8oz $6.88 lb $11.56 00225 SAVORY, Ground 8oz $7.43 lb $12.54 Satureja hortensis, a herbaceous annual with clean balsam fragrance and peppery flavor. Use in eggs, salads, sauces, soups, chicken, meats, boiled fish, croquettes, meats, other boiled fish, croquettes, lentils and teas. Compliments condiments, as in “fines herbes.” The “bean herb” in Germany. 00155 SESAME SEED Jar $4.58 Jar $5.16 4oz $3.70 8oz $4.96 lb $8.15 00311 BLACK SESAME SEED 4oz $4.64 8oz $6.50 lb 10.88 From the beautiful flowering, annual herb Sesamum indicum, has mild, sweet, almond-like aroma and flavor. Sprinkle on rolls and breads. Use in place of finely chopped nut meats in and on cakes, cookies, cream pies and breads. Mix in stuffings, meat loaves, tossed salads and in butters for vegetables. Rich in calcium and protein. Toast 8 min. in oven to bring out full flavor. 00370 SUGAR, ORGANIC Made from certified, organic sugarcane without the use of any chemicals or artificial additives. lb $5.15 5lb $18.93 00372 SUGAR, DEMERARA Made using 100% pure cane sugar from the initial pressing of the cane, allowing the natural molasses to remain in the crystals. Flavor is sweet and rich which enhances baked goods. Rich amber color. Ultimate crunchy topping. lb $6.26 5lb $24.44 00417 SUGAR, RAINBOW 4oz $5.32 8oz $7.59 lb $12.82 Sparkling colored sugar crystals make the simplest occasions a Fiesta. Sprinkle on a dessert & it will be a party! 00341 SZECHUAN Peppercorn 1.6oz $7.37 4oz $15.81 lb $54.83 Anise Pepper, Chinese Pepper. Not member of Piper nigrum, but comes from the prickly ash tree Zanthox800.533.1870 1 lb $6.15

ylum piperitum. Roasting lightly in dry skillet brings out fragrant taste. An important ingredient in Chinese Five Spice. 00156 TARRAGON, FRENCH Jar $3.28 .8oz $5.42 4oz $16.40 lb $56.27 Artemisia dracunculus, a perennial herb with warmly aromatic, licorice-anise fragrance and bittersweet, unique but pleasant flavor. Versatile gourmet’s herb in salad dressings, aspics, chicken, fish and spinach. A must in Bearnaise! 00158 THYME, Whole Jar $4.42 1.6oz $4.40 4oz $5.41 lb $13.10 00159 THYME, Ground Jar $4.49 lb $13.32 4oz $4.88 8oz $7.74 Thymus vulgaris, a diminutive perennial shrub with a distinctively warm, pleasant, aromatic, pungent flavor. Use in boulliabaisse, lamb, meat, sea-foods, stuffings, corn, fresh tomatoes, African recipes and an essential in New Orleans Cuisine. Natural antibiotic, healthful tea. 00290 TURMERIC FINGERS 4oz $5.03 8oz $7.12 Jar $4.49 lb $11.99 00160 TURMERIC, Ground 4oz $3.91 8oz $5.30 lb $8.76 Rhizomes from the handsome tropical perennial herb Curcuma longa offer a spicy, peppery aroma and taste. Brilliant natural coloring. Use in eggs, relishes, chicken, seafood, rice, pickles, curries. 00162 VANILLA BEAN Luscious, select, plump, aged Madagascar Bourbon beans. 1 bean $12.77 #701309 PURE VANILLA BEAN PASTE Pure Madagascar paste. An easy way to give cookies, cakes, ice creams, puddings, custards, and sauces an upscale ‘gourmet’ look without the effort of scraping the seeds from whole vanilla beans. See the ‘specks’, taste the flavor! 1 Tbsp paste = 1 Tbsp extract = 1 bean. Nielsen-Massey 4oz. jar. $34.95 00515 VANILLA POWDER 1.6oz $28.22 4oz $66.09 lb $250.00 Add that marvelous flavor with the ease that powder provides. 00164 PURE VANILLA EXTRACT Pendery’s bottles this finest, PURE vanilla with a whole Madagascar Bourbon vanilla bean captured inside. 8 oz bottle $58.37 00443 PURE MEXICAN VANILLA EXTRACT This PURE commodity is difficult to find. You have asked us for it. Vanilla sold off the streets in Mexico is frequently NOT vanilla. This vanilla is distilled in the U.S. from Mexican beans. 8 oz bottle. $57.21 214.741.1870 5 beans $57.39 VEGETABLES 00052 CARROTS, Diced 4oz $6.12 8oz $9.94 lb $17.29 Make ordinary meals more attractive with these convenient, colorful tidbits. Use in pot roasts, rice, soups, stews, fillings, and vegetables. 00055 CELERY STALKS 1.6oz $4.40 4oz $7.57 lb $22.72 Cross Cut. No need for sharpened blade, this celery is ready to use. Add to meat sauces, soups, stews, casseroles, poultry stuffings and sandwich fillings. Try rehydrated in sour cream & minced clams for an easy snack 00210 MUSHROOMS, Sliced 1.6oz $6.68 4oz $15.40 lb $52.74 Slices and pieces of mushrooms ready to drop into gravies, soups and stews. Soak briefly in water and garnish salads. 00114 PEAS, GARDEN 4oz $7.20 8oz $12.12 lb $21.49 The sweet taste and bright appearance will endear you to these little garden peas. Brighten up your rice, salads and sandwich spreads. These little gems make cooking fun. Scatter at will. 00146 POTATO CUBES 4oz $5.82 8oz $9.41 lb $16.34 Add these easy additions to your stews, soups, and mixed vegetables. Make those mashed potatoes in a hurry. 1 pound = 4 pounds rehydrated. One customer microwaves them with milk for quick mashed potatoes. 00340 SPINACH FLAKES .8oz $3.76 4oz $7.24 lb $21.63 Popeye would be proud! Garnish rice, soups, dressings and dips. Use 00463 DOUBLE MEXICAN VANILLA EXTRACT PURE-Double strength extract. 8 oz bottle. $63.64 your imagination. These are so easy to use you will love them! 00157 TOMATO, Diced 1.6oz $4.35 4oz $7.46 lb $22.35 00304 TOMATO, Powder 4oz $5.29 8oz $8.48 lb $14.66 Fleshy garden vegetable now at your fingertips to add immediate color and flavor to your dishes. Use in salads, sauces, dressings and stews. Powder is wonderful in dips. 00412 TOMATO HALVES 1.6oz $4.71 4oz $8.21 lb $24.81 These are Roma plum tomatoes, organically grown in the Shenandoah Valley. All Natural. No Preservatives. Sun ripened. 200020 VEGETABLE GARDEN MIX 4oz $6.65 8oz $10.90 lb $19.01 Rainbow of garden vegetables. Add to soups, stews and salads. Use 1 cup Mix to 6 cups liquid. Garden carrots, onions, tomatoes, green peas, celery, red and green bell peppers, potatoes, and parsley. A colorful mixture. NUTS 00408 PEPITAS, Roasted Peeled 4oz $7.29 8oz $12.02 lb $21.04 00409 PEPITAS, Roasted Peeled, Salted 4oz $7.26 8oz $11.98 lb $20.96 Delicately flavored Pumpkin Seeds. Compatible with avocados. Season with Chile Blend. Eat as snacks or add to salads. Refrigerate on opening. 00447 PINE NUTS 4oz $12.28 8oz $26.46 lb $47.75 Pinus pinea. Sprinkle generously on salads and vegetables. They add a pleasant texture, appearance and taste. Refrigerate on opening. Flavor enhanced if roasted, at 350° 8-10 min. 803760 SPICE MEASURING SPOON SET/6 These sturdy 18/10 stainless steel spoons ar an bs 1 t Al ge. 1 Tbs sur 80 Gr spi cal dish saf $2.3 $1.8 8 www.pys.com 800.533 1870 . 8 23

BLENDS & RUBS 4 Denotes NO SALT added NOTE: Jars hold 7 fluid oz. Bags are stand-up resealable barrier bags. NOTE: Spices should be stored in well sealed (preferably glass) containers in a cool, dark location. 100068 AFRICAN COAST Jar $5.81 4oz $5.77 8oz $9.34 lb $16.20 Sweet spices grouped with peppers and cumin. Great on kabobs. You will enjoy the depth of Tunisian flavor. Rub on shrimp (2-4 hrs.), chicken (3-4 hrs.), beef & lamb (4-6 hrs.). Bake or broil. 4100027 APPLE PIE Jar $5.66 4oz $7.00 8oz $11.76 lb $20.83 Warm traditional flavor with a hint of lemon. What could be a more mouth-watering dessert for your holiday dinners than Apple Pie. Make it easy on yourself. 00024 BACON BITS 4oz $4.26 8oz $5.87 lb $9.77 Add great crunch and flavor to vegetables, salads and baked potatoes. Imitation. Easy to store. 100120 BEADIE'S BLOODY MARY 4oz $5.74 8oz $9.28 lb $16.10 Finally!! A Zesty Bloody Mary and in powdered form. No need to open a huge liquid premix for just one drink. Serve with or without Vodka. Add 1 tbsp. Mix to 12 ounces of V8 juice and 1 ounce/shot of Vodka. Jar $4.91 4100028 BIRIYANI MASALA 4oz $5.15 8oz $7.32 lb $12.34 When a Mogul emperor wanted to set a lavish feast, a huge platter of Biriyani requiring 2 men to carry, was placed as the center piece. Only the best meats, rice and spices were used. This sweet mixture is still popular. Biriyani is a rice and vegetable, meat or seafood, oven-cooked 0122 BLACKENED SEASONING .27 & f 4oz $5.37 8 oz $8.61 lb $14.90 Wonderful flavor ip with this blackd seasoning blend r not only fish, but ck l D ken & steaks as . Crowd pleaser. Don Don't forget that et! 1 bag $7.05 4100029 BOUQUET GARNIS 6 bags $11.60 20 bags- $21.20 The combination of dried herbs and spices that imparts, with ease, this traditional European flavor. Fill amount needed in muslin spice bag and drop one into your soups and stocks. Simmer 25-30 minutes during the last part of the cooking period. The classic way to season. Muslin 3”x5” spice bags included with herb mixture. BARBECUE BLENDS & RUBS 100076 “AIN’T NO TEXAS” B-B-Q Jar $5.69 lb $16.38 4oz $5.83 8oz $9.43 Refreshing aromatic change to traditional Western style Bar-B-Que. Marjoram, Cumin, Mustard and Lavender are among complimentary spices. 100062 DAD’S OVEN SMOKED 4oz $4.31 8oz $5.95 lb $9.91 Bake your ribs or brisket 1-3 hours in the oven, they will taste like 12 hours in the smoker. Massage meat with Dad’s Rub and place in refrigerator all night, or in the morning to cook that night. Add beer, wine, oil, or butter if a baste is desired. 100077 B-B-Q SAUCE BLEND 4oz $5.52 8oz $8.88 lb $15.38 Rich combination of 15 western spices with a touch of orange. Instructions for sauce included on label. Easy to use and flavorsome. 100074 SMOK’N TEXAS BASTE Jar $5.98 4oz $5.40 8oz $7.73 lb $13.07 Gives a lemon zip to that wonderful smoky Texas flavor. Mix with oil or butter, add wine or beer. Easy basting instruction on label. 200002 B-B-Q DRY RUB 4oz $3.79 8oz $5.10 lb $8.40 Taste the sweet aroma of success with this “outdoor” seasoning. Rub liberally on meat 2 hours before cooking. Turn over glowing Mesquite chips or roast in kitchen oven. Enjoy on pork, beef and chicken. Add adventure to salad dressings, eggs, cheese dishes, meat casseroles and hash browns. 100064 B-B-Q, YOSEMITE SAM 4oz $4.70 8oz $6.59 lb $11.05 Rub in well. Slow smoke or bake until tender. Good in meat loaf. Don’t confine to meats, get into the fun of seasoning as you go. 100118 BRINE, SPICED APPLE 1lb 6oz $32.76 Kosher Salt, Brown Sugar, Tellicherry Peppercorns, pice Berries and Candied ger set this brine on its festive pace! Recipe included. Enough for a 20 lb , turkey. You will definitely be pleased with the moist, jiy result. See pg 41 for inging bags. juic bi 24 41 ww.penderys.com 100117 BRINE, SPICY 1lb 8oz $23.96 Kosher Salt, Brown Sugar, Onion, Garlic, Tellicherry Peppercorns and Cayenne start the list of spices that make this brine so good. Recipe included. Enough for a 20 lb turkey. Brine poultry, fish and meat. 100009 CAJUN SPICE Jar $5.94 4oz $5.02 8oz $7.12 lb $11.98 Seasoning with fiery zest for popular taste of Cajun cooking. Sprinkle on fish before broiling, on chicken, beef, eggs and salads. One of our customers finds Cajun spiced popcorn an addictive treat. Can be used in blackening recipes, heavily season, then brown in very hot butter in an iron skillet. 100010 CELERY SALT Jar $4.35 4oz $2.59 8oz $3.15 lb $4.94 Ground celery seed and fine salt. Use in tomato juice, soups, salads, dressings, eggs, fish, meats, poultry and croquettes. 100067 CHARMOULA DRY RUB Jar $4.76 4oz $6.77 8oz $11.10 lb $19.37 Sweet & hot, for shrimp, fish, chicken & quail. Add cold pressed extra virgin olive oil if wish to use as a pesto. Refrigerate oil Rub combination. Popular “In” blend. Jar $5.21 100123 CHESAPEAKE BAY 4oz $5.04 8 oz $8.03 lb $13.85 Wonderful combination of 15 gourmet spices for that beloved East Coast flavor. Don't limit to just seafood, great on meat too! 110082 CHESTER'S GRILL'N SPICE 4oz $6.98 8oz $11.48 lb $20.05 Tasty general seasoning-will convince the most skeptic of jurors. Serve on hamburgers / fries and your friends will be ready to testify before the toughest of judges....your mother in law! #100030 CHICKEN SEASONING Jar $7.42 lb $20.28 100119 CHILE LIME SALT 4oz $4.22 8oz $5.82 lb $9.67 This tangy and tasty seasoning gives the perfect zip to any chicken or pork marinade AND makes a fun cocktail rimming salt for Bloody Mary's or Margarita's. Sprinkle on fresh pineapple, melon and celery for a refreshing snack. 4100061 CHINESE FIVE SPICE Jar $7.28 lb $28.58 throughout southern China 4oz $7.99 8oz $15.22 Traditional spice and Vietnam to season roast meat and poultry. Rub well into meat and poultry and set aside for flavor to permeate. Often used as a marinade. Classic combination of Szechuan Peppercorn, Star Anise, Fennel, Cinnamon and Cloves. 800.533.1870 4oz $7.05 8oz $11.60 Rub well into your plump pullet and it’s ready for oven, skillet or wok. Plucking before applying seasoning is recommended.

Jar $6.10 100108 CHISHOLM TRAIL 4oz $5.02 8 oz $8.00 lb $13.79 The combination Grady Spears recommended on the Food Network. Kosher salt, ancho, garlic, sugar, cumin. Use on steaks destined for the grill, baked potato,etc. Jar $4.91 4100011 CINNAMON SUGAR 4oz $3.20 8oz $4.15 lb $6.70 Sweet, warm, satisfying flavor and aroma. Sprinkle on buttered bread and toast for a fresh morning start, make fruit pie crusts glisten and crunch, glorify steaming baked apples, and elevate sugar cookies to the “unordinary.” 100058 CLINT’S BURGER & FRIES Jar $6.18 4oz $5.12 8oz $8.16 lb $14.09 Clint Pendery, 3rd generation, made this versatile blend to serve as a good, all round seasoning for your dinner table. Now you can put aside salt & pepper shakers and enjoy this good tasting mix. A GREAT steak seasoning! Jar $5.15 100124 CREOLE SEASONING 4oz $4.74 8 oz $7.50 lb $12.90 Sprinkle this seasoning on just about every dish you serve before dessert. Some zip and all around flavor. Close your eyes and sense that American heritage. Creole is the 'sophisticated' Louisiana seasoning. Jar $5.42 lb $16.60 4100031 CURRY POWDER 4oz $5.90 8oz $9.56 4100032 HOT MADRAS CURRY Jar $5.26 4oz $5.64 8oz $8.13 lb $13.77 Neither Curry Powder has salt. Warm, exotic seasoning. Use in Indian cooking, meat, poultry, seafoods, potato salad, pea soup and corn or clam chowder. 4100033 EPICES FINES Jar $6.27 4 oz $8.18 8oz $13.89 lb $24.70 A French seasoning, more complex than Quatre Epices, containing 10 spices. Try on your pork roasts, sprinkle into pate mixtures. This blend is also known as Spice Parisienne. Jar $5.89 lb $8.52 100034 FAJITA SEASONING 4oz $3.83 8oz $5.17 Rejoice in a delightful dish that breaks away from Daily Doldrum Specials; reflects the popularity of the times; wins the approval of finicky friends and family members; pampers the chef in its ease of preparation in soups, stews and vegetables; and is even good on salads. Jar $5.61 100070 FISH & CHICKEN RUB 4oz $6.27 8oz $10.21 lb $17.77 Rosemary starts the list for this flavorsome rub. Coat meat or fish with olive oil to hold rub for 2-3 hours. Broil or bake as usual. 214.741.1870 Jar $7.75 4100035 GARAM MASALA 4oz $8.56 8oz $14.57 lb $25.94 An aromatic Indian seasoning (Not a curry powder.) used along with other spices in many Asian curries. Sprinkle sparingly on a finished dish or toward the end of cooking. 100012 GARLIC SALT 4oz $3.54 8oz $4.70 lb $7.68 Use when seasoning anything normally salted. A must for every kitchen. Everyone uses Garlic Salt. Jar $5.69 100036 GREEK SEASONING 4oz $4.16 8oz $5.71 lb $9.49 Bring this classic Mediterranean flavor and joy to your cooking. Mix seasoning in olive oil and use as a rub for cooking lamb, pork, or beef roasts. Try in vegetables, stews, & soups. 200005 HICKORY SMOKE SALT Jar $4.74 4oz $2.46 8oz $2.95 lb $4.58 Bring the North Woods into your home cooking. Use on eggs, meats, marinades and in basting sauces. 200006 WHOLE ITALIAN Jar $4.43 1.6oz $4.42 4oz $5.80 lb $16.28 A taste of Roma. Use in salads, stews, and tomato dishes. Add to vinegar and oil for great salad dressing. 100103 JALAPEÑO SALT Jar $6.15 4oz $7.52 8oz $12.70 lb $22.54 Combo of diced green jalapeño & salt. Add more salt as needed. The jalapeño stays in the shaker while seasoning the salt. Sprinkle on chicken and meat on the grill. 100073 JERKY Jar $6.28 4oz $4.33 8oz $5.99 lb $9.98 Have you ever had good home made jerky? It is nothing like that tough piece of leather you tasted at the store that time. Good jerky is a flavor staple that was once used on wagon trains, now is enjoyed on camp outs, as appetizers and snacks. It is fun to make and really delicious. Instructions are included on label. Picture the white topped wagons making their trek to the West. 100071 JERK, JAMAICAN Jar $6.90 4oz $6.88 8oz $11.29 lb $19.72 One of today’s most popular Jamaican seasonings in the U.S. Originally used as a preservative, now enjoyed for flavor, as tenderizer & in marinades. Rub on beef or pork, best grilled over hot coals. Try on rice. 100037 LAMB SEASONIN IN Jar $4.51 4oz $9.78 1.6oz $4.55 lb $17.01 Lamb chops, Leg of lamb and lamb stew are all flattered by this blend of spices. Traditional Eng and American flavor glish r. www.pends 25 200007 LEMON PEPPER Jar $9.42 4oz $9.01 8oz $15.39 lb $27.43 Zesty blend of seasonings. Use on broiled meats, lamb, poultry, seafood, tossed salads and as table seasoning. You will enjoy the pleasant refreshing taste of this blend. It is one of our most popular. Jar $5.83 100038 LOUISIANA CHICKEN 4oz $4.88 8oz $6.88 lb $11.56 Liven up that hen before baking, frying or blackening. That mixture of flavors so popular today. 4oz $5.62 8oz $9.06 lb $15.70 Your 100039 LOUISIANA PORK friends will “squeal” with delight to the taste of this peppy seasoning. Use on roasts or may be used in blackening pork chops. Dip in melted butter before seasoning if desire. 100040 LOUISIANA SEAFOOD seasoning for baking or 4oz $4.94 8oz $7.85 lb $13.52 Zippy blackening your fresh catch. This blend has that mixture of flavors so popular today. 200021 MEAT TENDERIZER Jar $4.71 4oz $2.69 8oz $3.32 lb $5.24 Sprinkle that ‘bargain meat’, ‘Pride of the Prairie.’ Let stand 30 min. before cooking. Used frequently in Oriental cooking. 4100072 MELANGE CLASSIQUE Jar $5.83 4oz $7.34 8oz $12.37 lb $21.94 Classic French blend of nine aromatic herbs and spices. Use as a complimentary accent in any dish. The French are applauded for their culinary achievements. Try this seasoning and you will be, also. 100041 MENUDO SEASONING Jar $5.15 lb $12.90 4oz $4.74 8oz $7.50 Although traditionally used as a seasoning for tripe-type stew in Mexico (Revered for its reputation for curing the cruda, hangover) it makes a wonderful full-bodied flavoring for hearty beef stews, soups and rb 100045 MERM SEAFOOD Jar $4.77 4oz $3.5 8oz $4.65 lb $7.59 You will be be witched with this 50 food seasoning. Lu your family a friends to the t when cooking all t ab al gifts from the sea e sea. e

Jar $5.12 lb $13.67 Attractive 4200008 MIXED PICKLING 4oz $5.61 8oz $8.07 aromatic blend of large pieces of spices. You may wish to put them in muslin spice bags - see page 17. Use in stews, soups, relishes, vegetables, as well as pickling & preserving meats. Try as shrimp boil. Makes a very attractive gift in clear container with simple colorful bow. 4200009 MSG 4oz $4.08 8oz $5.58 Jar $5.22 lb $9.26 Extracted from wheat protein and sugar beets, neutral salt of glutamic acid, one of twenty odd amino acids, the building blocks of all protein. Use to intensify flavor in meat, poultry, fish and vegetable dishes. Acts as a blender in mixed spices. An all natural product. 4100114 MOROCCAN BLEND Jar $3.79 .8oz $4.60 4oz $7.99 lb $24.08 Excellent seasoning for lamb, veges, casserole or pilaf. Mix ¼ c. blend with 1 c. dry red wine & ½ c. olive oil for a marinade for shish kabobs. Exciting blend- Cilantro, Mint, Onion, Marjoram, White & Red Pepper, Cumin, Cardamom, Cloves & more! 4100111 MULLING SPICE Jar $4.60 4oz $5.12 8oz $8.17 lb $14.11 Wonderful way to greet your tired guests! Use ¼ cup Mulling Spice per half gallon of cider, apple juice, or wine. Simmer for ½ hour before serving. Your whole house will have an inviting warmth. Combination of Cinnamon Chips, Orange Peel, Allspice and Cloves. Enjoy this old-time favorite. 100065 NEPTUNE’S REALM Jar $6.20 4oz $6.12 8oz $9.95 lb $17.30 Fennel & Lemon give a fresh taste to this 6 spice blend that will bring your fish back alive in broiler or pan- seafood that your family will enjoy. 4100042 NONYA SEASONING Jar $5.45 lb $12.24 e 4oz $5.11 8oz $7.26 Although this taste is e Malaysian Chinese , it has good full flae American kitchen njoy . Garlic, Onion, ed Pepper, Lemon & Sugar. 013 ONION SALT z $2.81 b $5.60 a ination dishes. 8oz $3.53 A simple that s pep to otherie bld salted 4100043 PILAU Jar $6.30 4oz $7.05 8oz $11.85 lb $21.00 East Indian seasoning including, among others, the most exotic of spices - Cinnamon, Cloves, Nutmeg, Cardamom and Saffron. These exotic blends find themselves at home in today’s American kitchens. POPCORN SEASONINGS 00541 INDIAN CURRY POPCORN Jar $5.13 4oz $4.91 8oz $7.79 lb $13.42 Take the common place out of your popcorn with this inviting taste combination! 00542 JALAPEÑO SEA SALT Jar $5.49 4oz $5.50 8oz $8.85 lb $15.33 Get that popular jalapeño nip with this popcorn seasoning. You will just want more! 00543 SAVORY HERB POPCORN Jar $4.90 4oz $6.20 8oz $10.09 lb $17.56 Just a wonderful flavor of mixed herbs with a touch of zip. Doctors recommend eating Hulless Popcorn. 00544 TEXAS BBQ POPCORN Jar $4.87 4oz $4.17 8oz $5.72 lb $9.50 That backyard flavor that keeps America at their grills! Doctors recommend eating Hulless Popcorn. 4100066 PROVENCE Jar $2.88 1.6oz $3.94 4oz $4.98 lb $13.64 Traditional French seasoning with nine spices, including Savory, Marjoram, Thyme, Bay, Lavender. This seasoning will let you bring the French cuisine into your kitchen with the shake of a wrist. 200011 POULTRY SEASONING Jar $4.35 4oz $4.82 8oz $7.64 lb $13.14 Versatile flavor blend in dumplings, biscuit crusts for meat and poultry pies, stuffings, meat loaf and chowders. Try on hamburger. Blend of Sage, Mustard Flour, Salt, Paprika and natural spices. This is a must seasoning blend to have fresh in the house around the holiday season. 4100014 PUMPKIN PIE SPICE Jar $4.80 lb $13.69 A festive blend of Hi-Oil Ground Cinnamon, Ginger, Cloves and Nutmeg. Use 1 tablespoon for each 9” pie. Make this holiday favorite quickly and easily. Try in other desserts, cookies and pies. The aroma of this spice baking will fill your home with a festive, warm atmohere. r 4100044 QUATRE EPICES Jar $7.72 4oz $8.63 8oz $16.50 lb $31.04 “Four spices.” Popular clasic French seasonig. Use for soups, 26 41 ww.penderys.com 4oz $4.99 8oz $7.94 stews, pates and grilled meats. Contains the finest Ground White Pepper, Nutmeg, Ginger and Cloves. Used today in charcuterie and in dishes that need long, slow cooking, e.g. stews. Jar $6.83 4200012 NO SALT Added 4oz $7.06 8oz $11.61 lb $20.30 Salt lovers will not even miss salt when you use this seasoning. Use in soups, stews, meat dishes, vegetables, most any dish except, maybe, desserts. Contains the finest Ground Garlic, Onion, Mace, Savory, Parsley, Pepper, Thyme, Basil, Marjoram, Sage & Cayenne. 100015 SAUSAGE SEASONING Jar $4.95 4oz $4.04 8oz $5.51 lb $9.12 Use this warm, spicy seasoning in chowders and dressings, as well as sausage. Use 1 tbsp. per pound meat, 1 pound seasoning per 50 pounds meat. Try venison sausage this Fall. Jar $5.13 100080 SAUSAGE, CHORIZO 4oz $5.38 8oz $7.70 lb $13.02 'The' seasoning for Mexican sausage, we recommend pork butt as opposed to saliva glands, often the commercial choice. 100046 SEASON-ALL Jar $5.70 4oz $4.72 8oz $6.62 lb $11.01 General mixture of finest spices for basic cooking. Fill a shaker and place next to salt and pepper. Use on almost everything. 200015 SEASONED SALT Jar $4.92 4oz $3.11 8oz $4.00 lb $6.45 Pleasant all-purpose seasoning. Enriches prepared dishes and enhances table tastes. Keep on your table and season to taste. 4400011 SIMMERING SPICE 1.6oz $5.13 4oz $7.02 lb $20.19 Simmer some on the stove or over a votive candle. Great aroma for whole house! Put some in a container, tie with a bow and give for an easy gift. 100047 SLOPPY JOSEPH Jar $4.95 4oz $4.80 8oz $6.75 lb $11.32 Rich, satisfying flavor for a quick, hearty meal. When the Little League is rained out or the bridge group is snowed in, rely on this standby, relax for a good time. 200018 SOUP BASE, BEEF 4oz $8.28 8oz $14.07 lb $25.04 200019 SOUP BASE, CHICKEN 4oz $4.96 8oz $7.89 lb $13.59 Enhances flavor of rice, beans, gravies, stews, soups and vegetables. 1 tablespoon per pint water. You will never again use just plain water in your cooking in the majority of your dishes. 800.533.1870

100048 SICILIAN PASTA Jar $5.52 4oz $5.55 8oz $8.94 lb $15.49 Take a Mediterranean cruise when you savor this rich seasoning combination. You cannot get better, full-bodied flavor for the Bolognese sauce to use on your favorite pastas, and its so easy to use! 100016 SPAGHETTI SEASONING Jar $5.63 4oz $5.28 8oz $8.45 lb $14.61 Wonderful authentic blend of Italian flavors. Try in chicken dishes, tomato sauces and salad dressings. Blend of garlic, onion, salt, oregano, black pepper, parsley, and basil. 4100056 SPAGHETTI, NO SALT Jar $5.61 4oz $5.96 8oz $9.67 lb $16.79 Want to cut back on salt intake, but not on flavor? Try the various 'No Salt' blends we offer and you won't even miss the salt. Flavor rules! 100049 TABIL Jar $5.60 4oz $5.23 8oz $8.38 lb $14.47 Tunisian seasoning with the finest spices for flavoring chicken, pork & beef dishes. Exciting mix of Coriander, Caraway, Garlic and Chiles. Jar $5.45 100017 TACO SEASONING 4oz $4.39 8oz $6.08 lb $10.14 Use in tacos, taco salad, roasts and dressings. People just don't seem to ever fix enough tacos for parties, don't make that mistake. 4100055 TACO, No Salt Jar $6.22 4oz $5.16 8oz $8.24 lb $14.23 Try in Burritos. Try it on almost anything. 100112 TANDOORI Jar $4.88 4oz $4.49 8oz $6.24 lb $10.43 Just the word “TANDOORI” evokes dreams of exotic places and flavors. Chicken TANDOORI is worth the try! Add 2½ Tbsp Spice Blend & ½ cup yogurt & 1 Tbsp lemon juice. Coat chicken or fish thoroughly and marinate overnight in the refrigerator. Now your ready for oven or grill. Combination of Ginger, Cumin, Coriander, Paprika, Turmeric, Cayenne & .... 100113 THAI BLEND Jar $6.02 lb $21.43 4oz $7.41 8oz $12.24 The hottest & latest craze in Stir Fry! Add great flavor and season to taste, you can always add more. Mint, Lemon, Cumin, Cayenne, etc. Jar $5.28 100050 TRINIDAD MASALA 4oz $5.65 8oz $9.11 lb $15.79 Bring the lure of the West Indies to your dining table. Feel the breezes, listen, as they rush through the palm leaves. Among its list of the finest spices are Coriander, Pepper, Cloves, Cumin and Mustard. 200037 VINEGAR POWDER 4oz $5.38 8oz $8.64 lb $14.94 Distilled White Vinegar Powder. 803935 The MAGIC of SPICE BLENDS Excite your taste buds as you discover the world's classic spice blends from: Africa, the Far East, Europe, India, the Middle East, North America and the Caribbean, Mexico, and South America. Includes recipes for 50 spice blends and an additional 50 recipes featuring the blends, including: Spicy Moroccan Steamed Mussels with Charmoula , Vietnamese Chicken Bahn-Mi Sandwich with Chinese Five Spice; Swedish Gingerbread Cookies; Grilled Vadouvan Salmon with Date-Tamarind Chutney; Watermel Lime-Advieh Dressing; L Crayfish; and Jerk-Spi Wings. 160 pg, 8" x 10" H L pi y H. $24.99 $19.99 802119 GOURMET MARBLE MORTAR & PESTLE Crush, grind and stir in this roomy mortar Great for salsas and ru bs. Blend, chill and serve g camole. Striking counte display! 8"x 4½". Nature white marble. A wonder gaetop e' ly rfl gf. $55.98 21 $.78 pys 8 7 Add tartness to rubs, marinades, barbecue sauces, salad dressings, and dry mixes. Perfect for a chicken, turkey or pork chop brine. Mix with salt to make a Salt & Vinegar French fry seasoning. Use a pinch to fix pH issues for homemade pickles. Jar $6.74 00077 WASABI, POWDERED 4oz $8.15 8oz $13.84 lb $24.62 Potent powder, Japan’s horseradish, ‘tears’. Compliments sushi such as, tuna and salmon. Mix 1 part water to 2 parts powder. Mix portion needed at one meal. Let sit a few minutes before using to develop flavor. Combine this mixture with soy sauce to accompany tempura. 100075 WHITE CHILE BLEND Jar $6.58 4oz $5.59 8oz $9.01 lb $15.61 A marvelous Southwest seasoning, including Epazote, for meat or beans. All spices are green or white. Make a “Bowl of White.” Soak navy beans over night. Cook a chicken until tender. Dice meat. Simmer beans & chicken until beans are just done. Add White Chile Blend. Cook 15 minutes and serve. Season navy beans, white refried beans and as a burrito filling. 4oz $4.93 200022 WORCESTERSHIRE 8oz $7.83 lb $13.49 Popular, easy to use flavorsome condiment. Try rubbed into roasts before baking, add to stews and sauces, season steaks. So much easier to use than that liquid favorite. Great in B-B-Q sauces!

The Intoxicating CAPSICUMS ed eror, discovered the pristine continents of the Americas, and an unexpected treasure - Capsicums Columbus set sail for exotic regions of India in search of that coveted spice, black pepper. He, in blessthr hld y a d A (e peppers). He returned from this first voyage carrying their seeds back to Europe. niards came to the New World, lured by tales of Inca gold. They found Inca carvings of “Brother er” immortalized in stone as beloved deities of worship. They shared the Capsicum seeds with y 1650, the cultivation and use of the Capsicums, as a seasoning, had spread throughout Europe, T elicit surprise? They enliven their surroundings with their varied decorative appearance in shades of greens, yelfrica. An amazing phenomenon in the ancient world. T g g centuries, the Capsicum popularity and cultivation has continued to grow. Why should this lows and reds. They enhance the most bland of dishes with an exciting depth of flavor. They effect a refreshing cooling sensation when eaten in hot climates. They exhibit medicinal values with vitamins and other reported health benefits. They enrapture a multitude of followers in a pod cult of clubs, magazines & memorabilia. PENDERY'S CHILE BLENDS Start with the First! Start with the Finest! Start with the Family where Chili began! CHILI BLENDS A combination of ground chiles, cumin, spices &herbs. Season chili, pinto beans, spaghetti, tomatoes, salad dressings, marinades, eggs, chicken, fish, hamburgers and enchiladas. Great in Indian food and barbecue sauces. DA universal seasoning flavor! For that 'bowl of red' use 3-4 tablespoons per pound meat, or MORE to taste. Try one, try them all! 100001 TOP HAT® CHILE BLEND Jar $5.57 lb $16.55 Hi-Color Chile Blend. Marvelous deep color, full-bodied taste. Fantastic flavor! 100003 FT WORTH LIGHT® CHILE Jar $5.21 100005 SALT FREE CHILE, Jar $5.19 100006 CHILTOMALINE® Jar $5.19 4oz $5.53 8oz $7.94 lb $13.45 Mellow Chile Powder to enjoy. Good choice for tamales. 4oz $5.51 8oz $7.90 lb $13.38 Dark color, full flavor. No MSG. 4oz $5.26 8oz $7.50 lb $12.66 Fore-runner of all chile blends. Medium dark blend. Try as a Bar-B-Que rub. 100060 DALLAS DYNAMITE 4oz $4.98 8oz $7.91 lb $13.64 Explosive flavor and flashy color. 100002 PENDERY’S ORIGINAL® Jar $5.28 4oz $5.44 8oz $7.79 lb $13.18 The dark rich blend your grandfather, father, you and now your family can't do without. 100004 NEW MEXICO LIGHT 0 100 RE 8oz $7.74 lb $ Bt & zesty. Color of N , a , a little heat. N ANTONIO 4 .5 l $3 sou th Jar $5.49 59 8oz$8.04 .62 Many s cooks add olorful blend as a fiishing powder in Cili Cook offs. 214.741.1870 www.penderys.com 100125 SANTA FE RED Jar $6.27 4oz $7.48 8oz $12.36 lb $21.65 A chile blend with rich taste, subtle, sweet, warm flavor that makes that perfect bowl of Santa Fe Chili. Feel the sunshine. 100007 TERLINGUA WON 4oz $4.87 8oz $7.73 lb $13.30 Roasted, medium color. Roasting produces a full-bodies depth of lavor to enjoy. 4oz $5.89 8oz $9.53 Chile Blend Packs Assorted Gift Packs of Pendery’s fabulous Chile Blends for your favorite chile lover, or for yourself. An excellent opportunity for you to compare flavors and colors. 300004 CHILE GIFT PACK of 6 Includes 1/4#- Top Hat, Ft. Worth Light, New Mexico Light, Chiltomaline, Original, and Salt Free Chile Blend. $21.96 300003 CHILE GIFT PACK of 12 Includes the six chile blends above plus- Terlingua Won, San Antonio Red, Dallas Dynamite, Colleen Wallace, Bo Prewitt, and Carol West. Each Chile Blend is packed in the quarter pound size. $40.72 300001 FIRE HALL CHILE BATCH Clinton Pendery formulated this satisfying taste for the Ft. Worth Fire Chief. Anchos, seasoning packet included. Sufficient seasonings for 6 pounds meat, although using 4 pounds will provide richer flavor. Recipe Post Card of Fire Hall No.1. A gift favorite! NOTE: Use all garlic (1oz garlic, which is about 3 large cloves or 1 head of small tube garlic) for entire blend. Use less garlic & blend for less meat. $9.99 300011 FIRE HALL BATCH + FIRE "Where there is smoke, there's fire!" Our Fire Hall Batch with an added package of our blend "Fire" for the not so weak at heart. Add as needed. $10.99 Terlingua Over 10,000 "chiliheads" convene in Terlingua, Texas on the first weekend of November for two annual chili competitions - the Chili Appreciation Society’s (CASI) Championship Cookoff and the International Tolbert-Fowler Championship Cookoff. Both non-profit organizations donate the proceeds to charities. Here are some of the winners. 100116 ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT Amount for 2.5 lb meat Amount for 5 lb meat Amount for 10 lb meat $8.25 $13.99 $18.95 ROGER FOLTZ winning chili cook. Packed 4 dumps. 100105 BESS’ BEST Amount needed for 3 lb meat $8.05 Amount needed for 6 lb meat $11.58 Amount needed for 12 lb meat $17.68 Dixie Johnson winning chili cook. Packed with 3 dumps. 100099 BO PREWITT 4oz $4.75 8oz $7.51 lb $12.99 Thanks and congratulations for this CASI winning blend! 100102 BOB COATS 4oz $8.88 8oz $11.55 lb $17.27 Bob Coats winning cook. Packed as 3 dumps. 100101 CAROL WEST 4oz $4.99 8oz $7.94 lb $13.69 A real Winner. An absolutely proven, win-win top choice. 100098 COLLEEN WALLACE 4oz $5.57 8oz $8.01 lb $13.57 ‘A multiple cookoff winner’s blend. Thank you, Colleen! 100100 GLENN DICKEY 4oz $6.71 8oz $8.59 lb $13.35 Folks, this is winning Championship Blend. Packed as 2 dumps. 100109 RANDY MOORE Amount needed for 2 lb meat $8.15 Amount needed for 4 lb meat $11.63 Amount needed for 8 lb meat $17.91 Alabama’s own, winning chili cook! Packed as 3 dumps. 800.533.1870

100115 ROOT CANAL CHILE Amount for 2.25 lb meat Amount for 4.55 lb meat $9.02 $13.19 Amount needed for 9 lb meat $18.99 TED HUME winning chili cook. Packed as 4 dumps. What does it Mean? ASTA color unit - amount of extractable (oil soluble, obtained through cooking) color from Capsicum products. Chile - Capsicum fruit Chili - meat dish seasoned with chile peppers, cumin and other spices. 'Bowl of red', Spanish chile con carne. Chile Pod - dried, whole fruit. Capsaicin - 'heat' of a chile, produced in the membrane holding the seeds. Insoluble in water, tasteless and odorless. Freely soluble in fat, oils and alcohol. 15,000,000HU Chile (Chili, Chilli) Powder or Chile Blend -Ground chile peppers with other spices added. Ground Chiles - only ground pods, no other spices added. SCAN - standard unit to determine the different shades of Capsicums, determined by light reflectance meter. Ground Chiles Ground chiles, NO other spices added. 00121 ACME 4oz $5.68 8oz $8.18 lb $13.88 Medium color, lightly roasted. 30 SCAN, 1000 H.U 00428 BULL CANYON 4oz $5.46 8oz $7.83 lb $13.25 Reddish brown, full “Chile flavor.” 80 ASTA, SCAN 100, 1000 H.U. 00122 C.M. 4oz $5.67 8oz $8.17 lb $13.86 Natural, unroasted, mild California pepper. 105 SCAN, 1000 H.U. 00124 CALIFORNIA FANCY 4oz $5.48 8oz $7.86 lb $13.30 Medium to light color, roasted, mild and sweet. 1500 H.U. Heat Units- HU 0-100 100-1000 1,500 - 2,500 2,500 - 5,000 5,000 - 15,000 15,000 - 30,000 30,000 - 50,000 3 8 00326 CHIMAYO 4oz $5.51 8oz $7.91 lb $13.39 That famous New Mexico flavor. 00220 COCHISE 4oz $4.82 8oz $7.63 lb $13.13 Smoky with front and back bite. 110 SCAN, 100 ASTA, 6000 H.U. 00461 CONCHO 4oz $5.48 8oz $7.86 lb $13.29 A heavily roasted, ancho copy-cat. 30 SCAN, 80 ASTA, 2000 HU. 00217 CORDOVA 4oz $4.79 8oz $7.58 lb $13.03 Lightly roasted with good bite. 120 SCAN, 105 ASTA, 4000 H.U. 00215 DURANGO 4oz $5.60 8oz $8.06 lb $13.66 Roasted, slightly smoky flavor. 90 ASTA, 90 SCAN, 2000 H.U. 00119 EL REY 4oz $5.53 8oz $7.93 lb $13.43 Dark, high color. Roasted to a rich robust, caramelized flavor. 20 SCAN, 1000 H.U., 130 ASTA. 00460 FLAGSTAFF 4oz $5.47 8oz $7.84 lb $13.26 Dark roast. 55 SCAN, 130 ASTA, 1200 H.U. 00218 GILA FLATS. 4oz $4.74 8oz $7.50 lb $12.89 A nippy, sweet, smoky flavor. 105 SCAN, 5000 H.U., 100 ASTA. 00429 JALISCO 4oz $5.44 8oz $7.79 00426 MADERA 4oz $4.21 8oz $7.42 lb $13.19 A toasty brown chile pepper. Excellent choice for chile mole. 1000 H.U. 75 ASTA, 55 SCAN. lb $12.52 Natural, unroasted, flavorsome California chile. 1000 H.U. 00324 NEW MEXICO HOT 4oz $5.52 8oz $7.92 lb $13.41 Light colored, naturally dried, unroasted ground chile. 120 SCAN, 4000 H.U., 80 ASTA. 00427 PECOS RED 4oz $5.49 8oz $7.87 lb $13.32 Mildly pungent, yet slightly sweet. SCOVILLE CHILE HEAT SCALE Variety Sweet Bells, Sweet Banana, Pimento 1,000 - 1,500 Ancho. Pasilla, Espanola, New Mex. Sandia, Cascabel Rating 0 Cherry, New Mexico, Anaheim, Big Jim 1 2 3 Jalapeño, Mirasol, Chipotle, Poblano Yellow Wax, Serrano Chile De Arbol 50,000 - 100,000 1 100,000 - 350,000 Aji, Cayenne, Tabasco, Piquin Santaka, Chiltecpin, Thai Habanero, Scotch Bonnet 350,000 - 855,000 Red Savina Habanero, Indian Tezpur 855 K - 1,359,000 Ghost Chili (Bhut Jolokia), Naga Viper 214.741.1870 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 10+ www.penderys.com Very good e tractable red c Great for tha of “red”. 1500 00430 PUEBL 4oz $5.39 8oz $7.71 ol bl 2000 H.U., 115 SCA ASTA N 0 lb $4 Rich caramel teristic of "Old M led favor caacexico" 00126 PROCESSORS’S CHOICE 4oz $5.39 8oz $7.71 lb $13.04 Pleasant, dark ground chile. 10001500 H.U., 90-100 ASTA 00120 RANCHO 4oz $5.53 8oz $7.93 lb $13.43 Dark, caramelized flavor. 1000 H.U. 00436 REYNOSA 4oz $5.48 8oz $7.86 lb $13.29 Natural red-orange New Mexico. 125 SCAN, 80 ASTA, 1500 H.U. 00212 R.T.- RIO TEJAS 4oz $5.52 8oz $7.92 lb $13.41 Sweet with little bite.150 ASTA, 75 SCAN, 1800 H.U. 00219 SALADO 4oz $5.46 8oz $7.83 lb $13.24 Medium roast. 80 ASTA, 70 SCAN, 1000 H.U. 00457 SAN FERNANDO 4oz $5.41 8oz $7.75 lb $13.10 Natural, sweet California mild. 125 SCAN, 80 ASTA, 1000 H.U. 00213 SIERRA MADRE 4oz $5.56 8oz $7.98 lb $13.52 Roasted southern Mexico flavor. 80 ASTA, 1500-2000 H.U., 45 SCAN. 00437 SONORA SUN 4oz $5.48 8oz $7.86 lb $13.30 Red-orange natural New Mexico. 120 SCAN, 80 ASTA, 4000 H.U. 100106 TEXAS RED-DOG 4oz $5.52 8oz $7.92 lb $13.40 You’ll overwhelm your cook-off competition with this red powder. Use 1 tbsp per 2 tbsp Chile Blend for 1 lb. meat. It’s a winner! 00462 TONTO BASIN 4oz $5.55 8oz $7.98 00123 TRES OCHOS 4oz $5.50 8oz $7.89 H.U., 80 ASTA A. 00214 TULARO 4oz $4.71 lb $12.78 8 ht me k h ng. 5000 , 10 800.533.187 Enjoy the ligh flavor with a q burst of hea does not l Med. roast. 5 H.U., 60 SCA ASTA. lb $13.51 Sweet California, heavily roasted, slight note of coffee flavor. 30 SCAN, 80 ASTA, 1500 HU. lb $13.35 Bright color, natural unroasted New Mexico chil 120 SCAN 2500

CHILE ODS C Whole, D round USING WHOLE CHILE PODSRinse first with warm water, soak in hot water for 10 minutes to rehydrate Once rehydrated, dice or puree and add to a recipe. You also can scrape off the soft 'meat' and discard skin. Or add directly to recipe that will cook at least 10 minutes. Remove when flavor or heat is just right. Start cooking with pods and you won't stop. Remember, Chile Pods are dried fruits, store accordingly. Use EXTREME CAUTION when handling chiles marked with 'dynamite'. They are at least 500,000 HU! Do not get in eyes or inhale. Wear gloves. 00491 AJI AMARILLO POD(8) 4oz $10.13 8oz $19.50 lb $36.77 Common Aji pepper in Peru. Yellow-gold with a tropical, fruity flavor. Searing mild heat. Enliven potatoes, chicken, sauces, stews. 00492 AJI AMARILLO, Ground (8) 4oz $10.91 8oz $22.04 lb $41.83 00495 AJI PANCA POD(1-2) 4oz $8.57 8oz $14.58 lb $25.96 Grown on small farms 00496 AJI PANCA, Ground(1-2) 4oz $8.35 8oz $14.19 lb 25.96 00125 ALEPPO, Flakes 1.6oz $4.72 4oz $6.32 lb $17.94 Fairly mild, with pleasant amount of heat building slowly. Flavor: ancho-like with cumin undertones; hint of saltiness with raisin-like flavor; sweetness, roundness with perfume of sundried tomatoes. 00132 ANCHO POD(3) 4oz $5.29 8oz $8.48 lb $14.65 00482 ANCHO, Ground 4oz $7.34 8oz $12.38 o lb $21.96 Dried poblano. Color and aroma of a giant raisin. Use in enchiladas, chile, salsas and moles. Name o 3000 H.U. KES (3) 72 rd Sw h lb $33.38 blano. Brick rk mahogany. t of dried chilh a mild fruit r and tones of ee licorice, t r too and raisin. 214.741.1870 bacco nsable for s. in Peru. Dark brown. Medium fleshed with a berry flavor. The Andes’ #1 choice for chile sauces and fish. 00046 BELL PEPPER, GREEN Diced 1.6oz $5.17 4oz $8.10 lb $28.99 00048 BELL, GREEN Powder 4oz $6.82 8oz $11.19 lb $19.54 00047 BELL, RED Diced 1.6oz $4.71 4oz $8.23 lb $24.85 00057 BELL, RED Powder 4oz $4.91 8oz $7.80 lb $13.44 Pretty, tasty and convenient. Use in salads, sauces, soups, sandwich fillings, rice and chili sauce. Red is attractive in potato salad. When using in uncooked dishes, mix with 2/3 water and soak for about 10 minutes, not necessary if cooked. 00130 CALIFORNIA RED (2-3) 4oz $8.21 8oz $13.94 lb $24.80 Large, dried Anaheim chile. Use in sauces, stews & tomato dishes. Try in meat sauce & spaghetti. Stem, seed, add to simmering sauce. Discard skin before serving. 00566 CAROLINA REAPER, Ground 1.6oz $15.74 4oz $36.52 lb $137.63 Bred for heat with excellent flavor as well. A sweet fruity flavor, right before the slow burn as the heat kicks in with 2,000,000+ HU. 2015 World's hottest!!!! 00233 CASCABEL(4) 4oz $10.54 8oz $22.06 lb $40.54 Dark reddish-brown, bell shaped chile. Named for its rattling sound. Rich woodsy flavor, a little smoky. Tannic heat noticed at the back of the throat. 00198 CHILE DE ARBOL POD(7) 4oz $6.04 8oz $9.80 lb $17.04 Wonderful flavor! Try a few in cream(heavy cream) of tomato soup for a flavor lift. Just drop in whole pod(s) while heating soup, remove when taste and zip is just right. Will heal you, body & soul. 00501 De ARBOL, Ground (7) 4oz 7.93 8oz $13.44 lb $23.88 Closely related to the Pico de Pajaro and Cayenne. Bright brick-red with a smoky, grassy flavor. Searing acidic heat on the tip of the tongue. Try in sauces and soups. 00483 CHIPOTLE, Ground (5) 4oz $6.98 8oz $11.47 lb $20.04 00484 CHIPOTLE, Flakes (5) 4oz $8.21 8oz $13.95 lb $24.81 00446 CHIPOTLE, GOLDEN Pod(5) 4oz $9.18 8oz $18.42 lb $35.03 Jalapeño mecco, smoke dried with heavenly aroma and marvelous flavor. Chipotles add an unique taste, one that you should definitely not overlook. 00499 CHIPOTLE MORITA POD(5) 4oz $7.39 8oz $12.68 lb $24.81 Currently America’s favorite haute cuisine chile. Smoky and sweet with tobacco and chocolate tones. Subtle, deep rounded heat with heavenly aroma & flavor. www.penderys.com 00567 CHOCOLATE 7 POD DOUGLAH, Ground 1.6oz $13.24 4oz $30.60 lb $115.13 Not rated 2015 World's 3rd hottest chile for nothing! Excellent flavor with dark chocolate color. Sprinkle on very carefully. 00536 GHOST CHILE POD 1.6oz $9.08 4oz $20.75 lb $77.72 00547 GHOST CHILE, Ground 1.6oz $6.92 4oz $15.99 lb $54.82 00564 GHOST CHILE, Smoked Ground 1.6oz $8.79 4oz $20.07 lb $75.13 Known as Naga Jolokia and Bih Jolokia, or poison chile pepper. Unlike most peppers, Bhut jolokia produces capsaicin in vesicles found in both the placenta around the seeds and throughout the fruit, rather than just the placenta. Use sparingly. 00199 GUAJILLO/MIRASOL (3-5) 4oz $5.53 8oz $8.90 lb $15.42 00485 GUAJILLO, Ground 4oz $7.14 8oz $11.76 lb $20.56 Shiny, deep orange-red with brown tones. A green tea flavor. Tannic, sweet heat with berry tones. Used commonly in salsas and chile sauces. 00232 HABANERO POD(10) 1.6oz $6.69 4oz $14.09 lb $49.87 00238 HABANERO, Flakes 1.6oz $8.13 4oz $17.34 lb $61.66 00406 HABANERO, Ground 4oz $10.36 8oz $21.66 lb $39.80 Related to the scotch bonnet and rocotillo. Yellow-orange in color, lantern shaped. Intense, fiery, acidic heat with tropical fruit flavors of coconut and papaya. Main ingredient in jerks and many hot sauces. 00302 JALAPEÑO, Diced Green (4) 1.6oz $5.59 4oz $8.87 lb $31.95 00086 JALAPEÑO, Powdered Green (4) Jar $6.55 4oz $7.25 8oz $11.96 lb $20.92 00303 JALAPEÑO, Diced Red (4) 1.6oz $6.19 4oz $9.95 lb $36.10 00301 JALAPEÑO, Powdered Red Jar $7.21 4oz $8.52 8oz $14.50 lb $25.81 Jalapeño is one of the most all time popular chiles in Mexico and US. Try it in salad dressings, 100103 JALAPEÑO SALT Jar $6.15 4oz $7.52 8oz $12.70 lb $22.54 Perfect combination for 'sprinkling on' when you want that touch of marvelous jalapeño flavor in a shaker for the table. 00405 MULATO POD(2-4) 4oz $8.99 8oz $17.23 lb $32.43 Pleasantly hot. Nice flavor for chili, stews, soups on one and wave goodbye to sore throats! It will do the job! 800.533.1870 and sauces. Nibble

00504 MULATO, Ground (2-4) 4oz $8.21 8oz $13.95 lb $24.81 Deep, dark chocolate brown pod. Similar to the Ancho, but with a smokier flavor. Predominant tone of licorice with hints of cherry, tobacco and horehound. Essential in moles. 00133 NEW MEXICO RED POD(3-4) 4oz $8.21 8oz $13.91 lb $24.81 Bright scarlet with an aroma that is mild and a little sagey. Crisp, clear heat with earthy flavors and tones of dried cherry. Used in chile sauces and for making ristras. 00505 NEW MEXICO GREEN POD 4oz $22.45 8oz $48.08 lb $88.64 00509 NEW MEXICO GREEN, Flakes (3-5) 4oz $6.74 8oz $11.05 lb $19.29 00327 NEW MEXICO GREEN, Ground 4oz $7.23 8oz $11.92 lb 20.84 00328 NEW MEXICO GREEN, Ground Hot 4oz $6.35 8oz $10.36 lb $18.04 Roasted, peeled and dried. Sweeter than the NM red. Medium olive to dark green in color. Light, smoky flavor with hints of citrus, dried apples, herbs and celery. 00136 PASILLA NEGRO POD(3) 4oz $10.13 8oz $19.50 lb $36.77 00486 PASILLA, Ground 4oz $8.07 8oz $13.69 lb $24.35 Slender, mild, ebony pod. Fruity, coffee flavor. Together with Ancho and Mulato makes the “Holy Trinity" in traditional moles. 00481 PASILLA DE OAXACA(6) 4oz $15.09 8oz $32.63 lb $58.96 Smoked chile, shiny red-mahogany color. Grown only in the Oaxaca region. Acrid fruit flavor with strong tobacco tones and a sharp lingering heat. Popular for rellenos. 00231 PICO de PAJARO POD(6.5) 1.6oz $6.35 4oz $10.91 lb $41.83 Bird’s beak. The Mexican sun gives it its HEAT and fruity plum tones. Used in marinades and pickles (En escabeche). Yahoo hot! 00386 PIQUIN POD(8) 1.6oz $8.17 4oz $17.43 lb $61.99 00510 PIQUIN FLAKES (8) 4oz $7.68 8oz $12.72 lb $22.29 Orange-red. Oval shape pod. Light, sweet smoky flavor with citrus, corn and nutty tones. Deep, fiery transient heat. Birds love to eat them in the wild. Excellent for salsas, soups, sauces and vinegars 40-50,000 HU. 00229 PUYA POD(6) 4oz $7.24 8oz $12.20 lb $21.63 “Pulla". Smaller than its cousin, Guajillo, but similar in flavor. Light flavor containing sharp fruit and cherry tones. Dry, dusty, intense heat. Excellent for seasoning salsas and stews. 214.741.1870 00137 JAPONES (SANTAKA) POD(7) 4oz $4.93 8oz $7.83 lb $13.48 Small, slender bright red chile. Used in chile sauces when ground and in soups and stews to increase heat levels whole. Used widely in table sauces, chile oils and Asian cuisine. 00506 SERRANO POD(7) 4oz $8.21 8oz $13.95 lb $24.81 Faded reddish orange. Fruit and citrus flavors and an intense heat. Use in salsas, stuffings and bread - or roast and blend into sauces. Good heat with good flavor. 00519 SERRANO, Smoked POD 4oz $7.11 8oz $11.97 lb $21.21 Great flavor and serrano heat slowly smoked for a killer taste! 00565 TRINIDAD MORUGA SCORPION, Ground 1.6oz $14.47 4oz $33.53 lb $126.27 Rare sought after chile recently discovered. Burn experience increases and gets hotter and hotter. 2015 World's 2nd hottest. 00530 YI DU CHILE THREADS 1.6oz $6.31 4oz $13.38 lb $46.15 Traditionally used in kimchi, these mild chile threads can be used in soups, salads, hors d'oeuvres, or anything that can use a touch of beauty. The threads are quite pliable, and can be lightly toasted in a dry skillet to bring out a deeper flavor. Great addition! HOT RED GROUND PEPPERS 00142 CRUSHED RED 30,000 H.U. Jar $4.97 1.6oz $4.51 4oz $5.96 lb $16.79 The pizza pepper. Sprinkle on spaghetti and salads. 00138 RED. Ground, 30,000 H.U Jar $5.50 lb $13.68 00139 CAYENNE, Ground, 40,000 H.U. 4oz $4.75 8oz $7.52 oz $5.61 8oz $8.07 Jar $5.04 lb $12.93 Marvelous color. Cayenne has heat, but retains excellent flavor. 00140 RED PEPPER, Ground 60,000 H.U. 4oz $5.58 8oz $8.02 Ground Orange blaze with flavor. 100097 FIRE and SMOKE Jar $5.76 4oz $5.94 Jar $4.98 lb $13.59 fiery 8oz $9.64 lb $16.74 This ground lend will light your socks on fire! 100107 TEMPER, TEMPER Jar $7.44 4oz $8.22 lb $29.47 8oz $15.68 Ground explosive! k l www.penderys.com 800.533.187 31 Handle with care. Cayenne, black pepper, habanero, jalapeño. Use sparingly, but when you do, you’ll be glad! 700005 PIMENT d’ESPELETTE(4) 40 gram jar. $14.99 Harvested when ripe and strung to dry, Espelette peppers are then “baked” at a very low temperature for a few hours to increase color and aroma. When their moisture falls lower than 12%, the peppers are processed. It has a lovely rich flavor with heat that is uplifting, but not intrusive. Due to its cultivation ONLY in the Basque region of France, it has an unique character. In 1999, it was granted AOC status giving it the same protection as, say, Champagne sparkling wine. Wonderfully versatile. Try in mayonnaise. Universally p and garnish. T PAPRI p looked as a wo flavor addition. wodfl ad vd 00110 PAPRIKA 95 ASTA Jar $5.10 8oz $7.59 4oz $5.32 lb $12.82 00197 PAPRIKA 160 ASTA Jar $5.65 4oz $5.44 8oz $7.79 lb $13.17 You will be impressed with excellent flavor & color! 00111 PAPRIKA, HUNGARIAN Jar $6.56 00112 PAPRIKA, SPANISH Jar $5.66 4oz $6.66 8oz $10.91 lb $19.04 The zippiest of paprikas. 4oz $4.94 8oz $7.86 lb $13.54 Mild ground chiles renowned for their bright color and sweet flavor. Ours is “Hailed” by Cook’s magazine. 00082 SMOKED SPANISH PAPRIKA 4oz $6.12 8oz $9.95 lb $17.30 PIMENTON- Enticing aroma and mild smoky - from peppers grown in the La Vera area southwest of Madrid. An essential for authentic Spanish cooking. Popular Mediterranean seasoning. A ‘must’ addition to your spice collection.

Award winning design! Premium-grade silicone head. Dishwasher safe. 803886 SUPOON Flat squeegee tip and flexible sides to scrape pan or bowl clean. Deep scoopi head measures teaspoons & tablespoo Bent handle keeps head off counter. HHt i o. resistant to 500ºF. 11"x 1.3." $14.95 $11 803957 GARJECT PEELER-MINCE H 1 1 g g s es ER At last, no peeling before pressing. This g lic press presses unpeeled garlic, scrapes self clean, and even ejects the peel! Pre Quick & efficient! Metal handles. Top r dishwasher safe. Like fresh garlic? You w wl es! rk love this! wth $42.95 $34.3 36 803891 NOM NOM PALEO Food for Humans Cookbook. Widely a claimed! Fun, fresh approach to cook th whole, unprocessed ingredients, free y kg free ains, legumes, and added sugar. Find everything from -home comforts like Yankee Pot Roast and Chicken ets to the exotic flavors of Siu Yoke (Crispy Roast Pork . 100 + fool-proof Paleo and gluten-free recipes, and p-by-step photographs and cartoons. 288 page, 8"x 10" u $29.95 $23.96 T-PROTECTION GLOVE u reach for that Mandoline, grater, eler, or kitchen knife reach for this fety glove. Made out of cut-resistant ibers, yet is stretchable, lightweight, and breathable. Fits either hand and se who need XL gloves. FDA comne size fits most, but probably not plt for food contact. Machine washale ease drip dry. Not cut proof, but cut resistant & a great aid for all chefs. 10.4" $18.99 $15.19 615 PERFECT CERAMIC BLADE PEELER lers in 1, rotates to vertical, horizontal, and 45-dee positions. Fits small, large, left, and right hands. ures an ergonomic, non-slip handle and an ulharp advanced ceramic blade. Optimum cutting e glides effortlessly through foods. Makes peeling e carrots, cucumbers and potatoes fun! washer safe. $17.99 $14.39 803649 ADJUSTABLE MANDOLINE with CERAMIC SLICER nt, compact and ‘Wow’ sharp. Easily cuts through les leaving uniform slices. Adjust thickness by a turn of the dial to .5m s s d u n of the dial to .5mm, 1.3mm, 2mm. and 3mm. s securely over bowls. Includes d guard, but be careful, it uts through veges like going through butter because it is SHARP. Cleans easily in the dishwasher t top 3.5" 32 214.741.1870 www.penderys.com 800.533.1870 rack.11"x $28.98 $23.18 900+

803753 MICROPLANE HERB MILL Etched stainless blades tackle the tasks of cutting fresh herbs without bruising. A simple twist of the wrist activates the super sharp cutting edges, which act as hundreds of tiny scissors. Removable ergonomic handle. Plastic body. Dishwasher safe. $19.99 $15.99 802012 ACRYLIC PEPPER MILL $17.89 $14.31 802013 SALT MILL $17.89 $14.31 5.5" acrylic mills with spring tension for consistent grind. Adjustable from very fine to cracked. Salt mill features durable noncorrosive mechanisms. Pepper has tempered stainless steel.. Lifetime guarantee. 5.5". 803942 ON TOAST Tartines, Crostini, and Open-Faced Sandches - 100 ideas for toast, from the simplest snack to the most complex and satisfying meal. Includes straight forward instructions for how best to toast your bread. Use in a sandwich, as a vehicle for condiments, as a side to dip into other meals, breakfast, lunch or dinner... the possibilities are endless. 192 page 8"x 8" Hc. $19.99 $15.99 Handsome gray marble mortar and pestle with matte finish to ompliment your kitchen decor while being very functional. This 802919 MARBLE MORTAR & PESTLE g y y td l i h md r trdna tcen. 4¼ ½ $19 understat 803847 GARLIC TWIST 3rd Generation Try this garlic mincer you will understand why it is a six-time award winner. Toss in a few cloves of peeled garlic, twist ‘em around, and prestominced garlic! The more you twist the finer the size. Mince garlic, ginger, carrots, shallots and peppers. Just rinse to clean, top rack dishwasher safe. $19.99 $15.99 Our sale items are marked in RED in this catalog. Enjoy greater reductions on these items & more when you purchase ON-LINE from our website www.penderys.com Order ON-LINE & SAVE 214.741.1870 www.penderys.com 800.533.1870 33

803972 HORSE CLIP-ONS SET of 8 Eight handsome cast iron steeds are ready to hold that picnic cloth in place or accent your corral's curtains. Add a bow to the clips for a real fancy look. Each 3"x 2¾"x½." $29.95 $23.96 803970 TEXAS SLOW COOKER 125 Recipes for the Lone Star State's Very Best Dishes, All Slow-Cooked to Perfection rice dishes to beef, bison, poultry, and shrimp, come out of the slow cooker brimming with flavor--and with a minimum of fuss for the cook. 208 page, 7½ x 9⅓ Pb. 40 color photos. $22.99 $18.39 803539 “RIDERS WANTED” TIN THERMOMETER Large durable 5" x 17" indoor-outdoor tin thermometer. Great for office, country cabin, porch, kitchen, or corral. Attractive and handy. $13.99 $11.19 803938 TEXAS is CHILI COUNTRY Every chili cook will want this book. Not only a look at chili’s olorful history, including its read, but of course, chili recies. y (Don’t miss Pendery’s role) s Texas’s state meal, this seemngly simple staple of Texan s dentity proves to be anything ut, Find rccipes from state ceebrities such as Ladybird Johnon, Governor Ma Ferguson, and chili king Frank Tolbert. fat, vegan, and an T re c 4 pp, 6" x 8" Pb. g M 50 TEXAS AG APRON 0 ors any time of the year! ! s appliquéd on navy background. Chef h 2 front pockets, a pocket at left top for thermometer and adjustable strap. Durable 60/40 poly cotton. 32"x 25".Machine s h washable. $19.99 $15.99 803973 TEXAS FLAG WAIST APRON rfect for all your indoor/outdoor grill therings with 2 large 9" x 7½" front pockets and a pencil pocket. Appliquéd Texas g g g star. Durable 60/40 poly cotton. 28"x 12". Machine washable. $16.95 $13.56 34 214.741.1870 www.penderys.com 800.533.1870 Mexican-Ameri$19.95 $15.96 A range of Lone Star gems, from chilies and stews to enchiladas and roasts, from bean or w

803962 JAMBALAYA CHEF APRON ome 26"x 34" 100% cotton apron. Adjustable 'D' ring on k strap. o t ard. d d d, es d es ep ar r Fr More than seven o s $26.99 $21.59 803591 P & J OYSTER COOKBOOK ded into chapters by preparation method–raw, grilled, d, baked, soups, stews, casseroles, and stuffings- the book es with a lagniappe section with information on sauces d seasonings. This beautifully photographed collection esents more than one hundred recipes for every oyster paration imaginable. 100 photos. 224 page 10"x 10" $34.99 $27.99 803762 LOUISIANA SEAFOOD BIBLE, FISH ried, baked, pan-seared, or grilled fish sure to please. More than seventy-five home-style dishes, such as fish naos, Louisiana Bouillabaisse, and Seafood mbalaya. More than 280 mouth-watering hotos give cooks—from beginners to exprerts—a glimpse at what their dishes will m pho emble. 256 Pb. 8 x 9 ¼". $26.95 $21.56 03755 LOUISIANA SEAFOOD BIBLE, FISH Vol. 2 icks up where The Louisiana Seafood Bible: Fish Volume 1 left off. From Almond and Macadamia Crusted Fish to Vietnamese Claypot Catfish. Its glossary contains both photographs and a listing of the best cooking methods for 100+ Louisiana fish species. 240 page, 9"x8" HC. $26.95 $21.56 b c s 803545 ‘GATOR PEPPER POPPER RACK his steel ‘gator is ready for 21 stuffed SAVE MORE Order On-Line jalapenos! Watch out! They will be gone in a hurry. Instructions for care and recipes are included. 13"x $41.99 $33.59 18". 3710 JALAPEÑO PEPPER CORER 37 e and seed small to medium jalapeños. WASH ds thoroughly after handling chiles! Do not th yr w e 214.741.1870 r eyes! The membrane holding the seeds is al heat is. Remove seeds and membrane for ls ht,, S/S serrated blade with a soft santoprene grip-ez handle. 8." $7.49 $5.99 www.penderys.com 800.533.1870 35

803583 CHILE PEPPER BOOk Profiles of the 100 most popular chile varieties - how to grow chiles; to diagnose and remedy problems, pests, and diseases; post-harvest processing and preservation. With 85 mouth-watering recipes. 336 page, 8½"x 8½" HB. $23.96 $19.17 3964 101 THINGS To Do W CHILE PEPPERS 83 n u e n a g u ck W n up the heat at breakfast, lunc ertime with tongue tingling r uch as Huevos El Diablos, Chi cken Spring Rolls, Baja Chile R , Green Chile Apple Crostata, O ge Habanero Creme Brulee, and Che herry Bomb Limeade. h d ih iple Re, Or, nd $9.99 $7.99 801785 PICK A PEPPER CHILE APRON Great look, ample size with large front pocket. Adjustable 'D' ring on G fr p nk str f o e " 59 21 A Ft sk Lad fl . 100% heavy twill cotton. Pe er is your chile happy chef. 28" $26.99 $ 963 CHILE FIESTA SOCKS a every time you wear these colo . 70% cotton, 27% Nylon, 3% Ly ies. $8.00 $6.4 803719 FLAVOR INFUSER use water, tea, spirits, etc with nntl flavors. Twist neck to rem d fill with beverage an e . Shake with ice for fast f fu sn p n o u n or great martinis. Refil y adding more liquid th h p opening. No need to r o refill (neck includes stra efrigerator door shelf. M l infuser. BPA free. 36oz f p. er ove F r sp l t h o 8932 Ppre b s on bd w SAVE MORE Order On-Line 36 214.741.1870 t $29.85 $23.8 2 CHILE PREP & SER e and serve all foods, fr bles, cheeses, and hor d' n this propylene cutt d with a non- slip exterio t is sturdy, will not sli g or d u use. Reversible. Dishd $9.99 $7.99 www.penderys.com 800.533.1870 gh o ed - Ly 4

HOT GIFT IDEAS RRENDER THE BOOTY" GHOST SHIP HOT SAUCE GIFT SET es pace the deck for your culinary pleasure. Chile Lime Hot at on beef, chicken, pork and fish; water, jalapeno, sugar, toste, vinegar, natural flavors, garlic, xanthan gum, and limeoil. t pepper, the name says it. Extremely Hot; Water, Bhut Jolokia, gar, carrots, salt, xanthan gum, garlic, and spices. Caribbean ed with that Habanero punch Each 6oz. d gog$24.95 $19.96 702439 HOW CRAZY ARE YOU? CHALLENGE GIFT SET Includes: Safety es, rubber es, a drop& 4 CRAZY hot ch sauce adds an additional ingredient to ncrease the heat level: Crazy A** tupid- Ghost Pepper; Crazy A** nsane- Ghost + Scorpion Pepper; Crazy A**Psycho- Ghost, Scorpion + Carolina Reaper Pepper; and Crazy A** Certifiable- Ghost, Scorpion, Carolina Reaper, + 1 Million Scoville Capsicum Extract. .75 oz n + h eh $ $16 $ $1 702436 WHOOP A** HOT SAUCE CRATE These hombres are tough enough for a taste 702397 A** BLASTER HOT OODEN OUTHOUSE xtremely hot! Clev g w vng wooden outhouse. In ero peppers, vinega tract, carrots, sal . 5oz a, l, $17.99 $14.39 * KICKIN' ER GIFT SET * o burgers, wings, and even casseroles with this sauce he intense heat of the legendary ghost pepper, for , it's scary! A great gift. Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce in ated gift box. e or n l 7 Ag 5oz. $15.95 $12.76 R'S ORIGINAL DEATH SAUCE with CHIPOTLE tl bl f ht and flavor All-time favor s - lams, oysters, crawfis s or jambalaya. Habañero esh Cayenne, smashed garlic, Chipotle, lime juice, cilantro, fresh herbs, spices. Skull key ring. 5oz $8.99 $7.19 h o d e h y 803799 BREATH'N FIRE MEN'S SOCKS Your man will look smok'n hot! Cotton blend. $9.98 $7.98 700813 A** KICKIN’ PEANUTS Try one and you’ll burn for more. Great snack for watching the bi 1 $9 o g game. B ti ame. Better get more than 'fast draw' competition. You be the judge. Includes 6oz bottles in clever packaging of one of each- Whoop A** Chipotle Fire Hot Sauce, Whoop A** Bacon Hot Sauce and Whoop A** Roasted Garlic Hot Sauce. Lets meet at sundown. All natural ingredients. USA. Easy carry wooden crate. $23.95 $19.16

n a small space and turns for eas sn 810 a s n o w n a es as s bs w ls & 84 1. n of your favorite spices. 16 glas ith gleaming stainless stee 4 printed spice labels. 6½"w x . Empty. Fill with your favorit ee Pery’s spices and blends! Stor ses 84 . E er s away from sun and heat. $59.99 $47.99 3 n holds 6 acrylic bottles secure ce, yet each removes easily fo que stacking, interlocking deeh Uq s ace Bo a city and has a removable si $17.98 $14.38 e . . Set includes 2 extra sifters wi smaller holes. 48 preprinted spice labels and 6 blanks included ottles measure 3"d x 3"h with 5 o h 5 5 f t d 627 SPICE TOWER SET ly ly re t s e x 0 REVOLVING SPICE RACK sy C 801532 SHALLOW MORTAR & PESTLE A neat size with large rounded pestle for quick spice grinding. 4½"h. Classic white marble. A favorite. $26.95 $21.56 803406 MAGNUM PLUS PEPPER MILL “Best... a clear winner, widest range of grinds, sup large capacity and blind speed" says Cook’s Illustrat this mill their highest rat. The same great features of the Magnum n n a larger size for added storage and easier handling. 9" $57.99 $46.39 803405 MAGNUM PEPPER MILL Quick loading, large storage, extraordinary range of grind size, with an oversize milling mechanism for very fast grinding. A serving tray is included to help contain pepper dust. 6" $46.99 $37.59 f G RIP SET of 5 URING CUP y gauge stain8 2, 1/3, p tearmeatb bot s table d flat or sta. Great , great e sav, great $ use. .99 59 38 214.741.1870 www.penderys.com 800.533.1870

ra sharp! ra 803618 KYOCERA CERAMIC KNIVES BOXED SET/2 Perfect for everyday slicing - vegetables, fruits and boneless meats. Comfortable, ergonomic resin handles provide precise cutting control. Ceamic blade ground to microscopic precision by diamond wheels for rocke edge with excellent sharpness retention. Totally impervious to acids, , oils, salts or other elements; will never rust. ULTRA-SHARP, PURE & WEIGHT. Hand wash, free sharpening from Kyocera. r k e s, W 803696 WINE AERATOR our wine through the Soirée, which agitates the wine, introducing oxygen pening up the wine’s subtle aromas, enhancing the bouquet and flavors f both red and white wines. Hand constructed of fortified, blown glass. Gasket provides an easy, secure fit in any bottle and prevents drips. 3"x 5½"x 3". Drying stand included (Not shown). o op of Ga $25.95 $20.76 803774 The FLAVOUR PRINCIPLE Flavor is what makes us passionate about food and drink. This cookbook focuses on a dozen or more distinctive tastes, from spicy to citrus to salty to $68.94 $55.15 to sweet to bitter and beyond. 3 plete menus with complemen erage pairings. Modern and e approach with an appeal to a w mographic of food and wine l page, 10.4"x 8.5" HB. $28.9 80021810 GREEK MILL 803930 BOSKA HO CHEESE CU R Top rated quality curler w e an asset for every gourm mt s. aficionado, and fun to us It slices off very thin curls allowing flavor of cheese to develop. Makes sensational chocolate curls. European white oak, stainless steel curler blade; measures 12" long, 9" diameter $79.99 $63.99 214.741.1870 www.penderys.com 800.533.1870 39

803264 EARTHENWARE SOUP CROCK Great crock for onion soup, stews, chili, and beans. Keeps steaming hot what you want to keep hot until everyone sits down for the meal! 10oz. Oven-safe. $8.99 each $7.19 G 803948 BUTCHER'S TWINE & DISPENSER Used by professional chefs for trussing, forming meat, stuffing chicken breasts, spit roasting, etc. Has hundreds of home uses - bundling papers, tying up shb bery and flying k s k Banana wood sta with recessed blad de 803501 MR .GOOD LOOKIN’ IS COOKING APRON Great apron. Generously cut, sturdy apron. 65/35 poly-cotton twill, 33"x 2 like a dream. $ $20.79 803051 K CHAMPION BBQ your wa with 575 lip-smackin’ recipes from the Baron of BBQ. Kirk knows the craft inside and out. With dishes from everyday to exotic, special occasion to down-home classic, you’ll find all the recipes and tips you need to cook your way to BBQ glory. 464 page, 8"x 9¼" paper. $18.95 $15.16 803904 GRAVY SEPARATOR ake the chore out of sep ting grease & debris fro ravy a co ca er r, 40 & b ge T with 00°F-204°C, this prov microwa ossed measurements. Recommended A 1 80 e ook's friend. Large 4 cu capacity, integrated strain high heat resistant t cu in t n t ve & dishwasher safe. 5 ye rudeau warranty. Rugd plastic with emby America's Test Kitchen. 10¼" x 5½" x 5" h. $19.99 $15.99 03609 GRANNY 3 TINED 7" KITCHEN FORK A must for every kitchen! Ju like A mother used for every J thing. Hardened tempere gh-carbon S/S ed te 40 214.741.1870 rranty. Brass A $17.95 $14.36 www.penderys.com 800.533.1870 alnut handle. O manufacO n. construction. - pe ed d , t the one your grand ar pao 803682 MANY HAVE EATEN HERE - few have died Great grillin' apron accented with a small chef skull and cross forks. A fun and practical gift for family and friends. Generously cut, sturdy apron. 65/35 poly-cotton twill, 33"x 29". $25.99 $20.79 makes it handy to cut About 500 ft., 16 ply 100% cotton twine made in USA. $17.95 $1436

803723 LOBSTER APRON Attractive vintage art in 100% cotton. Adjustable D r neck. 31"h x 27"w. $19.99 $1 D $ 803528 OLIVE OIL More than 40 delicious traditional and contem recipes for both the beginner and the experienced cook. Full of practical information about the world of olive oil, this essential book provides more than 40 delicious recipes for incorporating olive oil into your cooking. Full and fruity, green and tangy, or sweet and golden, olive oil is as varied and complex as wine. 96 page 6½ x 8½” hc. po $12.95 $10.36 803940 ACACIA WOOD RECIPE BOX This quality solid acacia wood recipe box holds 4"x 6" index cards (not included) and has a convenient recipe card slot on top. Interior dimension is 5-1/8" deep x 6-1/4" wide. $31.95 $25.56 802057 COMMERCIAL S / S INJECTOR Stainless injector for the serious chef! If it’s cajun, jerk or barbecue - this is your chance to put your favorite seasonings inside . Big difference in hen you use this D r $24.95 $19.96 03717 SOAPSTONE COOKING SLAB A marvelous addition for kitchen and grill! Nothing as good as a grill-cooked pizza! Cook grilled sandwiches, cookies, flat breads, etc. on the grill or in the oven. Use chilled for serving appetizers. Stays cool for 45 mins & hot an hour. Even cooking, naturally non-stick, 16"x12"x½", 100% natural, beautifully v oapstone, made in USA, heat tested to 500°, dish-washer safe. I'm s ow about you? in oa ow H nu Br , $69.98 $55.9 803595 SHRIMP DEVEINER & BUTTERFLY KNIFE Hardened tempered high-carbon s/s, unusually hard and durable w ut handle. One-piece construction. Lifetime warranty. Serrated rass rivets. USA. Bring on that gumbo or scampi. - $15.20 $12.16 214.741.1870 www.penderys.com 800.533.1870 41 Mocha Butter Icing Pendery's Pure Vanilla (Pg 26) is an essential ingredient along with freshly brewed full-bodied coffee. b

801723 JACCARD TENDERIZER Triple action with 48 stainless steel saber blades. Makes any boneless cut of meat butter-tender. Excellent for marinated meat. Reduces cooking time up to 40%. More flavor & less shrinkage. A must for every cook whose family enjoys meat. Dishwasher safe. Money fully refunded by Jaccard if not satisfied & if machine is returned within 30 days. $33.49 $26.79 803968 MEAT CLAWS urdy stainless claws for 3 hredding meat, steadying food while slicing, and lifting. Comfortable D contoured handles. Perfect for that favorite - pulled pork. Dishwasher safe. $21.95 $17.56 8 TAGE SHAKER SET A great looking pair. Know at a glance which is the salt and which is the pepper. 4"h metal. Boxed set. Perfect to keep on hand, ready for those burgers & fries. $7.49 $5.99 803681 MEAT RUB GRILLING APRON, But Enough About My Grilling Secrets-Great grillin' apron. A fun and practical gift for family and friends. Ample size, sturdy apron. 65 / 35 poly-cotton twill, 33"x 29." $25.99 $20.79 803698 MESSERMEISTER ACACIA MAGNET KNIFE BLOCK This solid acacia wood block securely holds, with strong magnets, up to 10 knives on its exterior in a beautiful fan-like shape. Different knives are easily identified. Quickly reach for the correct blade when needed for a when needed for a spf k ld $118 $9 s k $118 $90 kh0 Knives not included. d o y s k s , t d d803812 TENDER UCCULENT- APRON Nrally aged and the es not bad either." An Nr e's pr that provides satisfaco o so many in so many ways. 65/35 poly-cotton pr o o w w 42 214.741.1870 www.penderys.com will, 33"x 29". 800.533.1870 $25.99 $20.79

803740 TIN TEXAS LONGHORN s impressive hanging lhrn is a wonderful decccent all year round. n wall or over mantle or r an eye catching state. A shallow pocket allows nery or added decorazed candy cane horns moved from the all metted by the large soulful 2" x 34". Horns: 4" x 1/2" " $179.99 $143.99 XAN'S Family Table ked with real Texas flandmother smile. From a partyfriendly snack like: Pigs in Jalapeño Blankets, a Mustard Coleslaw to bring as a side to your next potluck, a weeknightand family-friendly meal Steak Fingers with Cre Gravy, or a mouthwater dessert like Ruby Red Gra nightl re rg aefruit and Pecan Sheet C Cheesy Nachos, comfor $29.99 $23.99 C r , ad N 2 9 clean. 31¾"x 22½" s ur p - Chicken and Dumplings, a fiery wings. Living in N York City? Taste Texas! 2 page, HB. 803791 BOTTLE WASHER PVC APRON Personality, practicality- a pictur s worth a thousand words. Wip $17.95 $14.36 803888 SMOOD MASHER World’s best potato masher. Mashes in seconds, scrapes the pot clean and serves. As you push down, its spring flattens, forcing your potato, avocado, etc. through the thin gap in its coils, creating smooth fluffy mash in just one press. So grip handle. Resistant to 500ºF 11." a s g g x S y t j r 3.5." $28.95 $23.16 803673 HOME CANNING and PRESERVING Step-by-step instructions on how to put u your favorite canned and jarred goods. tographs & 100 recipes. Try orange mar jam, six fruit chutney, apple sauce, gr relish, and hot mustard. The definitive g perfect gift for gardeners and home c page, 6.5 x 6.3" HB. t u . C rm re u ve g d p p ck $19. Simple steps for dehydrating everything from traditional classics lik jerky to more unusual fare. Whether you’re following a raw food li looking for new ways to make the most of your garden’s produce, this i $14.95 $11.96 9 $16 803818 The FOOD DEHYDRATING BIBLE Grow it, Dry it. E fe y r En e a s s a side look at all aspects of dehydrating. Easy to follow instructions, dozen recipes, diagrams, photos, and more! Must-have manual for beginners and gurus alike! 160 page, 7 x10" Pb. 214.741.1870 www.penderys.com a nn f 800.533.1870 43 a d n s n h ft

803402 SHELL LIGHT STRING 20colorful shotgun shell lights on 8’ string, indoor-outdoor, end to end plug. $18.99 $15.19 803689 OVER A FIRE COOKBOOK 2 in one cookbook - 1 is packed with recipes for cooking with a stick; side 2 explores the many ways to cook with foil - all of it prepared over a fire. Filled with fun extras, this is a must for all outdoor loving families. 7 x 8¼" 108 pg spiral. $11.98 $9.58 803741 MISS KAY'S Duck Commander Kitchen Backwoods country recipes, stories and humor will keep you laughing and well-fed. From fried chicken to fried frog le¢gs, sausage gumbo to crawfish étouffée, and buttery biscuits to red beans and rice, Miss Kay is a master of her clans' home-cooked meals. $22.99 $18.39 803437 FIX IT IN FOIL Tasty Recipes, Easy Clean-Ups for Ovens, Grills and Campfires. Easy prep, great taste, good nutrition and quick clean-up - what more could you want from a meal? This cookbook combines the best of all worlds! Featuring 51 fantastic recipes with s for cooking in an r a campfire, or on ll. 5¼" x 8¼" Pb r $9.99 $7.99 3784 CAMO GLLING APRON s 6 beverage cans tles across chest, d with can opener ded). Pockets for all d e grilling ammunion you may need. 0% cotton. Accesies not included. $24.65 $19.72 803961 BORN to HUNT 16oz MUG Perfect ic. gift for that hunter in your life. CeramDishwasher/ Microwave $1699 . G Order sale items (shown in red) from this catalog On-Line & receive greater reductions. ORDER ON-LINE & SAVE 44 214.741.1870 www.penderys.com 800.533.1870 Gift boxed. 9 $59 safe. urlap knot on han. Gift boxed

803757 LIVE FIRE Features -the beloved backyard grill, of course, and also using a fire pit, spit, or rotisserie, and more. 125 surefire recipes for all courses and 100 sumptuous photographs. A substantial volume to be pored over for years to come. 24 pages 9 x 12" HB. $35 $28 The king of the links defines each type of sausage, exains its origin, teaches us how to make sausages, and treats us to his faorite recipes for cooking with them. ncludes color photos of 16 of the most mouth-watering dishes. 256 pg. 9½"x ⅝" paper. 801814 AIDELL'S COMPLETE SAUSAGE BOOK g $21.95 $17.56 803369 SMOKING FOOD Complete guide to real home smoked food. Secrets of bacon, ham, pastrami, jerky, sausage, smoked cheese, salmon b smoked and more-with basic equipment. Detailed instructions provided. 320 page 6"x 9" paper. $18.95 $15.16 804010 MEN'S TURKEY SOCKS With their pitchforks, axes, and torches, these turkeys are on a mission. Comfortable 70% cotton, 27% nylon, 3% Lycra. $10 $8 802131 JERKY Nr ttd gd hemade jerky? m lean cuts of meat that nd high in protein, plus m mple to make. Includes o use and drying methydrators to sun-drying. at school snacks, carer campers and hunters. ake jerky! 151 pg, 5½"x o 8 $14.95 $11.96 3 Uses For Your TKEY FRYER he fryer away until next ! Here are new ideas our turkey fryer. These gestions will keep your fryer heated up for the oth4 days of the year. Find recipes for making maple rup, canning fruits and vegetables, a Southern Lobster Boil and Delicious Prime Rib. 128 pg, 5¼ x 8¼" spiral. 4 214.741.1870 www.penderys.com x $9.95 $7.96 800.533.1870 45 803371 REAL MEN FRY TURKEYS APRON Get this for your man. Generously cut, sturdy apron. 65/35 poly-cotton twill, 33"x 29". Washes like a dream. $20.79 $25.99

803981 ROOSTER OPENER s c ue to tha at special little something. 3½"x4¾" e blank small spaces that just need $9.99 $7.99 efl oe 80 i h 983 WHITE ROOSTER MUG andsome bird, nestled among sumps fruit, will greet you in the morng with confidence for the day. 11 oz. uu in M w GL A crowave/dishsher safe 8335 ROOSTER ASS BOARD Counter saver, great for cutting & serving. Strong tempered glass, heat & shatter-resistant, Hygienic, non-porous surface resists stains, scratches, and bacteria. Non-skid rubber feet. Dishwasher safe.15"x12." $15.99 $12.79 803923 LA PROVENCE APRON Charm the day with this 100% cotton hostess apron. Convenient front pocket, adjustable ring neck strap and ample 29"x 39" $26.95 $21.56 803987 STAINLESS OIL SPRAYER nsistently dispenses 1.35-milliliters per trigger pull; unique fan tern covers more cooking surface using less oil; perfect for porn control. 18/8 stainless steel; BPA, Latex, and DEHP free; won’t g, melt or shatter or show fingerprints; economical, reusable, ecyclable. Great for all cooking oils, and even balsamic vinega propellants or chemicals B ing oils, a o B i i n sp rayer. AINLESS WARMING TRA 804001 PROFESSIONAL AI Ay tme on t mp e e d o ta Rd “ and h i ol m sls o ishwasher safe; hand wash scw .6 $34.95 $27. Y me of the year, no matter wha n, if food is on hand you will fd mple device makes a world of d eeps cooked food hot (includ ot of chili) not just at a safe ser ature but piping hot for 4 ho d “The Best” by Cook’s Cou hers, 300-watt commercial-q ol-touch handles; adjustable thhrt (155 to 200ºF); easy-to-cl s-steel warming surface; nodrd er ho. uy qle skid feet; 3-prong commercial cord set; & safety signal light. 15¼ x 26 x 28⁄ $150 $12 $150 $120 ; & ceic. $11.95 $9.56 ast iron bottle opener is, not only , but a perfect accent touch for 46 214.741.1870 www.penderys.com 800.533.1870

804008 DOG DAYS OUT APRON Love this clever design! Heavy-weight 100% cotton and woven on an oversized loom making it 6 inches wider than many other aprons. Truly a workhorse in the kitchen. Adjustable neck strap, waist tie, & large front pocket. Unisex. Easy care. 28"x 32." $24.95 $19.96 803789 In The DOG KITCHEN 70 easy recipes for healthy, dog treats, 35+ recipes, including grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and even vegetarian options. Try Fish Sticks, Gingerbread Mailmen & Milk Bones. 192 page, 7"x 7" Pb. Perfect dog lovers' gift. $19.95 $15.96 803754 DIGITAL SCALE MEASURING CUP Automatically converts 5 preset ingredients. Easy to read meauring cup marks in 1/4 cup and 2 ounce increments Weighng capacity 6.6 lb x 1/8 oz / 35 kg x 1 g / 6 cups 48 oz / 1/8 cup or fl oz / 3000g x 1 ml. Tare/add and weigh and recalibration eatures, low battery warning, auto off. Cup/ounce conversion hart and lithium battery included. Handle digital readout. $39.95 $31.96 803751 DOG-GONE GOOD COOKBOOK elicious meals owners, kids and dogs can enjoy together. 100+ alanced, delicious easy corn, sugar, soy, and gluten free recies. Try- Spaghetti and Meatballs, Fish Burgers with Parsley Dilled Mayonnaise, Braised Turkey Soup, Lamb Shanks with Figs and Blueberries, Chicken Tenders with Coconut & SesaD F me Seeds, etc. 208 page Pb. 9 x 7½". $19.99 $15.99 803989 YORKIE RED BOW SOCKS Personality plus a red bow o to make your feet happy. 6 ton, 34% Nylon, 3% Span t dies ock size 9-11. F d s $8.0 o o 3% d 0 803990 GOOD LICK DOG FACE MU K K G Fun face on front with s dog mouth on base wil smiles to all you dog l High-quality stoneware. su ll Dishwasher/ microwave safe. Gift boxed. H D s 214.741.1870 www.penderys.com $15 $11.96 800.533.1870 47 up b lo

803991 QUESO! Mix of down-home standards and contemporary updates; from historical, regional, and Mexican quesos to vegan and dessert quesos, including: Chile Verde Con Queso, Fajita Queso, Frito Salad with Queso Dressing, Pulled Pork Queso Blanco, and Sausage Queso Biscuits. 144 page, 7.4"x 8.3"HB. $15 $12 803444 CHILES RELLENOS 30 delicious traditional Mexican recipes and modern variations from the Southwest and beyond. Including jalapeño poppers, roasted poblanos, sauces, and more. Choose the right chiles and to prepare them for stuffing. Recipes for batters and crusts, salsas and sauces, and salads and relishes. 144 page, 4.5" x 10.25" Pb. $16.95 $13.56 803547 SIMPLY MEXICAN Authentic recipes with clean vibrant flavors that are the essence of great Mexican food. Find easyto-prepare, fun-to-eat favorites, such as Chicken Enchiladas with Tomatillo Sauce and Crab Tostadas. Learn about enchiladas, tacos, and salsas. 128 page, 10"x 7" HB. $24.95 $19.96 803633 CULINARY MEXICO Covers general cooking techniques, ingredients, and cuisines from regions all over Mexico with complete menus, eliminating the guesswork of pairing these foods, as well as a source section, bibliography, and glossary. 216 page 8½"x 10" Pb 75 photographs. p p $24.99 $19.99 800061 CAST IRON TORTILLA PRE top of the ball. Lower upper plate and press. Cook quickly on griddle on both sides. Eat them warm with butter. Children love them rolled up with sugar. Mexico. Cast iron, painted silver. 7"d. $21.99 $17.59 803992 VOLCANIC MOLCAJETE Carved of natural volcanic stone, which creat the prized grinding surface. The molcajete ts is 5" tall and the tejolote is 4½" long with a 2½" dia. grinding end. Includes a booklet with steps to cure and clean your molcajete and recipes. The perfect addition for those who love to make authentic moles, guacamole and salsas. 48 $57.95 $46.36 214.741.1870 www.penderys.com 800.533.1870 S on bottom plate. Place small ball of moiste masa in center. Lay a sheet of plastic wrap on Make delicious tortillas! Lay sheet of plastic w w te on p

ity stainless steel upper 22 oz dip bowl nests lsh acrylic bowl that, when filled with ice, p b wl chilled for hours. Convenient snap on d. Bowls can be used separately. 6"d x 4½" 803626 ICED DIP BOWL SET ity 80 ls b d o 802182 TAMALES 101 See how to make the dough, fold, tie, and steam tamales to perfection. Now whip up traditional, vegetarian, vegan, and special tamales and sauces. From Mexican to Greek tamales. 160 page 8"x 8" Pb. $19.95 $15.96 803634 HERB /VEGGIES KEEPER $19 95 $15 96 Store up to 3 bunches of herbs such as parsley, cilantro, basil or oregano for up to 3 weeks in the refrigerator or on the counter. Features easily refillable base for water to keep herbs hydrated. Perfect for storing asparagus. Fits on refrigerator shelf or door. 4"x 4"x 10.8" $17.98 $14.38 803897 LEMON & OLIVES DIP CHILLER SET Zesty ceramic dip chiller holds ice in base container to keep dips cool in the above serving bowl. Dip bowl holds 2 cups dip or salsa. Dishwashr & microwave safe. 5¾"d x 4"h. ove r & & & m Cooks evenly and retains the heat for a long time making it a gret container for soups, stews C l c a a g Perfe and chili. A classic favorite and great 'kitchen shower' ift. 3 qt. $38.98 $31.18 804004 STONEWARE SOUP/CHILE CROCK S K S ec er safe. Set for on et $ $9 o t for soups, stews and chil l pet SAVE MORE Order On-Line er & m $24.48 $19.58 803263 TRADITIONAL EARTHENWARE BAKED BEAN POT 214.741.1870 www.penderys.com 800.533.1870 49

Want better prices on SALE items found in this catalog and MORE? Order On-Line at: www.penderys.com Customer # (Found on back of catalog) .................................................................................................. Billing Information as shown on Credit Card Name:............................................................Street Address:................................................................. City............................................................State.......................................Zip ........................................... Daytime Phone................................................Email ............................................................................... Shipping Information if different from Billing (No PO Boxes Please) Name ...................................................................................................................................................... Street Address ........................................................................................................................................ City...................................................................State.......................................Zip .................................... Daytime Phone................................................Email ............................................................................... Credit Card Information Credit Card # ................................................................................................. American X ...... Master Card.....Discover.....Visa..... Expiration Date ......./....... CID # __ __ __ __ (3 digits on back of card; AmX has 4 digit CID front of card on right side} Paying by? Gift Certificate__ Check__ Money Order Item # Description Qty. Size $ Each Total $ Shipping Information for GIFT recipient. Name ....................................................................................................... Street Address .......................................................................................... City...................................................................State.................................. Zip.........................Daytime Phone............................................................ Email .............................................................................................................. Item # Description Qty. Size SUBTOTAL Ship + Hand 8.25% non-food shipped to TexasCUST TOTAL $ Each Total $ DELIVERY charges are applicable for the contiguous 48 states. All others will be charged to customer credit card at cost for their region. We regret we may no longer ship to PO Boxes. PENDERY’S GUARANTEE If you are dissatisfied with your mail order purchase, please call within 30 days for instructions for an exchange, credit or refund. Your complete satisfaction is our family goal. SHIPPING & HANDLING $.00 - $9.99 ------- $5.99 $10 - $19.99 ------ $6.99 $20 - $29.99 ------ $7.99 $30 - $39.99 ------ $8.99 $40 - $49.99 ------ $9.99 $50 - $74.99 ----- $10.99 $75 - $99.99 ----- $11.99 $100-$124.99 ---- $12.99 $125-$199.99 ---- $14.99 Over $200 ------- $16.99 SUBTOTAL Ship + Hand 8.25% non-food shipped to TexasGIFT TOTAL Order sale items from this Sale Catalog On-Line & receive even greater reductions. (Catalog sale prices indicated in RED) Additional savings apply to ON-LINE ORDERS ONLY! Order soon. Stock limited. Pendery's 1221 Manufacturing St. Dallas,Tx 752007 CUST GIFT TOTAL TOTAL ORDER TOTAL 50 214.741.1870 www.penderys.com 800.533.1870

803902 AGE BEAUTIFULLY COOKBOOK Easy and Exotic Longevity Secrets from Around the World- 100+ recipes that promote well-being for a joyful sustainable life. Built on the foundations of modern scientific research and ancient knowledge of medicinal herbs and natural ingredients from cultures all around the world. Provides at-a-glance guides in each recipe detailing key ingredients and how they increase health and longevity. These beautifully illustrated recipes incorporate all the ingredients you need to look and feel younger on the inside and outside. 280 pg. 9"x 10 3/4" HB. $24.99 $19.99 804002 HILMALAYAN ACRYLIC SALT MILL This beautiful 7" mill will add elegance to its surrounding. The lovely pink Himalayan sea salt crystals add a pure & nutritious improvement to your dishes. Peugeot lifetime warranty on the grinding mechanism; 5 year warranty on the body of the Mill. Partially filled. See page 22 for these beautiful bulk salt crystals when you need a refill. 7” 00532 HIMALAYAN SALT SLAB Versatile as cook top and serving platter in one. Use to heat & sear light item such as fish, thinly sliced beef and eggs. Or, after chilling in the refrigerator, th become a serving tray for fruits, s m h us shi, cheese, charcuterie, & desserts Add an enhanced salt and mineral ts l flavor by which no other method compares A wonderful and entertaining addition for outdoor grilling or on stove top. Perfect gift for that person who has everything! 8" r x 12" x 1.5" $69.98 $55.98 803885 CHOPULA Thin & flexible for flipping & strong for chopping on its side. Separate ground meat n, flip pancakes, & lift that "over easy" egg. Clevt handle keeps head off counter. Heat resistant to n h 1.6" x 3.4" 1 8 F l w c % $12.95 $10.36 con & eggs, its good for you! 63% Cotton, 34% Nyrful and comfortable. Every day should start 59 BACON & EGGS KNEE HIGH SOCKS lo % Lycra. h Ladies. 801019 DAIRY BUTTER DISH arming cow motif, molded French covered glass dish, tempered for added resistance to breakage and hot liquids. Holds 1 full pound of butter. 6½" x 2¾". $10.49 $8.39 $10 $8 d - - $32 $25.60 214.741.1870 www.penderys.com 800.533.1870 513

803852 KITCHEN DECODED Tools, Tricks, Recipes for Great FoodTake the fear out of cooking. A fun cookbook with chapters organized according to gadgets and appliances, and accompanying recipes that can be prepared with each tool. Designed to arm every would-be cook with an arsenal of time-tested equipment and foolproof dishes, Meals guaranteed to impress. Follow simple how-to guides, anyone can simply whip up an impressive batch of Buttercake Bakery lemon bars. 240 pg. 9 x 9" Hc. $24.95 $19.96 803669 SALT SERVER with Spoon Attractive, 8oz glass & stainless with silicone gasket, 5.5"d. Ideal gift. Pretty with pink Himalayan Salt. Pg 22. $21.95 $17.56 803884 GOOD COOK'S BOOK of TOMATOES Learn about tomatoes (and how to peel them...not boiling water method) and lots of taste bud tantalizing recipes! Compliment her family members chiles with recipes for Salsas, Mexican Style Summer Tomato Sauce, Spicy Tomato Jelly, etc. Not to mention Fried Green Tomatoes, Pizza Margherita (classic pizza of Naples), and Smoky Gazpacho. Tantalizing photos. 352 page, 8 x 6" Hd, $18.99 $15.19 Our sale items are marked in RED in this catalog. Enjoy greater reductions on these items & more when you purchase ON-LINE from our web be www.penderys Order sm ON-LINE & SAVE 524 214.741.1870 www.penderys.com 800.533.1870 E PENDERY'S® E Customer Number Y 1221 Manufacturing Street Dallas, Texas 75207 PRESORTED STD U. S. Postage PAID Dallas, TX Permit No. 169

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